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So recently I have really been struggling to overcome my cravings for 4 specific food items that I used to eat pretty much every day.

I listed the nutrition info for these foods as well as put a picture of each one so that you can get a clear idea of what I am eating and talking about.

My situation is that I will be able to go 1 day or maybe even just half of a day eating all fruit and then BAM I just get this intensely strong craving for one of these 4 food items. Usually it's been for the tofu or the cottage cheese (yes, I know, not vegan), but I just crave the firm texture and flavor of the tofu as well as the thick and creamy/chunky texture of the cottage cheese. 

I have tried to overcome these cravings by eating my favorite fruits like medjool dates, dried figs, and since my cravings mainly tend to be for salty/savory tasting items, i.e. the smoked tofu, cottage cheese, and bbq soy crisps, I have also tried making raw vegetable dishes with a tomato sauce...but...I still end up craving those foods no matter how full I get. I just can't get them out of my mind and even though I may be really full from fruit I am just waiting until the next day when my stomach will be empty and I can eat whichever of those food items that I am really craving.

Does anyone have any advice for me on how to deal with these cravings? No other foods are really calling my name besides these. But my desire for them is really strong and I don't know why.

Also, I am not at a point where I am comfortable eating say 6,000 calories of fruit just to make myself so stuffed that I couldn't eat anything at all cooked or raw. My goal is 2,500 raw calories for now and I am not comfortable going over that amount since I am not wanting to gain more weight. 

Do you think my cravings for these foods could be emotional? Physiological? Is it the sodium? Texture? Strong flavor? 

(1) QUAKER CHOCOLATE RICE SNACKS (there is a carmel version that I will also buy)

Quaker Quakes - Chocolate

Nutrition facts for 1 whole bag ...because I always eat the whole thing

360 calories

4.5 grams fat

78 grams carbs

6 grams protein

300mg sodium

3 grams fiber

21 grams sugar

(2) BREAKSTONE'S COTTAGE CHEESE (note: I will usually, but not always, eat all four snack size cups)

Nutrition facts for 1 snack size container

90 calories

2.5 grams fat

6 grams carbs

11 grams protein

380mg sodium

0 grams fiber

4 grams sugar

Nutrition facts for all 4 snack size containers

360 calories

10 grams fat

24 grams carbs

44 grams protein

1520mg sodium

0 grams fiber

16 grams sugar


BFG60459 - GenisoyZesty Barbeque Soy Crisps

Nutrition facts for 1 whole bag ...because I always eat the whole thing

385 calories

10.5 grams fat

49 grams carbs

24.5 grams protein

945mg sodium

7 grams fiber

3.5 grams sugar


Nutrition facts for 2 tofu blocks (i.e. one entire package)

400 calories

20 grams fat

14 grams carbs

40 grams protein

960mg sodium

0 grams fiber

6 grams sugar

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once i stopped thinking of anything that comes in a package as food it seems insane to me to ever purchase it again.

circumstances may at sometime dictate their necessity but so far its been over six months since i put anything in my mouth that has been altered from its original state.

cutting out extremely addictive substances and making huge lifestle changes is extremely difficult. give yourself lots of leeway and you will find yourself always coming back to the best path. eventually all poor choices will fall to the wayside.

What is very frustrating is that I know processed food is bad for me, i know cottage cheese being a dairy product as well as the dairy in those chocolate rice cake snacks are very bad for me, but I crave and eat them anyways. It is immature. I keep choosing instant gratification over long term gratification, be it through giving into a craving or keeping my calories between 1800-2000 to avoid my fear of gaining weight. 

I am confused when you say  "give yourself lots of leeway and you will find yourself always coming back to the best path." ...If I give myself lots of leeway then won't I just be making it okay to eat those foods that I know are bad for me and that I feel addicted to? Why is lots of leeway the way to go for success?

imagine you hit yourself over the head with a hammer for twenty years until someone convinced you it was damaging.

suddenly you see the light but sometimes your ingrained habits lead you back to the hammer bashing.  until eventually you give it up slowly over time.

not sure if that is the best analogy.

once your body feels how much better it works on your new diet, you may fall off the wagon several times but you will inevitably find the right course.

just saying you shouldnt beat yourself up over it. unless you feel you need some tough love.

for myself success came in fits and spurts. i believe in using a gentle hand with myself.

