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Hello guys-


I would really like ot meet up with ANYONE who wants to whose around thailand- so far, I do not have a plan- just want to be on the road (I think) - maybe I will settle some places- possibly Chantiburi/Chaing Mai/Trang- really undecided. Since I am travelling alone I would love some company- Im new to 811, so trying it out. Would love to do it along with someone a bit more experienced than me.


I am very easy going, relaxed, not into the whole party vibe really, i want my time in Thailand to be reflective, getting lots of body work, fitness and to recharge. If anyone is going to be about ANYWHERE and wants to meet up with me it would be WONDERFUL.


If anyone has any helpful information, or fancy's doing a bike trip around thailand that would also be fantastic- get in touch!!


As I say I haven't formulated a plan-so if you have one- maybe I could join yours!

Look forward to hearing from you.x


EDIT: So I am now in Chiang Mai after visiting all the other places- koh Samui, Chantiburi, Koh Phayagn and bangkok and I have settled here- since Im happiest here- not so much seediness and been treated like a cash cow- plus fruit is good here, riding in the city is good- yes a little polluted byt thats life- your body on 811 can cope.


I Haven't met any fruitbats which is a shame- but still Im here till October 2oth then im off to Vietnam to kite- I had my fill of Thailand- and honestly you will see to when you get here, CM is the best for all you need. Great fruit, markets, salads, places to hang out, Yoga, every class imaginable and culture.

I am training in abdominal massage and sculpture and its bliss- and riding about on my bike, talking about 811. Be the change!!

I am completely open and available should anyone want to meet up: I can wholeheartedly recommend some guest houses and some juice bars, that even do Kombucha and kefir and of course wheatgrass (one shot-2kgs of veg)- So if you want to be in the KNow you know where to go-oooh that rhymed!! 

I have a number if you need it, Chiang mai can suit every budjet.

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im planning on going around april/may and would like to stay in Thailand for at least 4 months, longer if possible.  :)  i want to meet other 30BaD members as well :)

Hi There

Where are you now?

Im still on koh samui and proberlly not gonna be moving around to much till end oct.

if you end up heading south let me know as would SOOOOOOO love to meet up with fellow fruit munches as can get boring eating all your yummy fruit alone all the time and having everyone think you crazy!!!!!

hope you enjoying thailand so far?

ps the 30 day extension is 2000BHT!!!!

Hey Jenee. I'm Bangkok and  getting quite a bit sick of it really. Thinking of travelling to Ko Samui within the next few days to join you. Where are you staying, what are you paying for accom and for food?

Please get back to me soon! Jamie
hey jamie, will be in the shanti lodge from the evening of the 4th, for one night i suppose, then taking the night train up to CM. in case you wanna meet up let me know.

Hi Jamie

so sorry Im only replying now but been at a meditation centre in malaysia and out of contact for a few weeks. where you now??? back on samui! stayng with friends so im very grateful not having to pay rent at the moment. how long you in thailand for? be great to meet up (-:

Hey guys flying out tomorrow - will be in bangkok for a week or so i guess. rough plan is to travel south slowly and stay not too far from beaches the whole time. Cant wait!
Looking at getting insurance right now... what a painful process. Have you guys got insurance? can reccommend anything good? Quite tempted to not bother with it with all the terrible reviews of pretty much every company online!
I just got the Nomad World traveler one. Of course i also found bad reviews, but the positive ones outweighing. I am gonna fly into Bangkok in 5 days. See you around there maybe? I think i will stay at the Atlanta Hotel.
Cool. Are you doing the house stuff like freelee and dr are using so you can live for free or ?



Guys- I didn't travel with insurance!! Personal choice though. Lastly I don't live free- Thailand is cheap! Countries that were exp- then I think couchsurfing, or the gig that Freelee and DR do is an amazing option.

I won't be there till around November but I'd LOVE  to meet up with some fellow 811's! 

I've been there and would be happy to share my experience. 

So hey guys i'm in Bangkok now on Khaosan road, staying at a place called 7holder. any recommendations at all about Bangkok? I really can't wait to get some beach into my life really... dunno how long i'll stay in bangkok! xxx



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