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Just wanted to post some thoughts on here.  I came to this lifestyle back in April 2013.  I have struggled with chronic bloat and weight gain since coming to this lifestyle.  I did need to gain around 25-30 pounds, but it is definitely more than that.  

I recently discovered that I am very low on magnesium.  My RBC Magnesium test came back in the low range of normal, which is not good enough for carb, protein, and fat digestion.  To not be considered deficient, I have read where you want a score of 6.0-6.8.  Mine came in at 4.8.  This may explain why I have struggled for so long.  

I was unable to take supplements as I react to anything synthetic.  I tried to take Magnesium Glycinate again recently and I did not react.  I know we do not recommend supplements on this site, but I have struggled and gained weight (whether it be fat or water, I have no idea) to the point I have to try something.  I am adding in between 200-600mg per day.  Supposedly, we can only absorb around 20% of what we supplement.  I do eat LOTS of magnesium each day, but if I am truly showing deficient in my blood, I imagine my bone and tissue are completely tapped out.  I need to build my storage back up and see how my body responds.  I hope this is the answer I have been looking for on this journey.  

Has anyone else gained a lot of weight, to only find out a great deal of it was water?  I do not mean 5 pounds of weight, I mean more significant amounts.

Thank you! 

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Dang dood your pretty off based in your assessment and pretty downright rude.

Thank you, Jim!  I could not have said it better myself.  

I will watch this later today!  Thank you!!

I don't know a ton about this fruity but hang in there. I know hemp protein is pretty high in iron and magnesium. We started about the same time for what it's worth in the last few months I'm down about 15lbs fingers crossed so I guess my weight is finally correcting maybe.

Awesome, Jim!!!  Very nice to hear on the weight loss!  I bet you are feeling great about that.  Do you still run like you used to?

Yep tho the last month I scaled back some because I hurt my foot.

I found out I was low magnesium about 6 months ago, supplementing has helped me a lot. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency can range from muscle cramps to insomnia (there are a lot more). I've been taking molasses daily and using Epsom salt baths to up my numbers.

Thank you for your info!  Love Epsom salt soaks.  :)

I get my magnesium from here http://www.eidon.com they claim you absorb the full amount. Who knows if that's true but I do like those supplements. They have a thing where they can test your hair for nutrition imbalances I haven't done that but I am thinking I should since my doctor doesn't do full nutrition testing and I can't afford to see a natural doctor forgot what they are called. I am glad to see you are still hangin in there fruity fitness. So am I and I haven't lost a pound. I really think I just eat too much. I don't know

FoL!!!  HELLO!  How are you doing?  How much are you eating these days?  Are you fully raw or do you eat cooked?  

Hey fruity fitness. I am no longer fully raw. :( I was for 2 years and one month. So I have been eating cooked food at night for one year now. I liked raw better but it wasn't sustainable cause the fruit quality just went down so drastically. Maybe cause of the drought here in CA. So I was essentially just eating bananas for like the last year of raw. Now the only raw I eat is still like bananas dates and some frozen fruits like blueberries and mango. And occasionally I get semi edible fresh papaya and I tear that up when I can. Fruit is just rough. I miss good quality citrus and grapes and good fresh mangoes :( Anyway I still eat a ton like 3,500-3,900 a day. I really think it's too much but I don't feel I stuff myself but for some reason my stomach seems to have a very large capacity. I think maybe I should try cutting down to 2,500 - 2,800 a day. I think the reason I eat so much is because my days are so long it leaves lots of time in the day to get hungry. I notice on the rare days that I have off I sleep in longer so I only end up eating two meals and it ends up being about 2,500 -2,800 a day anyway. The amount of weight gain I have had is beyond imagination and it ridiculous I look like this eating the way I do. I see lean people eating absolute trash and I see huge people (like me) eating freaking trash too. Looking a both types annoy me. It's just so frustrating I think a little over three years I have been patient enough I got to switch things up. I don't get how Durianrider and freelee seemingly have 0 deficiencies and I have had several and probably still have more I don't know about. But durianrider and freelee probably has better quality fruit and probably eat more variety.



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