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Just wanted to post some thoughts on here.  I came to this lifestyle back in April 2013.  I have struggled with chronic bloat and weight gain since coming to this lifestyle.  I did need to gain around 25-30 pounds, but it is definitely more than that.  

I recently discovered that I am very low on magnesium.  My RBC Magnesium test came back in the low range of normal, which is not good enough for carb, protein, and fat digestion.  To not be considered deficient, I have read where you want a score of 6.0-6.8.  Mine came in at 4.8.  This may explain why I have struggled for so long.  

I was unable to take supplements as I react to anything synthetic.  I tried to take Magnesium Glycinate again recently and I did not react.  I know we do not recommend supplements on this site, but I have struggled and gained weight (whether it be fat or water, I have no idea) to the point I have to try something.  I am adding in between 200-600mg per day.  Supposedly, we can only absorb around 20% of what we supplement.  I do eat LOTS of magnesium each day, but if I am truly showing deficient in my blood, I imagine my bone and tissue are completely tapped out.  I need to build my storage back up and see how my body responds.  I hope this is the answer I have been looking for on this journey.  

Has anyone else gained a lot of weight, to only find out a great deal of it was water?  I do not mean 5 pounds of weight, I mean more significant amounts.

Thank you! 

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In regard to the Mag. I had 2 grams of it given to me intravenously in the ER for an asthma attack and it stopped the attack/inflammation within minutes.  Since then I take 1000mg a day and more, (2-3grams), if I have breathing troubles.  There is an M.D. Carolyn Dean who has youtubes talking about her book 'The Magnesium Miracle', which has lots of reasons why our population is chronically mag. deficient. 

I have been reading about magnesium deficiency for some time and already found Carolyn Dean!  How ironic that you mention her!  So, do you take magnesium everyday or just when you have breathing troubles?  After reading much of Carolyn's research and then comparing it to my RBC magnesium test, I am for sure deficient.  I showed symptoms of mitral valve prolapse when I was 19 and my MD back then did an ultrasound of my heart, saying one of my 'flanges' was floppy, thus causing borderline MVP.  Carolyn discusses this as being a symptom of low mag.  Plus, all the heart issues and diabetes in my family could be traced back to low mag, as well.  My cousin ran a mini marathon a few years ago (you may remember this Shell) and two days later he died of a massive heart attack at the age of 47.  Vibrant young man he was and collapsed on a casual run with his son two days after the mini marathon.  Died within hours of the collapse.  

I cannot believe I had not found this information sooner.  I always thought it was due to the MTHFR mutation that I carry in my genes - that all this could be genetic.  Carolyn says she does not believe in the MTHFR stuff and that it is more about epigenetics.  And that the low mag can trigger this stuff to surface.

Also, I show low in potassium as well.  Supposedly, magnesium controls the levels of potassium and calcium, too.  Also, controls the bodies ability to digest all macronutrients.  One of my longterm symptoms was pelvic floor pain/urinary pain with no bacteria present .  And tinnitus - all symptoms of low magnesium.  Just totally intriguing that I have stumbled across this detailed information.  

What kind of magnesium do you take?  And, like I asked before, is it daily?  I sure hope this could possibly explain my ongoing bloat and weight gain.  I have exhausted almost all other possibilities.   

Also curious how long it will take to build up storage in my tissue.  My blood was very low, so my tissue/bone are probably depleted.  

Very interesting!  Hmm my long post disappeared!  

Nutrition, get enough and the body can doing anything! :D

I take 1 gram daily, and 2 grams at once if I have trouble due to perfume exposure or bad air day etc.  Then I will take more a few hours later if I need to. I read that in the ER they will give up to 6 grams at once intravenously for asthma attacks or seizures.  I am always amazed when I take 2 grams at once and no loose stool which tells me I used it all and my body really needed it!

I take Mag. Glycinate.  Some well known person recommended that kind but I am not sure who.  It has worked well for me for 6 months. 

Interesting! I started taking magnesium glycinate about a week ago and I had a noticeable increase in my energy within 2 days. If you remember, my fatigue has been chronic. I think I am going to keep at it and see if I continue to notice improvements. My integrative doctor mentioned there could be a connection with the low magnesium, contractions of the smooth muscles, etc. - thus why I may have been experiencing the extreme cramping during my sprint run and continued issues since.

Thank you so much for your info, Shell!

I've read some of your discussions on this forum here and I'm pretty sure most of your issues would be stress related. You're just burnt out from living a lifestyle that is very isolating and that gets exhausting resistance from society. If you just chilled out and socialized more, you wouldn't have any of the symptoms you describe, I'm 100% sure of that. I would highly recommend you simply spend more time on this forum here and start making some youtube videos. Maybe get to know some other people living this lifestyle who live near you. Get yourself busy doing things that you enjoy doing and don't just withdraw into pursuing the cause of your (self-inflicted, in my view) "health issues".

Magnesium and potassium levels can vary hourly, one blood test doesn't really prove anything. If you are eating a lot of magnesium every day, you don't need to supplement. Supplementing won't do anything for you, trust me... Stop wasting your time with gimmicks.