Totally agree with Paxkey! Gentleness and self-forgiveness is key.

it takes a real effort to combat this craving. It's a mental battle.

I am a salty food addict once. Sweetest fruit available taste like cupboard to me.

But when I promised myself to NEVER EVER give in to cravings and eat only fruits.

My cravings for salty foods lessen. Controlling myself is not a problem anymore.

It's natural for me now to choose a juicy melon over my favorite vegan pizza before.

Honey... this is not going to be easy.  But remember that Body is a servant of the mind. It obeys the operation of the mind, whether they be deliberately chosen or automatically expressed. 

I know you already what to do. You just need to do it. Just do it.. 

You're right. I need to just do it. It just feels like my mind it always warring with itself. It's like I have an angel and a devil on each shoulder. One is saying do LFRV 100% no matter what! And the other is saying, but you love those other foods and they haven't made you fat and they taste so good and they are comfortable, trust them, stick with them. 

I want to win this mental battle, but sometimes it's like I can't figure out which side of it I am on.

dear, it is a process. You just cant wake up one day and hate the foods you like.

It's an effort to choose the thing you feel right.  It all start with the decision.

I know the feeling of "really want to go raw" but the feeling of "missing the comfort foods I like" is a big wall to my progress as well. 

One time I just said to myself. " I know the feeling of eating this kinds of food everyday. Feel like shit afterwards. I just want to feel and experience the feeling being 100% raw. I will try it for my first month"

That 1st month turns to 2 months.. 3 months.. 9 months...

Create new habits.. 

You just can't break a habit on one single day..

ENJOY your journey. You'll learn lot from them.

well obviously youre not EATING ENOUGH

if you starve yourself you will have cravings and give into them

so either eat more or expect this downward spiral of cravings to continue

I recommend not buying them or completely avoiding the stores that sell them altogether.   If you make a serious conscious effort to avoid these foods for about 2 months, you won't even remember what they look like in 3 :D

You're totally right, I have been addicted to other foods in the past and then I move onto another food and totally forget about the old food that I used to feel like i had to have. I know that I need to just abstain from these foods, it's just I get these really strong cravings for them and cave... :(  I'm sure you're right that if I didn't have them for 2 months I wouldn't think twice about eating them. I just wish that was the case now.

Cody's advice is solid.  Those bbq soycrisps were a STAPLE for me when I was eating SAD-Vegan.  I'm about to enter my 4th month of LFRV and I am telling you honestly, I don't remember what they taste like.  I did want something more savory today.. I am halfway through a bag of baby spinach as I type this =]  Baby spinach was a lifesaver for salt cravings in the beginning, and now it's one of my favorite staples.  How do you feel after eating those "crave" foods above?  I don't mean mentally, I mean physically.  Do you feel good after eating them?  I know that's one of the things that got me to stop craving- remembering the awful way my body felt after eating processed/high salt/high fat foods.  I also know this is easier said than done, but you HAVE to just say no.  You have to.  Or at least look at pictures of sweet, sentient cows before reaching for the cottage cheese =[

That makes me feel good that those bbq soycrisps were a staple of yours and that you haven't had them in 4 months. That gives me hope. With regards to how I feel after eating those foods. I don't know. I don't initially feel too bad, it's more about the sore throat I have developed the next day from my acid reflux, yet I have had acid reflux on LFRV food as well, so I don't know. It's more about that I know it is not healthy behavior to eat a whole bag of soy bbq chips in one sitting, as well as it's not a healthy food in general. Especially the cottage cheese I know is not healthy. All the foods I listed are really processed. 

You said that baby spinach helps you. I have tried eating greens. I love cooked veggies. I used to eat them steamed with mustard and spices. But eating raw greens is like chewing on grass to me. It is not enjoyable at all. Did you like the raw baby spinach and greens from the beginning or did it take time to like raw greens? I just have no desire for them at all and when I eat them I am literally forcing them down. I don't think eating should be like that.



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