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My platelet count dropped from 157 to 133 (reference range: 140 - 400 Thous/mcL). This is a 15% decrease in three months. All other components of the CBC were within range. B-12 level is normal as well.

I will be tested again in three months.

Has anyone else here had low platelets? What was the outcome?

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Hi Eliot,

A friend of mine had a virus that caused a low platelet count.  This was years ago and he was a child.  Its something that he has lived with for many years and has had to be cautious of injury.  Maybe you had a similar virus?  Sorry, I don't know much more about it.

When the plebotomist took my blood, I commented that the needle never causes me to bruise . . .  but this time it did. 

I use a neti pot every morning, and lately I have seen a trace of blood from my nose in the sink. I thought that my sinuses simply got dried out overnight, especially with the heat on in the winter.

Otherwise I feel fine.  

Hi Eliot.


Have you been retested yet, i'd like to know you're findings.  I had a blood test on Monday and the GP called yesterday evening and referred me to a haemotoligist, he said my platelet count was 60 !


About 4 months ago i awoke in the middle of the night with what i thought was a runny nose, i blew my nose into a tissue which on inspection looked too dark so i switched the light on and my nose was streaming with blood.  I went into the bathroom to stop the bleeding but i had never ever before had a spontaneous nosebleed.  Not long afterwards I had a bad anxiety attack and thought I was going to faint in the street which led me to go vegan and now raw vegan.  I had internal haemorrhoid problems too which meant from time to time whilst using the toilet I would see lots of blood, these stopped 10 weeks ago when i went vegan and the only time since it happened was after I ate a cooked meal once that my mother wouldn't eat (I was staying with her to try to get her to eat as she has dementia).

My next CBC test will be on July 12. I will let you know the results.

I asked my dr this morning what my platelet levels were when I was tested 3 or 4 years ago for thrombosis (my sister had DVT and I was tested because it was congenital) ... the reading back then was 133 so I was on the low side back then anyway.  I think my unhealthy diet since then kept lowering it until I got dangerously low and had my bleeding problems occurring 3 months ago was a sign of that.  My levels are now 60 but who knows how low they went before I went vegan.  My b12 levels are 234.

The reference range for Serum B-12 is 200-1100 pg/mL. My level was 1137 pg/mL on 11/11/2011. I have been taking 100 mcg of Cyanocobalamin each day (1670% RDA) for many years. 


On 07/12/2012 I was tested again and my platelet count had dropped from 133 to 122 (reference range: 140 - 400 Thous/mcL). As before, all other components of the CBC were within range.

I have appointment with my physician on Thursday.

In your case increasing you protein some will probably correct this. Too low protein can cause this. Increasing protein can help improve low platelet levels. So many people here think 90/5/5 is the answer when they probably need 80/10/10 to be optimal. You might have to push the protein to the 10-15% range to correct your platelet levels.

On 12/13/2012, I had my platelet count measured again, and it is now up to 150 (reference range: 140 - 400 Thous/mcL). This is an increase from 122 on 07/12/2012. All other components of the CBC were within range, with the exception of WBC - 3.6 (reference range: 3.8 - 10.8 Thous/mcL) and lymphocytes - 788 (reference range: 850 - 3900 Cells/mcL). I am due for follow-up tests in March of 2013.

Don;t worry it sounds like it was a bad draw.  Next time tell them to draw it in a blue top tube to ensure your platelets are not clumping.  It is nothing to do with your diet.   

Virus's can drop platelets so can leukemia.   Just keep watching. 

Weird! My platelets sky-rocketed back to normal after being high-fruit for a year...every way of eating before that, my platelets were just low, low, low!



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