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Loren Lockman (Low-Fat Raw Vegan? of 20 Years) Will Be Speaking in NY/NJ/PA May 24th–30th! Any Interested Attendees??

Greetings guys:


For those who may have missed my ‘NYC and Vicinity’ post last Fri, this is just a fruity fyi that Loren Lockman (fruitarian founder of Tanglewood Wellness Center in Panama) will begin a series of six seminars this week discussing the importance and superiority of whole, ripe, raw, fresh fruits and vegetables (sans salt/spices/supplements/superfoods/snake oil of any kind)! From what I hear, his talks are also peppered with hard-hitting statistics and case studies that debunk modern misconceptions surrounding plant-based/fruit-focused diets (vis-à-vis Vitamin D, B12, water fasting, GMO ramifications, cancer causes, healthy bowel transit time, the importance of high water content fruits, protein concerns, etc.)



Here is Loren Lockman’s East Coast Speaking Schedule:


Monday, May 24th, 6pm – 8pm

@ Arnold’s Way Raw Food Cafe, PA


Tuesday, May 25th, 6pm – 8pm

@ Rockin’ Raw Restaurant, NY


Wednesday, May 26th, 6pm – 8pm

@ Bonobo’s Vegetarian Restaurant, NY


Friday, May 28th, 6pm – 8pm

@ Whole Foods Market, Edgewater, NJ


Saturday, May 29th, 11am – 6pm

@ Bonobo’s Vegetarian Restaurant, NY


Sunday, May 30th, 11am – 6pm

@ Whole Foods Market, Edgewater, NJ


His ‘Intro Lectures’ entitled ‘The Promise of Perfect Health’ (first four dates) are designed to serve as a prelude to his ‘All-Day Seminars’ entitled ‘Creating Perfect Health’ (last two dates). ‘Intro Lectures’ are $15 (or *FREE* if you plan on attending one of his ‘All-Day Seminars’). ‘All-Day Seminars’ are $125 with discounts available for early registration.


Both are *FREE* if you are not 100% satisfied, just ask for a full refund!!


Healthy regards,

Laura :D

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He told me and my husband personally that he was raw vegan eating mostly fruits, salads about twice a week, and high fat raw when traveling and eating in raw restaurants . He said he was offended that on 30BAD people said he wasn't vegan.
Thanks for this information, Yuliya. :)
Vegans talk about being a vegan. :)
Glad so many of you (myself included) had the pleasure of participating in his dual-day ‘Perfect Health’ seminar series in NY/NJ/PA on the 26th and 29th of May. Far and away, it was an excellent experience combining nine hours of lectures/strength training/Q&A with the wisdom of a man who has lived on fruit fuel for ~two decades! He is such a class act low-fat fruitbat, with a sinewy strength and vitality that eclipsed even my loftiest expectations! Definitely wouldn’t challenge him to a push-up contest, that’s for sure!! ;-)
Also, reading through all these posts, I would just like to clarify that no one is willy-nilly “bringing out the cheerleading squad whenever anyone says anything positive about being raw.” I am sorry some of you feel that’s what this thread is about. In fact, I am very against the David Wolfe’s of the world who predominate the raw movement today selling their potions and powders. (Just last week there was the annual Yoga and Raw Food Expo in NYC, yet I certainly did not devote my time to posting about this event simply because there were speakers saying positive things about being raw!)

Loren, however, is vastly different than those supplement-selling charlatans in that he is low-fat raw and doing his part to promote the importance of the frugivore diet, proper hydration, emotional poise, clean air, sunshine, exercise, and rest for optimal health. All of which are worth celebrating here; hence, my reasoning for posting this event in the first place. Lfrv leaders aren’t exactly falling out of trees these days, let alone ones that happen to be speaking right in my own backyard! =D
Lfrv leaders aren’t exactly falling out of trees these days

My sentiments exactly...

Thank you , Laura!
Good points Laura.

Id like to believe Loren aint the womanizer he once was. Id like for him to pay back the thousands of dollars he owes people in the health movement. Id like him to provide more accurate teachings to people that go stay with him rather than fuel the 'Eat light and little and please dont ask me what I eat and how much..'.

Maybe Im asking too much.. :)
That cartoon is hilarious.

Take Care,

Just wanted to let you know my latest experience with loren lockman. To whom it may concern, this is one of the latest updates on this man and his center. I'm the student cited on this article....and yes I lost my money as well! It's almost 9 months now I've been trying to get a hold of this guy but it wasn't until things were made public that he came up with a bible long email explaining why he was missing with a lot of crap. I wonder why we still do a search on google on his name but none of the bad stuff comes out. We need to inform people about this guy. 

If anyone else bought a package for Tanglewood in Panama, not knowing that they had moved or were going to move, please let us know as I would like to talk to you..thanks.

Cynthia Allf - https://www.facebook.com/cynthiaallf
Maria Estela - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507793929

Read the article posted below.

Loren Lockman Bait & Switched Locations of the retreat and then did not honor the fasting package I had purchased and trade agreement.

Hi, I believe he was "evicted" due to my husband's death at Tanglewood in February 2011. There is a TV production company currently investigating all of the things that happened. I would love to talk with you.




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