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I just got my results for b12, and it's 135!?!!  Really low!  And the funniest thing is that the nurse in the laboratory where I did the test said that it is a little bit low, but nothing to worry about!  whaaat?  So,I tried to find what is the best to use too boost my B12. and, I live in Serbia and a can't find any shots... and in the pharmacy they say that nobody buys or asks for any B12 suplements... crazy!  So I searched on the interenet, and I found just some pill suplementation... so what should I do? please,help me guys!

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Until you find a good source of b12, here are a couple of natural suggestions for you.  Keep doing this diet 100% to allow for optimum digestion and assimilation.  Keep eating low fat to keep blood clean and allow optimum absorption of the levels you do have.  

Eat 2 pounds or more of raw leafy lettuce greens like romaine.  Greens tend to be high in cobalt which is  precurser to b12.  The body can utilize cobalt, and in your intestines, gut flora feed on our left over food, and provide and internal source of b12.  




http://soilandhealth.org/02/0201hyglibcat/HlthUltd.pdf page 61-62

Peace, PK

thank u so much for ur advice!  I will try my best!  And so,i shouldn't use pills or some other form of suplementation?  I know that the most effective would be shots or sublingual,but I can't get them here...


If you can get supplements, go ahead and buy them.  You can plug b12 into our search feature to see what people are using and perhaps learn more of the pros and cons.  

Eating the greens is something that is good for overall health, and may sustain you until you can find supplements.  

But who knows, we really do not know the cause of your b12 issue, and may be after a few months eating high fruit and greens, you can retest and see if there are any improvement.

Peace, PK

Hey pk could you convert 2 pounds into kgs for me? i think i need to eat more greens , but im not sure what 2 pounds of greens looks like thanks :)

Sanja 135 is around what i was 5 months ago and i thought i was dying:)  seriously i had no energy headaches major fatigue the list goes on and on but i have received  b12 injections now since march and slowly i see progreess, get on the shots if you can you want look back..



2 pounds is about 1 kilogram.  Two pounds of greens is about two heads of lettuce.

Peace, PK

Thanks PK :)


Id be doing shots. 

You can get them in Serbia. Where do all the Serbian athletes get their b12 shots from?

In Australia b12 deficiency is so common that ALL pharmacies have em. In Thailand/US not all pharmacies stock b12 so you have to ask around a few.

A good book on the subject..


Ok, guys! thank u, I will follow ur advice.  And about my energy, it just started dropping the last week or so, I felt good until then... but I didn't check my B12 because of that, I've been planning to do it for a while now...so until I find shots to do, I'll get some other suplementation and check my levels in few months. 

Peace and <3!

yeah, I just did a blood test... so,can somebody explain to me what the Urinary MMA is?   I don't know how to translate that to serbian... in our laboratories,there are several tests for urine,but I don't know which one is the right one. 

And,one more thing. The range where I did my blood test for b12 is from 141.0 to 489.0 pmol/L.  That's too low for max,isn't it,there must me a mistake?  If u had max in here, it would be deficient in Japan, for example!

I take  a Liquid B12 Supplement



Ja uzimam tečni hydroxocobalamin u apoteci i ubrizgavam ga u butni mišić. Potpuno je bezbjedno(mada je mama plakala kad sam joj saopštio da sam sebi dajem injekciju - mislila da je insulin :)  )

Vitamin B12 je rastopljiv u vodi tako da ne možeš da se predoziraš. Ako imaš pitanja pošalji mi privatnu poruku. Lijep pozdrav!

E, hvala na odgovoru Savo!  Ja sam nabavila cianokobalamin injekcije. Koristim 3 meseca i rezultati su super!  Vrednost je 362 :)  Nadam se da ce biti jos bolje. Pozdrav!  :)



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