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So there are so many opinions on this topic and I really need some help! I am a newbie and one of my main questions is how do you lose weight? I know on an american standard diet everyones counting calories and when you switch to this lifestyle the main thing I have heard is how you are able to eat and eat without calorie restriction. Might be because I am still new to this lifestyle but I don't understand how you can eat 2500 calories a day and still lose weight. I am only 5 foot 1inch and at the moment weight 145 pounds (3 months post giving birth to twins) and for me this is huge and really am scared of gaining any weight. Could someone please help!

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Fully raw is not necessary. 

Veggies are always a side dish. 

Nuts should be off the menu 95% of the time

Fruit is the only optimal meal when you are fully raw. 

isnt it really bc 2500 (or even more) calories of plant based/fruit/veg is NOT the same as (ie will not pack on fat like) 2500 calories of meat, chemicals, oils, dairy etc? 

I dont know I'm new to this but everyone seems to overcomplicate the calorie thing.

basically a calorie is not a calorie hehe

And all I know is on hclf i am struggling with feeling too full on not many calories!

2500 could be too much if you are sedentary and eating processed foods.I am losing weight so here is what has worked for me: 

-Sleep: in bed by 8 each night for 8-10 hours sleep 

-Hydration:3l a day, 1l 20 minutes before each meal 

-Diet: whole foods/low fat. Fruits( I avoid too many dates/dehydrated foods/juices), vegetables, sweet potato/pumpkin, beans+legumes, whole grains as opposed to white rice/white potatoes/pasta

-Exercise: I just exercise when I feel like it. I walk most days and occasionally go to the gym, but I don't force myself to workout when I don't want to

-Calories:minimum 2000, more if you want but I personally wouldn't aim for 2500 with your height unless you are exercising or you are hungry for it. If you are hungry for it of course eat that much 

Hope this helps :)



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