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I wanted to donate blood today and they didnt let me because me blood pressure was too low (106/64).
It was pretty frustrating, they wanted to make me drink salty stock (dont even know if chicken stock..) and of course I wouldnt drink that...(chicken or not) Then I had to explain to the doctor, why I didnt wanna drink it... He didnt have any idea about raw veganismus, as expected...so I felt like the week raw vegan who cant donate blood :( I probably gave a bad picture of veganisme...I'm so sorry for that.

Anyways, do you 811peeps have low blood pressure? I always had good results before I went lfrv and I'm doing lots of exercise. Today I had eaten like 8 nanas for breakfast and 850g of grapes for lunch, had drunk about 2+ litres of water. The blooddonation was at 16:30, and I was actually getting hungry, but I cant believe that this can be the only reason for such a low result. As a cooked vegan I used to have something like 120/70...

Do you think it could be related to 811 cause of the salt? (The doctor told me that the salt would raise my pressure...rather the sodium?)

Any comment or opinion on that welcome!

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OK, I should have searched this in the forum before.


I allow myself to quote Stephen:

"I had problems with dizzyness and light headedness quite a bit for the first few months. I still get it occasionally but no where near as much. I consult with Doug and this was his response when I asked him about it months ago;

"Your blood pressure undoubtedly will drop while following 811 compared to any other program. This drop will result in a temporary condition whereby your body is less efficient at maintaining a steady blood supply to the head. This condition, known as orthorexia, is quite common, and is not something that should make you concerned. In fact, in this context, it is indeed a good thing, but it must be respected.
When you get up from laying down, and even from sitting, it is a good idea to make the transitions a bit more slowly than usual. If you find yourself getting unexpectedly light-headed, squat immediately, or lay down on the floor immediately, and then start again.
It may take a few weeks, or even a few months, for your body to totally remedy this condition, as it adjusts to the new, healthier blood that flows better, hence creates lower blood pressure. Also, if you are over-hydrated or not fully hydrated during this time, you may be more prone to this condition than if your hydration level is near-perfect.""



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