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So I've been talking to this girl who INSISTS that low carb is the way to go.
High fat and protein, mostly meat, and 'healthy' fats, like avocados, olives, and nuts. She has lost a lot of weight doing so, and apparently cooks all of her food in butter. I too have lost a lot of weight being high carb, but I'm not sure exactly how it works.
She always has something to say to me to 'prove' that low carb is better. She likes throws a lot of scientific evidence in my face. 
I'm kind of curious as to how I can prove to her that high carb works!

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Atkins did die due to a heart attack. The cause of death was heart attack related due to hitting his head when he collapsed of a heart attack. 

His wife flipped out and there was a huge scandal involving his death certificate. He also had a previous heart attack in 2002. The 2002 heart attack is 100% confirmed and the 2004 heart attack was 100% confirmed via autopsy.  

I believe you can look this up on snopes amongst other sources. 


Check out this article. 


This women seems very closed minded. The majority of us at 30BAD have already done our research. I know I came here after failing at 100 other ways of eating. She will fail too, eventually. 

Yep and yep.

I guess most of us have tried the bad habit diets she is trying. We are at the conclusion to the journey. But hey it's hard for people to accept others experience and real world results. They'll just keep screaming for references. Intuition is very important.

I'd recommend reading Left in the Dark. His theory is backed up by data that exists today.

Hey Sanazberries

Yes, you are right. A well planned low carb diet can be relatively healthy and nutritionally sufficient if done correctly. Relative being the operative term. Relative to the SAD diet it is healthier, if it contains a wide spectrum of fruits vegetables and roots and is low in saturated fat with a good omega 3:6 ratio. So you are right in that it doesnt have to be bland. However it will be the addition of fruits and vegetables to the diet that prevents it from being bland. Therefore anyone who thinks that raw fruits and vegetables taste bland is probably still addicted to salt and sugar. Or they haven't tried good quality produce. Or they are eating too little variety.

People don't tend to stick to a low carb diet well though, because  we aren't supposed to want to restrict carbohydrate intake.

As for the ketogenic diet with epilepsy, there aren't a lot of studies showing that people stick to the diet well in the very long term. And there are lots of other nutritional ways to manage epilepsy without using ketogenesis.

The question isn't whether the body and brain can function on a low carb diet. It is what works best and has the least long term consequences.

Hypocholesterolaemia occurs with caloric insufficiency. Cholesterol is not an essential nutrient and dietary fat (beyond the essential fatty acid requirements) is not necessary for cholesterol production. Anyone who thinks that it does clearly hasn't bothered to study any physiology at all. The liver makes plenty by itself, more than enough and when it doesn't, that is because the diet is nutritionally inadequate. Yes, someone on a raw food diet can end up underproducing on cholesterol if the diet is inadequate. But on a high carbohydrate, calorie sufficient diet, this will not happen. Excess carbohydrates can be converted to saturated fats and then to cholesterol.Cholesterol is essential for the body, but dietary cholesterol is not. Anyone who thinks otherwise is filtering out whole hosts of physiology and biochemistry from their awareness to maintain some delusional belief.

Sounds like your friend thinks she was pretty clued up and has made up her mind to close herself off before she even started talking about this issue. No point in wasting more energy or time until there is a genuine interest in discussion.

Take care

Adam x

You're not going to convince someone to change their mind by arguing about it. Hopefully she'll realize someday that she doesn't feel that good eating that way and start looking for alternatives.

Btw, debunking low carb is a "hobby" of mine, and I have done my research on it. It's not healthy. A lot of people will get lower cholesterol at first, because this is a common side effect of weight loss, but long term, their circulatory system will get clogged. If they deny this, ask for the research that proves a diet high in saturated fat doesn't result in clogged arteries long-term.

There are all sorts of problems with eating a high protein diet, like bone loss from the body buffering acidic blood. Carnivores have an enzyme called uricase that breaks down the uric acid produced from protein digestion so they don't have that problem. Humans do not produce uricase. Also, where do you get enough antioxidants on a low carb diet? What about the toxins from cooking food like acrylamide? Where do they get enough vitamin C for optimal nerve health (this is more than what you need to prevent scurvy)? What about food born pathogens like parasites? What about all the hormones in meat (not even talking about farm raised)?  What about the inconvenient fact that protein stimulates insulin production just as much as carbs do? I could go on, but you get the point. 

I did a bit of research and told her this. I'm done conversing with her about it though. I just think it's funny, and was curious as to other ppls take on it and wanted to learn a bit more about both topics, high and low carb.

I def don't think that a 80% fruit AND VEG diet is deficient in anything. The only thing that is of little to no concern is b12, which one can get from unwashed organic produce. I asked my Dr. about it and he said it's a great idea and if anything it's better than eating meat, just make sure you get all of the colors so you get all of the nutrients.

All I'm trying to say is people shouldn't disregard fruits and veggies. I don't think you're disregarding veg, but fruit is amazing!


" Easily digested carbohydrates from white bread, white rice, pastries, sugared sodas, and other highly processed foods may, indeed, contribute to weight gain and interfere with weight loss. Whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, and other sources of intact carbohydrates do just the opposite—they promote good health." -http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource

"Scientists aren't sure if this is true and some researchers believe that this insulin insensitivity is only true for people who eat too many calories in the first place. So, who's right? We don't know. There's no proof that a high-carb diet causes overweight and there's an ongoing debate on the value and science behind low-carb diets." -http://exercise.about.com/cs/nutrition/a/lowcarb.htm

*** "The Problem with High Protein Diets

There are plenty of experts who aren't crazy about these diets. The main concern is that you eat more high-fat foods--particularly foods that contain a lot of saturated fat (like whole milk, etc.). This is a problem because studies show that a diet high in fat increases our risk of:

heart disease
high cholesterol
liver and kidney damage
some cancers
And what about the study (mentioned previously) that showed an increase in good cholesterol on the Atkins plan? The American College of Preventative Medicine isn't impressed.

The American Heart Association (AHA) is also concerned. After a review of five of the most popular high-protein diets, they concluded that these diets may encourage quick weight loss but the long-term consequences of a high fat diet are worse." -http://exercise.about.com/cs/nutrition/a/lowcarb_2.htm

If your friend is willing to risk death to lose weight then why doesnt she just do cocaine and dry fast? Thats the quickest weigh (pun intended) for weight loss.

You want science?



I like to judge by results too. Here is the biggest living promoter of low carb diets on earth. Gary 'Liposuction' Taubes. Dr Atkin's used to be the biggest. He died with heart disease in his arteries and was 258lbs. Did he fall over and hit his head cos he had a heart attack or stroke? Or was he about to have one? 258lbs..Im pretty sure it wasnt 'all lean muscle' either but perhaps Dr McDougall snuck in there and ballooned Atkins up with some brown rice and potato bake or something.

LOW CARB WORKS!! At making you fat in the long run. Poor Sally Fallon did low carb and dropped weight for a bit. She wrote books and earned mega $. Now all the lipo and botox in the world can't hide the bingo wings and bubble gut.



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