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So I've been talking to this girl who INSISTS that low carb is the way to go.
High fat and protein, mostly meat, and 'healthy' fats, like avocados, olives, and nuts. She has lost a lot of weight doing so, and apparently cooks all of her food in butter. I too have lost a lot of weight being high carb, but I'm not sure exactly how it works.
She always has something to say to me to 'prove' that low carb is better. She likes throws a lot of scientific evidence in my face. 
I'm kind of curious as to how I can prove to her that high carb works!

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I bet her energy levels a down. That's the biggest downside to high fat.
I did high fat, both atkins and raw. No cardio possible. Got too low bloodpressure as well. My wife developed iron deficiency on high fat. It's not the way to go

cooking everything in butter >_< bleh

I've done Atkins and it works as far as weight loss goes because my appetite was suppressed, but I felt like I had no energy. I doubt anyone on Atkins has the energy to workout or lead an active lifestyle. High carb works because the person eating high carb has the energy to burn off calories, and thus, lose weight.

Have her read 80/10/10, if that doesn't convince her, what will?

And I agree with everyone else, her energy must be way down.

Like my oncologist said today exercise seems to help survival rates in cancer patients by 50%. Hard to exercise on low carb... That survival rate is better than chemo by the way.

she exercises a lot apparently.

I'm lookin' for some science!

Just keep tabs with her for 20 years or so.....

When they diagnose her with a fatal illness... perhaps she will be convinced.

She is making herself very vulnerable to foodborne illnesses. A hamburger, for instance, is meat particles from hundreds or even thousands of different cows. When I eat a piece of fruit, I am eating from one source, nothing more. God forbid, one of the cows is diseased...


Depends what you mean by being the way to go and 'works'. If you mean weight loss, then it definitely works - Infact, in the short term it will be much more effective than a high carbohydrate diet. You are essentially inducing the starvation response in the body. Lots of people like to use science and some romanticised notion of hunter gatherer lifestyles to justify the diet because they want to believe that quick fix solutions are healthy. In reality they are not. And anyone with any ounce of common sense would see that colourless, bland, unsatisfying high protein high fat animal meals cannot be healthier than fruits and vegetables.

The question, is what "works" best for long term weight management, reversal of chronic degenerative disease long term and prevention of chronic degenerative disease. Time will tell what the results are there.

Take care

Adam x

"my arguments for low-carb are always going to be for weight loss. most people are insulin resistant (we know this because of how prevalent diabetes is) and people who are insulin resistant WILL do better on low-carb diets because carbs effect insulin the worst and fat effects insulin the least. protein is neutral because it produces counter regulatory hormones against insulin. so someone who is insulin resistant will have difficulty losing weight eating high-carb. also in terms of satiety proven by science time and time again...protein is most satiating, fat is second and carbs are last. so someone eating mostly fat and protein will eat less food without trying. i also think a diet where someone consumes over 150g of carbs a day is unhealthy because of the effect of sugar on blood glucose. especially if you are eating a lot of fruit...all that fructose is hard on the liver. and when your body can't process fructose fast enough, it turns into triglycerides which puts you at risk for heart disease. and high fructose consumption is also linked to insulin resistance.

you are probably losing weight eating high carb because you said you are eating mostly fruit. fruit is very calorie sparse and you are probably just running a large calorie deficit. even if you ate an entire pineapple, that's 500 calories and 122 grams of carbs/sugar, which is equivalent to 5 chocolate bars in one sitting. i'd honestly watch your blood sugar and stuff and make sure the weight you are losing isn't muscle mass...especially if you are eating 90% carbs. which means 10% of your diet is fat and protein. and fat is absolutely essential for the body to absorb certain nutrients and protein is essential to preserve muscle mass. you need to watch where you are reading your information and make sure they are sourcing peer reviewed articles. people throw around incorrect information all the time on the internet, and without science to back it up people can say whatever they want and present it as truth. " -the low carb chick



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