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Hi friends :)

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on fruits, veg or seeds that are high in iron. I`ve been logging my food in cronometer and it`s always low. Between 70-85%

I had a weird reaction to many fruits in the past couple months(bananas, strawberries, raspberries all conventional, spinach organic) and so have been eating dates for the bulk of my calories, oranges, celery, grapes,romaine, coconut water (not fresh) and have recently added dried mulberries.

I know pumpkin seeds have a large amount but because my body was reacting to so many foods I cut out overts to take it easy on digestion.

on top of weird reactions I had been sick for about a month with chronic bronchitis and so wasn`t eating as much some days. I started to feel that my iron was low too, lower energy, bad circulation. A few days ago my body felt numb at random times and places, first my fingers, then my feet, then my face.

I hadn`t eaten much in 4 days maybe 2000 calories (which i RARELY do now I usually get 3000-3500) and as soon as I ate more yesterday it started getting a bit better.

I ate even more today and still felt some numbness, but much less then yesterday.

Convinced it`s linked to my low calorie consumption...i hope.

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Honestly I would take an iron supplement to see if it helps you feel better right now.

I was having major back pain this past week and I looked to see what the causes might be and the internet told me I was low in iron. I popped an iron supplement and it went away completely.

I usually eat a ton of spinach and broccoli and I had been eating less of it when the problem started. And I have had similar symptoms to you when my iron is low.

This website has a great list of vegan iron sources on table 1 :)  http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/iron.php

what kind of iron supplement do you use? There are so many kinds but the ones i saw at the store had a bunch of other stuff I don`t like 10 different spices and rice starch etc

I take VegLife 100% Vegan Iron 25 mg.

Here's some info on it http://www.vitacost.com/veglife-vegan-iron

thank you very much, it looks much better then all the stuff i've been seeing at health stores. They always have so many other things in it!!!!

It  might be helpful to read this link about iron in the vegan diet: http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/iron.php

iron from all plant sources should be paired with vitamin c in order to be properly absorbed. the best sources of iron are from greens like spinach and chard and collards... 

an easy way to get iron is a green juice with a fruit juice mixed in (like apple or orange). relying on fruits alone for iron is going to keep you coming up short in my experience. (i went low on greens for 5 mo while traveling and came back with very low iron)

pumpkin and sunflower seeds (make sure to soak them overnight before you eat them)  

dark leafy greens such as spinach, swiss chard, arugula, collard greens, kale, beets - just to name some :)

bronchitis indicates mucous - let it out! have some ginger tea (grated ginger with hot (not boiling) water) 

dates are not ideal as staple food.. try to get more fresh, water-rich fruit, if possible organic, especially when it comes to grapes or fruit that you can't peel!

add more greens to your diet! :)

Thank you everyone for your input!! :)

I will do what i can with my budget (super tight) and also what I can since I have so many allergies right now and do live in Canada so ripe fruit won`t be much variety until summer!! 

I add black strap molasses to my banana smoothies once a week after my doctor told me I was anemic. I had even developed pica (the disorder of eating ice as a sign of my deficiency). Black strap molasses will set you straight quickly. My iron has been strong since. It will make your banana smoothie taste a little bit like gingerbread.



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