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Lose weight, get healthy... and see how shallow society is!

Just a random thought in my head...

I lost a fair bit of weight, my skin got a lot better, and I generally look a lot better now I am 80/10/10. (I am about 5 lb less than in the latest picture)

I guess because the change was quite rapid, I am really noticing the difference in how people treat me. I get free fruit from sellers who absolutely refuse to take money from "such a beautiful woman", discounts, people helping me with my luggage (even though, come on, I needed the help a lot more when I was unfit!), etc... even old ladies make conversation with me more.

Seriously, it is shocking how different people are treating me now.

Anyone else noticed this?

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Society teaches that the more attractive u are, the better u should be treated. When u are unattractive or overweight u are overlooked. U are beautiful rose. Y are u acting so suprised lol it may not even be that. It may be u are radiating positivity and vibrating at such a high frequency that people want to help u and want to be around u. that's what I think is happening. Keep doing what u are doing. Ur beauty is also being seen on the outside . Outer beauty is just one of the benefits of this lifestyle.


We can enjoy the love, but even better is to take it one step further by passing it on to others--both the "beautiful" and those the rest of the world overlooks--for all possess some measure of true beauty inside.

+1! Beautifully said. :)

I love this. Radiate from the inside AND the outside. That's what attracts others to you. People will always want to talk to you, brush shoulders with you, etc. when you have something they want (i.e. inner and outer beauty).

Yeah... I get you... I am certainly happier which is probably also having an effect. I certainly feel like when I was fat people would look at me like I was stupid, though, and as you say, overlook me.
I guess I am not so surprised there is a difference... but more surprised at the extremity. Seriously, do those few people that are hot all their lives have this kind of thing happen ALL the time, and this is their "normal"?? 

Oh yeah... I get you, totally. I often help people out randomly, like on public transport etc... If we get chatting, I never fail to mention very casually that I am into animal rights and vegan, if appropriate, that I am basically fruitarian too. I always think it makes sense if I help someone for them to then associate my kindness and me being a kind person with universal kindness in terms of diet.

...Some people of course won't be interested in the ethics, but if ever we get talking about being ill or health, I mention my diet. The hotel receptionist where I was staying asked for details about 80/10/10 after I told him about it the night before. He was really interested, I gather, since it wasn't the same day I told him about it. He was Egyptian and in his mid-50s I would say, but was interested in being healthier. Sure, it'd be nice if I could turn every single person vegan based on compassion alone, but if they will do it for their own health - which of course helps one animal, a human animal - then in the end effect, still less animals will be killed. I don't know if he would ever be 100% - but if he just cuts to half his current consumption, it is a good thing.

On a side note - I love how easy it is to help people decide to eat less/no meat or milk now I actually look healthy.

Yea rose people who have been hot all their lives are typically use to this as norm and thrive off of it. Not all people though, jus people who are self absorbed and into their appearance and think its everything.
Before I gained weight I thought it was everthing and loved the attention. When I became overweight, I lost friends, my partner left me, people stopped talking to me and it became harder to find employment! Overweight people are really discriminated against its sad. But I'm glad I gained this weight because it woke me up to the truth. There is more to life than what we have been presented with. I found the lesson iny weight gain and health is more imprtant to me now. It also showed me who my real friends were.

That's really profound, Britanny!

I am self-employed so didn't get the employment issue...

There is a guy who I first got with when I was still fat. He kinda has bonus points from that that any new guy can't get!

I was once walking with an attractive friend and the sun was going down and she was shivering. We walked past a valet parking stand and the attendant actually took off his jacket and offered it to her!  So yes, I believe what you are experiencing now is "normal" for some people.

When you treat yourself differently, others will treat you differently. It is not because society is "shallow".

That's true too but society is shallow as a whole because standards are set for beauty, success, etc. And if u don't measure up to those standards then u are unworthy. They did it a lot in "society" in the 1800s in Europe. There were the classes and the peasants. That hasn't changed much. Just an updated version of it now.



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