Actually, I do not think you have read enough about my history and everything I have been through. I am actually happy/proud to be a vegan, whether it be raw or cooked and have a daughter who eats like me.  I am a pretty active person, am a personal trainer, and live a very active lifestyle.  I was out doing sprint runs one day and about collapsed when I got home after an intense sweaty workout.  I had the worst cramping and had to be rushed to the emergency room.  My health suffered from that moment on.  Thank you for your response anyway.  It may work for someone else!

What a shame you saw my post as an attack rather than a genuine attempt at giving you advice.

My own father suffered with debilitating chronic back pain for years on end and was in the emergency room several times during that period. At the time, he spent literally thousands of dollars on different treatments, visiting 30 different doctors who all gave him different diagnoses.

It later turned out his back pain was entirely caused by stress and he is pain free today, while NONE of the stuff his doctors ever suggested he should do, worked.

Yes, he did have an objective back problem but it was caused by stress.

If you think being rushed into the emergency room means your symptoms are entirely physcial, you couldn't be more wrong. Stress can cause just about anything. It can kill you.

I highly recommend you take a look at this series of videos here, it might give you some information that you might find useful:


Mindbody disorders give you pain (or fatigue, or any kind of symptom) to make you obsessed with finding the physical cause of them, thereby distracting you from some kind of emotional pain.

Your approach definitely came across as a personal attack, saying that it was all in my mind.  Re-read your initial comment and see it from my perspective.  I am not the only one who read it in that manner.  

I have a brother who is an extreme celiac patient.  If he simply breathes gluten, he is bed-ridden for 2 days minimum.  I had a cousin who died of a heart attack while jogging 2 years ago at the age of 47, I had an aunt who died of a heart attack at the age of 49, my aunts are type 2 diabetic, uncle with polio, a grandfather who died of a massive heart attack, another uncle who died of a massive heart attack, an aunt who had a triple bypass, 2 grandmother's who died of cancer, and my mom was on the operating table receiving a quadruple bypass surgery just last year.  The list goes on and most of them passed away between 47-60.  I have always taken extremely good care of my body in attempt to avoid the family history.  

I have rarely sought advice of a physician because they always want to prescribe meds - I am not a med taker and refused that path for me.  When I collapsed in pain after that run, I had severe symptoms that followed - none of which you know and are not stress related, trust me.  I have a genetic mutation which makes me high risk for heart disease and cancer.  

Again, I do appreciate your response, but my symptoms are not an outcome of stress.  I do not have any sort of mind disorder of any kind and think in the future you need to be careful what you say to people and your approach.  

I'm not saying "it's all in your mind" - Physical problems, when there doesn't seem to be a clear explanation as to why they exist, are often caused by stress. These physcial problems serve as a distraction from real emotional pain.

For me, from reading your posts, you've really tried enough different things in order to get better. Let's be real, the chances of your issues not being stress related are extremely small.

Magnesium and potassium levels can vary hourly, one blood test cannot prove a deficiency. If you are eating enough calories on a vegan diet, you are not deficient.

Then how is it eating 2,500-4,000 calories on this diet can I have MULTIPLE tests showing deficiency?  It is not just one test contrary to what you seem to think.  I have not posted regularly over the last year because I am simply living my life, but I still get quarterly bloodwork.  I just recently hit on the RBC magnesium test, but I have routinely showed deficient in other areas including potassium as far back as 2009 when I noticed my hair falling out (my mom had/has male-pattern baldness by the time she was in her 30's).  Back then, I had no symptoms of anything, life was great and very low stress.  Just decided to get bloodwork done because I had never had it done in my life and needed a baseline. 

So, my basis is not on one simple test.  

Again, you do not know anything about my full history - to know when I was a child I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and that I had other weaknesses.  I do not feel the need to go into detail with all of my information on this forum or with you.    

Again, thank you for your input. 

Most people who have health issues caused by an underlying stress problem, don't know about that or try to deny it.

You've been writing about a host of health issues here for a long time and noone seems to be able to find an objective cause. It is therefore very unlikely you have something physically wrong with you. You are eating the healthiest diet you can possibly eat. You are eating a diet that has cured some of the sickest people on the planet. WAY sicker than you.

Potassium deficiency (if you even have that, even two tests can be wrong) is always either dietary (which would not be the case for you since you're eating a diet high in fruit) or stress related. Are you aware that when the kidneys are stressed, they can't balance out the electrolytes?

I cannot reply under your last comment, so I am responding here.  Kidney disease runs in my family and if methyl b12 does not start to show improvement in my numbers, urinalysis is the next step.  I have blood in my urine (TMI but you brought it up) and they wanted to do a cystoscopy, but I declined to have that procedure done as I have heard really bad things about the after-effects.  When they did a renal ultrasound, I had a cyst on one of my kidneys.  When it was checked a few months later, the cyst shrunk.  However, I have lingering symptoms still.  

I did have a procedure done when I was a teenager that widened the urinary tract.  The integrative doctor I am seeing is putting all this information together and trying to unravel the past and what it may mean.

Again, you only know what I have already posted and not everything about me.  There are definitely issues underlying and I have had ANA Titer testing which also shows speckled results.  Sorry, but no denial here.  No underlying issues I am trying to suppress/live/deal with.

You have been a member here since Saturday.  How long have you been vegan raw/cooked?  What brought you here in the first place?   



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