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Hi guys!

So glad I found this place as on the journey to 80 10 10 one needs all the help they can get. :)

I'm very new to this way of eating, been vegetarian for almost 5 years now, but this is a totally different ball game here.

Dr. Graham writes in his book to eat as much fruit as you can and to eat all the greens that you desire, what if I don't desire any greens? I used to LOVE salad before, but with lots of Italian dressing on it. Now I hide my greens in fruit smoothies, so that's how I've been eating them. I guess my taste-buds will be changing, but I was just curious what your thoughts and experience is with the greens.

Thanks a lot!

All the best,


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I am not a greens fan either but I try (and mostly succeed) to take a pound per day in a smoothie. I will fall well short of my mineral requirements and be very low in protein if I do not.
I use cronometer to monitor my intake. I like to get 30 grms or protein per day.
Unfortunatly you do need your greens. It is a part of our natural diet.
Try sticking to milder greens for a while. It will make it easier.
If you want it to be a little more tasty try adding some lemons, limes or orange juice. Then add some herbs like parsley cilantro, dill or rosemary. Dill is my favorite, good luck.
I completely hear ya. I've been 811 for almost 3 months now, and my tastebuds haven't changed in a way that makes me want to eat greens yet :S Generally, I go through phases where I feel like I need to eat a lot of greens followed by a phase where I just let them go, then I realize I need to be aiming for more greens, and the cycle starts again, lol. Anyway, I find smoothies to be the only way I can get my greens in. My favorite are definitely strawberry banana spinach smoothies. That's technically a bad food combo, but it doesn't seem to give me any problems.
Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts guys!

I've been traveling which got me off my 80 10 10 so I'm starting out fresh now! It is definitely a journey so I'm looking at it as an experiment.. :))) ... yeah.. and hopefully I'll start liking those greens a little bit more eventually.. :)))
Dr. D has said that it is not a problem to start out without eating greens for the first few months eating 811, that eventually you will crave them.
Oh that makes me feel a ton better. Thanks! :)))))
Hi Egle,

I find my non-desire for greens aids me in my goal of being a fruitarian - or to put it technically correctly - to eat only fruit. But that is a whole nother topic which should not be repeated here!

If I started feeling bad without greens i would probably munch on lettuce.
You can be a fruitarian and still be an 811er. Cucumber is classified as both a fruit and a vegetable and is considered a green by Dr. D as far as getting your greens in for minerals. Anne Osborne is a fruitarian and eats cucumbers and also talks in her wonderful book, Fruitarianism: The Path To Paradise, about how high quality fruits will have plenty more minerals than much of the the more common conventional fruit in stores.
Good... I like cucumbers... thank you ednshell! :)
If you are getting them through your smoothies and you are ok with that...I wouldn't worry about it. Greens in a smoothie are better than no greens at all. I get most of my greens through a morning smoothie but I also like a huge dinner salad as well.



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