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Hello guys-


I would really like ot meet up with ANYONE who wants to whose around thailand- so far, I do not have a plan- just want to be on the road (I think) - maybe I will settle some places- possibly Chantiburi/Chaing Mai/Trang- really undecided. Since I am travelling alone I would love some company- Im new to 811, so trying it out. Would love to do it along with someone a bit more experienced than me.


I am very easy going, relaxed, not into the whole party vibe really, i want my time in Thailand to be reflective, getting lots of body work, fitness and to recharge. If anyone is going to be about ANYWHERE and wants to meet up with me it would be WONDERFUL.


If anyone has any helpful information, or fancy's doing a bike trip around thailand that would also be fantastic- get in touch!!


As I say I haven't formulated a plan-so if you have one- maybe I could join yours!

Look forward to hearing from you.x


EDIT: So I am now in Chiang Mai after visiting all the other places- koh Samui, Chantiburi, Koh Phayagn and bangkok and I have settled here- since Im happiest here- not so much seediness and been treated like a cash cow- plus fruit is good here, riding in the city is good- yes a little polluted byt thats life- your body on 811 can cope.


I Haven't met any fruitbats which is a shame- but still Im here till October 2oth then im off to Vietnam to kite- I had my fill of Thailand- and honestly you will see to when you get here, CM is the best for all you need. Great fruit, markets, salads, places to hang out, Yoga, every class imaginable and culture.

I am training in abdominal massage and sculpture and its bliss- and riding about on my bike, talking about 811. Be the change!!

I am completely open and available should anyone want to meet up: I can wholeheartedly recommend some guest houses and some juice bars, that even do Kombucha and kefir and of course wheatgrass (one shot-2kgs of veg)- So if you want to be in the KNow you know where to go-oooh that rhymed!! 

I have a number if you need it, Chiang mai can suit every budjet.

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I'll be dropping into the region in mid-late October. Like you, no plans -- except to eat as much Durian as a human can eat...  Will probably be in touch once I arrive!


Hey I'll be landing in Bangkok at the end of September. I plan to be about SE Asia for a good while. 6 months - a year. No firm plans but to eat a lot of fruit. Let's be in touch
Hey Raw Dakini and Jamie, i will be arriving beginning/middle of October, for 2-3 months. I do not mind traveling alone, but i would really appreciate some company, since all my past travels were mostly alone, and i feel to hunt down fruit together with someone could sweeten up the journey a lot. What you describe is also my plan, no party, but focusing on health. I will be in touch 1-2 days before i depart, to check where you guys are at. Looking forward!!
Reading your post again, I realise it sounds just like what I intend to do! And I have no formulated plan either. How long are you staying for?

Also Eddie - how long are you staying for?

I'm planning to stay in the region for about a year, give or take...


hi- staying 4-6 months. Again no idea- but thats what my visa allows- then oz after- get in touch when you arrive- safe travels.x
4-6 months? What Visa is that? I would like that!

£66 all in- re visa- tourist non immigration double entry. NOT TRIPLE- that will set you back 95 all in (includes £10 fee for return of passport). 

Here's the deal: double entry; enter get 60 day stamp, after time elapse pay 200thb get 30 day extension.=3 months, Border hop at the end of the 90 days, use up the next visa (double part) an re'enter get another 60 day- when that expires- get30 day extention for 200thb= 6 months.

NB: if you want as long as possible- 6-9 months repeating the above rinse cycle- then go for the triple tourist visa- ok!!! Me, I want out over to bali- so 4- 6 months suits me. Good luck it's confusing if this is your first time.


Also use 'Hull embassy' for quick visa turnaround- basically I sent it recorded on Tuesday, it arrived by 1pm the next day, they stamped it (24 hours) returned to me registered (£10 fee) in my hand on Thursday through posty- see- easy peasy- a caution though, wait as long as is feasible before sending that passport for visa, since when they stamp the visa the clock starts ticking- so I leave on Monday 22nd, just got visa before. Hull are the quickest-period.

look me up on facebook, im down to go

sounds great!


have fun!

I've been in touch with a visa company who can get me a 1 year business visa for ~5000 baht (+ whatever the embassy charges, here in the UK it's around £100), a total of ~£200 which isn't that bad for a 12 month visa IMHO. I used to have to pay more for my Russian visas. They say there's no need to  conduct any business, they take care of the paperwork etc. I'll still have to exit every 90 days though, AFAIK only a student visa will let you avoid that, and AFAIK they're pretty well monitored so you'd actually have to study.

Hi Raw Dakini, so I gather you are in Thailand now so where abouts are you currently and has a plan evolved for you?  I'm in Bangkok and am looking for options of things to do for the month until my visa runs out.  I travel with my bike so a bike trip could be cool!





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