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Hi all! So quick run down of my lifestyle - high carb, low fat, 3 meals a day, minimal snacking, mostly whole foods, mostly "raw till 4" style, I do food combine most of the time (mono meals of complementing foods) and I rarely eat out. My sleeping pattern is pretty good - 10:30-7:30 ish, I go for morning walks for about an hour. And weight train say every second day. I drink roughly 3-4L of water a day.

At the moment am struggling with acne which did clear when I first started, but within a couple of months came back BAD. At the moment I think I'm getting it under control so it's not my main concern. However! Lower belly bloat is! I don't want to use the word bloat because I actually feel like it might be more a case of my uterus (or whatever organs are in that area) being swollen?! I've had this for as long as I can remember. The attached picture was me today, a couple of hours after breakfast (so it's not a food belly- this is how I am at my FLATTEST) so I'm wondering, what could the cause be? Could it actually be an inflamed organ/uterus? Could that be a link to my acne (which is around my jaw being hormonal I think) I'm so sick of this! I just want a flat stomach that I deserve! I work so hard and am so disciplined with my diet and lifestyle, and I've been consistent for a full year now, and I still have acne and a bloated belly! Ugh, help :(

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You have stated you have had this issue for some time in previous posts, and you must be super frustrated to still suffer with this. 

Can you provide at least 2 weeks of your daily food journal? These diaries should include daily entries of everything you consume, quantities, calories, exercise, water and sleep. Without your diary entries we cannot ever give you accurate or objective feedback

Oh so you don't think it could be something not food related? As in inflamed uterus?

Okay so my daily average is 2000/2300
I'm 21yr old female

So I wake up around 7:30, drink a litre or more of water, go for an hours brisk walk.
Breakfast - melon OR banana ice cream with dates OR mono meal (this morning will be mangoes) OR if it's cold oats cooked with some pear/apple and dates
Calories for this are usually around 600-900

Then I'll have a litre or more of water again before lunch (30mins before)

Lunch - any fruit that's available. More often - banana ice cream again, or a mono meal, but I'm usually out and like to make my day flexible for example yesterday went to the beach (the day this photo was taken) and didn't have any fruit to take with me (ate it all for breakfast - 6 sapodillas and a small cup of oats and 4 dates) so I had oats with rehydrated figs, cinnamon and molasses, and 2 cucumbers. If I'm in that kind of situation I'll eat anything as long as it's vegan and low fat
Calories around 600

Again - water

Sometimes gym for weight training (say every second day)

Dinner - always veggies of some sort
Sometimes with rice / grains
And sometimes with beans or tofu

Example of a common dinner - roasted squash / potatoes
Lettuce and salad (cucumber sometimes tomato, raw zucchini)
And maybe some lightly steamed Bok choy
Seasonings - nutritional yeast, sometimes low sodium tamari sauce, paprika and herbs, and garlic powder
This is around 700 calories

Before bed - 1 litre or more of water
Sleep around 10:30
Upon first glance I noticed you mentioned oats a lot. I found 2 posts from Freelee and Durianrider from 2010 which is below. I personally do not eat any grains, and if so it is so sparingly that I don't remember the last time. Maybe try to omit the oats/grains for a while anbd see if that helps. Also, if you feel like you have a medical issue you should go to the doctor to get checked out.
From Durianrider
"I agree that raw grains are better than cooked but they still have the problems of grains. And when one relies on them for carb calories, one suffers compromised digestion and longterm nutritional deficiencies due to the high content of phytates in grains and vitamin C deficient profile.

Ive eaten raw grains as an experimental trial and have to conclude that they pale in comparison to fruits regarding weight loss, digestion speed, TASTE!, energetic properties etc.

If one wants the flattest stomach, best nutrition, best taste, best energy, most mental clarity etc, then fruit is the 'GO TO' carbohydrate."
From Freelee
"grains are like shards of glass on our intestinal tracts leading to nutritional deficiencies, rapes the land, are highly acidic and high in phytates & opioids. No thanks.
Yes better than meat & dairy but still evil in their own right, poor substitute for fruit"

I also found this post from the Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon!


It speaks how oats may be effecting your acne and your belly.

Oh! So I probably should have stated how oats are a very new addition to my diet. Probably about a month, and they haven't affected me negatively. I started having them because we didn't have much fruit available one day so I had no other option, and they gave me a lot of energy and I felt good, so since then I have them now and again and they don't negatively affect me at all. The bloating and acne was well before I had any oats :(

Are you on any medication, birth control, over the counter supplements?

Nope! Always been against meds.. Never been on anything

I used to have the same issues as you explain eating pretty similar to how you do. Until I upped my fruits and lots of lettuce and less and less of cooked food did things start to change for me. You are half my age, but it's a thought. I cant lose weight or have clear skin eating beans, rice, or grains. I practically eat raw vegan now. You should see a dr though to put your mind at ease about your hunch. Keep me posted. I will continue to search around.

I have similar issues that have been assessed by doctors. The acne is probably just unrelated hormonal stuff or an allergy to sunscreen or makeup or soap or anything. I personally don't think you look bloated but if you think you do it could actually be just that you actually have strong abs. Or you need to go to the bathroom. Or from eating beans the previous night. What sort of rice do you eat? I find white rice easier to digest than brown.

then again, I'm not a doctor so don't rely on anything I say. just personal experience.

Any updates? How are you going? I'm having the exact same issues as yourself, being acne which I never had in the past, and bloating only really in my lower belly.

Look at this girls photo though. Her posture is pretty average. Id say chronic lordosis.


Prolly wears heels and a handbag.

IMPOSSIBLE to have your best posture when you use these fashion victim items.

Heels should never leave the bedroom. Wel maybe into another room of the house but that is it!
Hey nika! Yes ill give you an update! But first, Harley, it's wrong to presume here... I have been to a chiro and I don't have lordosis, my posture is actually quite good.. I also don't own a handbag.. I'm the awkward girl who carries around a $2 Eco-bag .. And also doesn't wear heels. I don't know why you'd presume that when I'm on this site for starters and secondly also stated that I weight train...
So it's pretty unfair to disregard my problem as though it's my fault because I've possibly got lordosis due to wearing heels... Because it's just not the case.
So after months of trying to figure out what's wrong with me, I've come to the conclusion that it's my thyroid. Hypothyroid- due to stress and lack of iodine (I SHOULD eat organic, but I don't often enough, so the lack of iodine contributes to this as I don't eat many sea veg either). The stress raises my cortisol levels and lowers my progesterone, and offcourse having a hypothyroid is probably the root cause - slow metabolism>backed up colon>bloating... Skipped periods bc hormones are out of whack>acne+bloating. Not to mention all of my other problems that all relate. And offcourse this all just leads to more stress, lower energy, slower metabolism, more problems. My drive to be active has been so terribly low and I still force myself to work out in some form...
So what I've done to correct this is (still on a raw till 4 lifestyle) incorporated more sea veg (nori sheets - sushi dinner ), and herbs (ashwagandha- balances hormones, thyroid and stress/anxiety) and started adding spirulina and Maca to my smoothies and what not.
I've Been doing this for about 3 weeks, already my skin has cleared up, my energy is starting to come back, my period has come back, my skin isn't as dry, and my metabolism is a bit better (1 BM a day as opposed to one every 3 or so days) but this is a somewhat lengthy process and the bloating hasn't gone down just yet. I suspect it's due to infrequent BM.
I also have lumps in my lower abdomen (about the size of a small golf ball) that I can feel all the time, I need to get that checked out.
Hope that helps nika :)



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