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Losing faith under crippling weight (high carb/calories?)

I'm trying really hard not to be a victim...but I could really use some support. I'm starting to lose faith. Every day I am faced with adversity. I am home from school for most of the summer. My mother (whom I love and is a dear in almost every other regard) is constantly judging my meals and commenting on my growing size.  "If this diet is so healthy why do you keep gaining weight?" and "Denali, every pound you put on past what you are now is unhealthy and hard on your body." I know she means well, but it still really hurts. I try to have faith a be positive, but unlike every other struggle I have been able to overcome in my life, I can't seem to stay positive with weight. It has started to take it's toll. I have always been an active person. I love the outdoors: backpacking, hiking, biking, swimming, rock-climbing, etc.... and I people have often been surprised that the short plump girl is so agile. However, lately I feel physically crippled by the 30 pounds I have put on since HCV. I feel energetic, but my mass feels difficult to move. I still manage to get out on a 45 min bike ride 3-4 times a week as well as 20 mins of bodyweight/strength twice weekly. I eat between 2500-4000 fruit and starch cals daily. I feel like a slim healthy vibrant person trapped in a ever growing and crippling prison. Any help/related testimonials would be amazing.

Lots of love,
Denali Rae

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In some people and at some ages (for more people) the become insulin resistant from eating too much sugar that is not loaded with carbs/fiber.  Then, with insulin resistance they start to gain weight.  It is likely not the fruit and veges that is the problem but the rice/potatoes on top of that. 

oh. So less cooked carbs?

yes and to not eat cooked until at least 4 hours after raw and vice versa


Glycemic Load

Denali, tell you mother to MYOB (mind her own business.) I am soon to turn 52. After 22 days on 100% raw low-fat high carb vegan I have lost 9kgs - close to 20 pound. And this is with nil to very little exercise due to a back injury, so imagine the weight loss that might have happened if I was able to exercise like you can.

My point here is that for the 3 years previous to making a 40 day 100% raw vegan commitment to myself, while I certainly was eating a High Carb Vegan diet, I wasn't eating a low-fat or raw vegan diet. And man did I stack on the weight - 15kgs or 33pounds and no amount of exercise would shift this weight including swimming, working out a gym and walking 5kms a day.

The fact is cooked or high-carb can mean high fat and certainly I have had to learn that lesson. Thinking back to only a month ago, I think I had it in my head that if something was vegan it couldn't harm me but that just isn't the case. So my advice is re-run Freelee's and Harley's VIDs and try to really get it into your head what low-fat means and also limit your starches. That has certainly worked for me when nothing else has.

Currently I am shredding 2kgs - 4.5 pound per week by eating bananas, 6 dates, citrus, greens, red bell peppers, cucumber, celery, lettuce, 1/2 avocado a day and a cob of sweet corn every second day.

Critically my diet for the past 22 days has been low-fat100% raw fruit and greens with the result I have not had an asthma attack for this entire time and yesterday I actually removed my inhaler from my bedside table and put it away in the medicine cabinet.  

Cheers from down under

Thank you Haven! I have recently been incorporating more all raw days- It's like 50/50 now. And I feel amazing! I feel I have a better understanding of what my body needs, I hardly ever even crave cooked food anymore, and I feel a sense of overwhelming love for myself. I think my body has just clicked or something. Also the days I do eat cooked seem to digest better. i am going to write a follow up discussion with details about these amazing changes. But thank you so much. You gave me some of the much need courage to pull me through to this amazing point.

Hey Denali. I can relate to you. I've gained 25 pounds on RT4 from a vegan diet. I feel like uncomfortable in everything I wear. It sucks. But, I have noticed more muscle on my body. It's weird though. I feel like my body is changing I'm not only gaining fat.. I'm also gaining muscle. My arms, face, and upper abs are much leaner but its weird it seems like theres a lot more fat on my lower abdomen, thighs and back. I don't know what to think. All I know is there are changes happening and while those changes keep happening I will keep my faith. I've been on this lifestyle for about a year now. I bike or run for ~60 minutes every other day and do yoga and hula every once in a while. And eat 2500-3000 calories. Hopefully, our bodies will even back out. Have you noticed any changes other than weight gain?

This week my body seemed to click together and everything is falling into place. YAY! I am so grateful to you and everyone else who took the time to give me strength in order for me to get here. I think I'm gonna write a follow up discussion with details :D

Hey Denali! You definitely need to tell your mom whats up and how it's hurting you, because that's not healthy at all! You don't need to be mean or rude about it, but just tell her how much it hurts when she says things like that. My biggest advice is to play around with the TYPES of food your eating. Do it for a week or two at a time and see how your body responds. Like everyone has been saying, you might be sensitive to some foods. Also, I recommend that you not only bike but increase the strength training. Don't go crazy with it, but strength training can really help with weight loss simply because the more muscle your carrying the more your burning at rest. And you can get a pretty good calorie burn in an hour or half hour of weightlifting. If you hate the gym I think you should try to be more active in general. While I definitely don't think working out is NECESSARY to lose weight on this lifestyle, there's no doubt that it helps! Go get outside and keep us all updated on your progress. Everyone here is supporting you and rooting for you! 

Ah, my heart goes out to you! I too am gaining weight on this lifestyle in the aftermath of years and years of calorie restriction and disordered eating. It is SO hard mentally and emotionally to let go of the desire to be thin. I want to be a person who does not look into the mirror and only sees my flaws. I want to see the beauty within myself.  I am battling off intrusive thoughts about how I can start losing weight if I eat this way but simply restrict my calories. The thing is I know I will be unable to restrict my calories indefinitely so the weight regain is inevitable. Plus, I desperately want to be rid of this nagging sense that my worth is somehow contingent upon my weight and on being skinny. I want to love myself even when I am not as skinny as I would like to be. I think we do have to just have faith in Freelea and the others who have obtained phenomenal long-term results on this lifestyle.

Our bodies deserve this! They deserve to be fed! They deserve the chance to heal themselves! I don't know about you, but I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, have not have a menstrual period in over one year, and am producing very little LH, which means that I am not ovulating. The damage EDs wreak upon the body may not always be immediately obvious, but it will always emerge over time. I 100% believe this lifestyle can be the key to physical and psychological healing. Thank you for posting this, because I have definitely been struggling too. It's nice to know we're not alone, and that we are all in this together. To better health, greater happiness, and self- and other-directed compassion! Hugs :)

Thank you Taylor. I just read this today and since posting this, I have had an amazing internal transformation. I am free of those internal demons that you seem to struggle with too and it's truly magical. I am writing an update now to explain how this happened. I hope it helps to get you to the light as well :)



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