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So there are so many opinions on this topic and I really need some help! I am a newbie and one of my main questions is how do you lose weight? I know on an american standard diet everyones counting calories and when you switch to this lifestyle the main thing I have heard is how you are able to eat and eat without calorie restriction. Might be because I am still new to this lifestyle but I don't understand how you can eat 2500 calories a day and still lose weight. I am only 5 foot 1inch and at the moment weight 145 pounds (3 months post giving birth to twins) and for me this is huge and really am scared of gaining any weight. Could someone please help!

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dietary thermogenesis. Fat is stored as it is, but carbs are burnt off cause they also increase your metabolism. When you cut carbs your metabolism gets damaged, but carbs from fruit and veggies heals the metabolism and then you can eat like freelee and look like freelee

thank you so much!

Hi, well the dilemma of losing weight is a tricky one as most people are confronted with the calorie-counting system which is kinda pointless. See, every 'Body' is different yet the same, as we are dealing with a genetic or created pre-disposition or also called;  "Set-point' that can be difficult to change when not rigorously worked on. The 'Set-point' is the bodies defense against eating too little or too much and maintaining the same body weight. That's why some people can eat tons of food without gaining and others gain just by looking at food.

The key is to 'Fool' your system by exercising and eating the valuable calories contained in fruits.veggies, nuts and seeds, as these natural foods are recognized for assimilation and so completely utilized by your body. This will take some time, but when you embrace the Raw Vegan lifestyle your bodily systems will slowly re-set themselves which will eventually result in a perfect running body and so ideal weight.

The secret here is that one needs to bring back ones body to a natural equilibrium that will give you a permanent result, and not just one for the summer. That's why diets do not work. You can lose weight by limiting your food intake and other drastic measures, but eventually your body will resist and bounce back to where it was. Everybody these days wants results fast, but you have to give this time. Choose an exercise regime that you enjoy and watch your food intake and your food combining, as again, you need to make sure that your foods get properly digested. And when you feel that all the sugar from our beautiful fruits is making you gain, just keep with it, exercise, and give your body the opportunity to 'Re-invent' you.

You have embraced your Natural state of being by consuming life-giving foods for energy and health. Give it time and learn from what your body is telling you, and you will see that in time you will have sculpted a new you for everybody to envy you about.

I really appreciate your answer in detail! And now I need to get out of this mind frame that I have been trapped in for so long! For so long calories have been the "enemy" where now I know they are the complete opposite! Thank you for helping me realize that the body needs time to heal what for so long I have been damaging and I need to embrace the changes I already feel :)

Some amount of carbs are burnt off as thermogenesis, not 100%. It's hard to get a definitive answer on how much excess carbs are burnt off, and I think a lot of factors can change just how much, but my idea is 30-40% of excess carbs are burnt off. Where as almost 0% of excess fat is brunt off. Also more carbs give you more energy to get up and move your body. High fiber, high carb, low fat whole foods are the best! I'm 5'7'' 120ish pounds super lean, I've been doing this long term. It works. Eating 2500-4000 calories a day :)

If you smash it in like Julia boer or HCH did, then you will gain weight. Just stay between 2100 and 2700 most days and exercise for an hour or so per day and you'll be set.
Eat as much as you want but don't eat under 2100. If you really want 3000-3500, then go for it. You must have a raging appetite then
Just exercise as well because being sedentary is not healthy
Also, 2500 calories is a ton of food. 25 bananas is no joke

2500 calories is not a ton of food. Stop scaring her

Maybe not to you or me, but to people like her it is.
How is that scaring her?

Eat like Freelee look like Freelee. The fat you eat is the fat you wear.Do you have a past of severe calorie restriction?

Get off drugs like coffee & birth control





I have a history of weight training and counting macros not calories so I'm not sure if that's the same but I'm gonna take a guess and say that it is? And my calorie intake now is about 2450 and I agree it's not that much food I try to stick to high calorie fruits which actually are my favorites so that works out great for me! My only issue and I'm not sure if it's an issue is I can't eat 3 huge meals I tend to eat constantly throughout the day and coming off coffee has actually been the biggest challenge for me not because I rely on it but because I love the taste of it haha 

Nothing wrong with eating constantly throughout the day. Eat as much as you want when you want and make sure you consume enough cals. Now that you have kids you are going to need even more cals.

I would love to go fully raw my problem is I don't really have a taste for veggies in their raw state. What do you usually do for meals besides fruit?



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