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I know Freelee talked about this but I didn't think it would happen to me i come from a past of taking the pill for most of my teen life..im 23 this month I have not had my Cycle yet I was supposed to have it at the beginning of the month....what in the world?! I feel my body is stressed just a little bit but it can not be the food unless its some of the cooked carbs im eating at night which sometimes i eat the soy meats an stuff from tofurkey....should i stop those? Help someone I am at a loss and not going to the doctor for it because they will tell em that its the vegan diet causing my body to fail-sigh- help! i eat plenty of food during the day almost thirty bananas i have gotten up to 26 so far working my way up there i eat loads of vegan meals at night but idk what to do to fix or if i have lost it?! and wont get it back for a while :/ my sex drive is also down[bit personal sorry but >.< ] anyone else experience this should i just stop?! i have been thinking of doing it but then i know the detrimental facts of going back on the meat diet i dont wanna do it i also drink plenty of water during the day i used to only have 16 oz a day now i can finally drink more than that bc i never hardly drank water in my past it was always coca cola or some other soda. :/ i feel stuff on the inside working or i think working hopefully.....i feel crazy talking about this but i need advice like asap! i have watched freelee's video on this a million times but i dont see what she did to get through it other than stuck on the diet >.< and it eventually evenned out i feel so stressed right now :/ i know stress can set it back too.i cut my fat out almost completely this week used to eat loads of foods with lots of fats in it even though they were vegan but still :/ what should i do?!

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From What I've read and watched, the combination of your lack of menstration as well as lack of Sex drive sounds like a lack of calories. I sujest you start using https://cronometer.com/

so that you can ensure your getting at least 2500 calories a day, or more if your active (recomended ammount of calories for a grown woman) as well as ensuring your getting enough of your other nutrients.

If you've only recently started Eating raw till 4 , it seems that a lot of women who come to the high raw or all raw vegan lifestyle have problems with their periods when they transition.  Perhapse until your problem resolves you might want to go fully raw.

That being said I'm not a woman, and I'm only relaying information I've seen from other sources, hopefuly some one more qualified will let you know their ideas before too long.

this helped and i use crono today was a little under that so i just fixed a smoothie i tend to forget somedays trying to get onto a schedual now daily >.< its hard even when im alone knowing im gonna get so much crap from family but i try to shut it out as much as i can and just go with it i will do fully raw for a while and see how that does. it sucks though i really should get a blood test this week.and see why and whats going on and ignore the doctor when she says oh this is because of this.

It's kinda funny but a study descovered that Doctors actualy know less about nutrition then the average person off the street. They actualy arn't required to take any classes on nutrition in order to get their medical degree.

If you do go fully raw try to also get your greens in, try for at least a half a head of lettuce or equivelant. It's best to eat them after your dinner. If your still hungry, or wanting somthing sweet afterwards You probably didn't eat enough fruit before hand, however if that's the case, try eating your greens with some citris.

Hi Ashley :) 

My advice would be to make sure you are getting enough calories from quality food...fruits and greens foremost and then other cooked wholefoods such as sweet potatoes, white potatoes, rice etc (if you have to)...CONSISTENTLY EVERY DAY. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and getting some sunshine. Sleep is of vital importance...people underrate it. 

Going back to meat and dairy is never an option for a vegan whose life choices are based on morals and ethic. There is no need to. Your health issues will disappear with consistency and a diligence to look after yourself properly. You will need to be ultra organised so that you have plenty of yummy, healthy calories at the ready so you do not slip back into old ways. It really is true that if you are carbed up...you won't crave/desire the other stuff. Do you use cron-o-meter? If not, it is free and a great way to track your calories and nutrient values etc. 

I feel confident that your body will level out and your period will turn up in due time. I don't think it is a severe health concern...stay positive :) You are doing a great thing for the animals and the planet by being vegan and your body will reward you for it soon enough :D 

Good luck Ashley! Stay vegan darling <3 

yeah i was undercarbed when i thought of going back to old ways i had a huge smoothie and felt better i know im not used to eatng huge amounts of foods that i need to now my stomach doesnt handle it well just yet but i always try to eat a little more and greens are tricky for me i guess the only easy way is a big green smoothie with oranges blended in it! you all are so kind with the advice i was having a freak out moment all day it really does help to have friends :D thank goodness for the internet otherwise  i think id still be stuck in the same loop over and over. i dont even remember how i came to being vegan this year it was so sudden but i refuse to go back and the community here is so nice :D thank you georgia and brian i do need to get onto a schedual mine is whacky i'll admit and i cant always say i stay true to the water or going to bed early i need to kick that in the butt though definately. thanks again ^.^ i fall off track way to often.

You will be right girlfriend :D You know the way and can work toward it every day :D You are doing great <3 



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