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I've been doing this diet about a month, and it has been all positive besides the fact that my friends are unsupportive. They question why i do it, and because i can't go out to eat with them, or because i don't want to go party with them, drink, smoke, then they have decided my company is not worth their time. Has asyone else had similar issues? I love the way i feel on this diet but i feel like i have lost everyone close to me.

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Ashley, I know exactly what your going through. I've been HCRV for a year, and I've definitely lost my fair share of friends along the way. The common ground we once had started to dissipate, because my self-destructive interests (drinking, smoking, partying) are no longer there, while theirs have stayed the same. Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative outside influence that comes with living and succeeding on this lifestyle, especially the social disapproval and the dismissive attitudes of friends, family, and pretty much anyone who doesn't understand this lifestyle . One thing I've personally noticed with a few friends and family members, as goddesstwin pointed out, once they see the new and improved you and they can see that your thriving on this lifestyle, those friends will make there way back in due time.

I know how you feel. I'm a freshman in high school and I've lost quite a few friends already just because I like to be myself, I like to be respected for who I am and my values. I have a small group of friends now, but at least they respect me. They aren't vegan or even vegetarian, and may have different beliefs but there's still a circle of respect which is so much better than people who judge you. If your friends or 'significant others' don't respect you, it's over. But it's worth finding new friends. Totally worth it. Just follow your heart and don't let anyone be a burden on you. I hope that helps you.

it does. thank you! :)

I feel very lonely in this lifestyle. I've turned into a hermit orthorexic. I do feel a lot of support in this cyber community, but it's cold comfort. However, I'm going to a raw vegan Easter pot luck tomorrow. Problem is, I feel ostricized even in the (gourmet) raw community. Can't even eat their high fat, highly salted offerings. I guess how good I feel is the payoff. I envy DR and Freelee, that they had eachother for support from the beginning.


are any of the friends are worth salvaging?  its not like theres nothing else to do but drink and eat. lol.. 

maybe some friends are for certain seasons, and some are forever..

in which case you have new openings now :-)

I've been looking for a thread like this..the social stuff is one of the hardest parts for me. My friends don't really get it yet..I haven't been able to explain it to them. When I told them I wasn't planning on drinking anymore I didn't get positive feedback either which sucked.. and when I bring things like orange slices for snacks they poke fun at me..but I find that more amusing.

Howeverrrr, what I'm working on is getting my friends to try new things with me and show them other fun things to do together besides drink and eat. Check out a site called onespout.com and they list all of the "Groupon" type deals in your area. Recently I've gotten my friend to buy aerial hoop classes and paddle board lessons!! It's an awesome way to try new things for cheap (:

Much appreciated <3

we take our drink of beer  it tastes horrible to our young bodies  but for our friends approval we drank and did not listen to our innate intelligence 

good health is my best friend

I'm going too Woodstock too! Thank you for sharing! I feel much better about this now.

definitely! I also just opened a fortune cookie that said i will make a new friend. how ironic lol

Read this discussion:


So many great people posted on this for me and what they said really helped me so I hope it helps you! The video on there was also amazing. 

Durianrider said in someone else's discussion: "You can't fly like an eagle if you're hanging with the turkeys" I thought this was such a good quote as its so true!

also this quote was at the end of Freeleas book: "Do what you love, and love what you do, because those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter"

You're doing something great if it makes you this happy, keep that in mind :)

Carley Wilson

with time you will find friends with whom you don't have to party, drink, or smoke. I lost many friends, but i have also made many new friends. You become a different person and you will be socializing with different people.

friends are real friends if you hang out with them during the daytime (not nighttime of drinking, smoking, and partying - you should sleep at night!!)



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