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I have been LFRW for two and a half years now. At the moment I'm in Thailand and since I arrived I have just become more and more tired. I went to the doctors and it turns out that I have anemia (low number of red bloodcells). I don't know why and I don't know what to do about it.

One and a half month ago I got nervesymptoms of B12 deficiency and have been taking 5000 mcg. hydroxocobalamin ever since. The symptoms went away but then I became dissy and very weak a week after I got to Thailand. I cannot get the bloodtest results on B12, ion and folicacid untill the 5th of january so untill then I need some good advice. I started taking Krauterblut  which is a herb extract with natural ion.

The last couple of days I have felt forced to eat some tunar tatar and raw salmon in order to be able to stand on my feet. I cant find dried fruit or raw nuts without salt, and my stomac really does not like too much meat.

I normally make 3 liters of green smoothies every day but I don't have my blender with me and the salat here is pale and less nutritious. 

I'm pretty desperate for some good advice so that I can enjoy my stay here.


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I had b12 deficiency symptoms as well a year and a half ago and I began to take b12 sublingual drops, about 20 a day during a month, and then I had a blood test. I had low iron and I read here than an excesive amount of b12 can produce iron deficiency. After a month and a half or so I had bad feelings each time I taked the be12 drops, so till then I take one to 4 drops every other day now. In my case I noticed the low iron when I run. Now I have no symptom related with b12 or low iron.

If you have had sudden sympstoms of tireness, then it may be the b12. Try to reduce your doses.

This is very valuble information for me. Thank you soooo much. You may have saved my holiday there :-D. Will try and cut down on the B12 and se what happens.

I had the same: low iron after large b12 doses.

This is what DR told me when I asked him about the sudden drop in iron:

"Iron levels can drop when b12 levels go up as the body is using iron to build more RBC's etc as the body has enough b12. Ive seen it happen in myself. If one is getting enough calories, sleep, water, etc then the body will do its thing regarding iron. B12 is another story as its absorption is way more complex and so many people have genetic issues etc."

Currently my iron, b12 and other b12 values are perfect btw.

I had a similar experience to SUnwukung. My iron levels dropped after taking some B12, sublingual.

I decided to quit taking it :) it doesn't seem to take too long before your b12 levels are good enough.

maybe now you have too MUCH b12 :)  be careful with high doses, yes.  All the best, let us know how it goes.

I wouldn't touch salmon or fish by the way. Find a blender asap !! :) and spinaches 

For vitamin B12 deficiency or pernicious anemia: cyanocobalamin doses of 300-10,000 mcg (microgram) daily have been used. However, some evidence suggests that the most effective oral dose is between 647-1032 mcg/day.


Conclusions. The evidence derived from these limited studies suggests that 2000 µg doses of oral vitamin B12 daily and 1000 µg doses initially daily and thereafter weekly and then monthly may be as effective as intramuscular administration in obtaining short-term haematological and neurological responses in vitamin B12-deficient patients.


High doses for a long time may interfere with other nutrients but I can't find any studies of it yet though with B12. At least none that talks about that it can cause lower iron blood levels. 

What's suggested is that you can eat 600-1000 ug/day and maintain it with 1-4 times a month. 5000 ug seems like overkill to me if your cobalamine levels are fine, you might not absorb so much of it if the most effective oral dose is below 1000 ug. 

Thank you so much everyone. It is really helpfull to hear other peoples experiences.

This morning I vas still very tired but I wont take any B12 today so hopefully the next couple of days it should be better. Normally I'm very intuitive about my supplements and what I eat, and I listen too my body a lot.

Here is the reson for the high B12 dose I was taking: For the past 2 1/2 years I only took B12 maybe two - three times a month and in a very low dose. That worked very well. Then I bought a house full of mold and fungus (I couldn't see it or smell it at all when I bought it) and had to tear down most of the walls.

I got really ill in the process and it gave me a lot of stress both timewise and financially. After about two months I had severe B12 deficiency because I was stressing so much and my body was allready ill from the mold.

So that is why I'm taking so high dosis of B12 and it is only a few days ago that the last symptoms of deficiency dissapeared :-D. They included restless legs, numb fingers at night, wierd nervesensations in my wrists, sleep problems, clouded mind etc. So if less B12 fixes it I'm extremely happy.

Merry x-mass to everyone from Thailand


So you are saying you have been low fat raw vegan for 2 years, and you are not healthy? This profound. Im sorry to hear this about your health, but I am assuming that if we eat a high fruit diet we should be extremely heathy. So what, if we miss some calories here or there, but our health declines so severely just because of that. This is disturbing. Is this diet healthy? Fruit is supposed to be so nutrious, but if we miss some calories here or there, we are almost on deaths door?  I just dont understand how fruit is such a healthy food, but we need 8 pounds of it a day otherwise we are dead. I love this diet, but if people are have MAJOR problems just cuz of calories this is scary.

did you read this thread at all??? It has nothing to doo with calories and I only got ill because of mold in house. Nothing to do with the diet. I was extremely ill before I started this diet and I have cured almost everything on this diet.

lol you're in Thailand, which is known as the fruit paradise and you eat FISH??? What the hell is wrong with you girl??? What's LFRW? A fish eating version of LFRV?:)

Ah sorry ;-) Weegan - must be my 'multiple personality' that slipped in there - weeeeeee are vegan ;-)

The fish is hopefully history now if this 'less B12 thing' works.



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