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I fell off the wagon (to cooked vegan - potatoes, corn, beans, etc.) but it was enough to put 36 pounds of the 70 I had lost on 811 back on me. Most of it is now around my waist. :(

I am now back on 811 and wonder if I will lose the weight as quickly as before, if it will take me longer, or if I am stuck with this? I have adrenal fatigue (something 811 did not help with) but prior to 811 weight loss had been impossible. 

Anyone else here lose weight after falling off the fruit-filled wagon?

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I did raw for a week and then started to look at freelees videos on rice and corn pasta, and cooked foods.

Listen to your body, if you like cooked foods then eat cooked foods just make sure theyre LOW FAT and low protein. DO NOT tourtre yourself! listen to what your body wants and what it needs. If you feel better eating raw then eat raw. If you feel better eating raw till 4 eat raw till 4.


YES this is a late reply but don't give up :)

Before and after photos please. Same posture, clothing and lighting.

Sounds like you needed to gain 36lbs if you were eating and living healthy.

Some people need to gain and sounds like you did. What sort of abuses have you done to yourself in the past?

Good book to read is 'Biology of Human Starvation'. Men were put in a lab and starved to POW BMI's on a diet of around 1700cals a day. When they did refeeding, they exceeded their original weight massively and it took them years to get back to their normal healthy metabolisms.

I don't have before and after photos with the same clothing or lighting. I'm 5'8" and went from 250 to 180 and am now at 220. I did not need to gain any weight.

Abuses? Never drank or smoked or did any drugs, medical or recreational. Ate SAD when I was young, as did most people I know. Changed that at 28 and haven't eaten much meat since. Gave up grains four years ago.

I just started doing 811 after I read about people saying you cannot heal damaged metabolism on cooked starch. I gained maybe 20 since starting rt4 in November last year. There are obviously a lot of people who can't lose because they haven't healed through raw. And there are a lot who have lost on cooked because their bodies are not damaged.

Maybe you need to do 811 till your adrenals are up to par?

that kinda gain just from corn beans and potatos? I've gone overboard on the starches myself latly but that seems like a lot of gain from just some harmless starches.

Often times, womens' bodies respond differently to foods than men, due to hormones.  Women can have an easier time gaining weight, and a harder time losing, in general, compared to men.

Exactly. I gain weight extremely easily due to thyroid and adrenal problems. Plus, I'm twice as old as most people here. Age is definitely a factor.

I also have a thyroid condition (hashimoto's).  When you were eating cooked food, did you make sure to 100% avoid gluten grains?  Gluten wreaks terrible havoc on the thyroid.  Also, are you on thyroid medication?  If so, which kind?

I also have Hashi's, and absolutely steer clear of gluten. I'm not on any medication because a) I don't do allopathic if I don't have to, and b) my T3, T4, and TSH levels were all normal. It's my TgAb (antibodies) that were off the charts. My ND suspects mercury toxicity as root cause.

Wow, that's interesting and so unfortunate about the mercury.  This world can be so toxic, it's crazy!  Glad to hear that you are educated on the subject, and taking care of yourself.  Good luck :)

If you lost the weight before on 811, I'm sure you will lose it again :)

As my mother would say, "From your lips to God's ears..." :-)



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