30 Bananas a Day!

So I am brand new to this lifestyle and eager to get the ball rolling! If there is anybody that can help me get started or would like to partner up and keep eachother in line then I would greatly appretiate the support.

I live in England and work full time in a pub at completely random hours each day which makes it hard for me to get into a steady routine (can start as early as 7am or finish as late as 2am). We have real lousy food where I work as most of it is prepared in the microwave or fryers but its cheap for me.

Its my goal now to get healthy. I don't care for losing weight I just want to get fit!

So far in my journey I have been slowly introducing the diet by drinking more water and less carbohydrated drinks and including more fruit and veg. For the past week I have had fruit smoothies every morning for breakfast. Like I said, I'm new. Baby steps.

So yeah, I hope there is someone out there who can help me get my butt into gear and keep me on track. Can't wait to catch up on all that I've missed!

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I have tried just adding more fruit and veg to my diet in the past but I always slipped back into my bad habits! This time around I have much more information on what I should be doing so I won't let it happen again.

I think the thing I love the most about this lifestyle is that there are no restrictions which is good because I always feel bad after binging on bad foods.

Yeah somebody sent me one of those charts yesterday, I didn't even realise something like that would be a factor! I need to find a store that sells dates as they're no in my local supermarket. Is there anything else you would recommend to bring to work?

Lucky for me I love my vegetables! Maybe even prefer them to fruit sometimes.

Yes thank you so much I really appreciate it :)

Hey!! Yes exactly! The no restrictions lifestyle is something I always dreamed of, but I didn't actually know it was possible to live it and still maintain a healthy weight while reaping countless other benefits. We are lucky that we found it! :) I also bring frozen bananas and my food processor to work, but I'm a nanny, so I understand not everyone would be able to do that! But if you can bring your blender, that definitely helps. Another thing I have is a yonanas, so I sometimes make banana ice cream before hand, put it in tupperware, and keep it in the freezer at work until I'm ready to eat it. You could even add dates to that to up your calories. You could always bring a big bag of grapes to work too! 

And don't forget berries!  I put strawberries (great for smokers and lungs) in the freezer as soon as I get home from shopping as they go off in a day or two in the fridge and pop 1 or 2 into my smoothie.  It'll work great in the yonana, too.

That's right!! I am so used to only using bananas, that I totally forgot about berries! Thanks!! :)

The main thing I want to achieve is just feeling healthy! I always used to have energy drinks but I would just get a short burst and then feel even more exhausted afterwards.

I might be able to keep a blender in the staff room. Maybe even just a hand blender to keep there.

That's a good idea, then I can just buy some before I start a shift! The supermarkets only ever seem to have green bananas. If not then I can have jacket potatoes and vegetables from work, the veg is microwaved and very limited so that would have to be a last resort.

Have you had any experiences you found harder to manage? I don't think I've bought any where enough food today!

Yeah, I totally know what you mean. I was a coffee freak for awhile there, and I ended up just needing more and more to function, so I had to call it quits haha. And I agree, sometimes you need to just make the best possible choice if raw food isn't available. If I can only find green bananas, I put them in brown paper bag with a ripe apple in a warm place, and they usually ripen over the next few days to a week! Going out to eat with other people can definitely be a little tricky, but I try to find places with a decent salad bar, raw juices, or some sort of fresh fruit cup, but I'm definitely not opposed to taking my own food with me anywhere. I was vegan before I went raw, so I've had to do this before and no one's said anything to me about it. I also am definitely on a budget, so that can be a little difficult to manage, but it works out that the bananas are super cheap here! I literally get like 100+ bananas at one time. I get some very strange looks in the grocery store, and some people ask me if I have a pet monkey or if I'm having a banana party (someone really asked me that), but I don't care. I just stock up on what's cheapest, and dates here are pretty reasonable too!

The hardest part of all this has been the continual hunt for fresh food AND eating everything I buy before it goes off.  I used to grocery shop once a month and I have to admit it was marvelous.  Now, I feel like a junkie, always on the prowl to score a continual supply of fruit to ripen in time and juggling a menu so that I make use of everything before it goes off, not optimal for a picky eater, lol.  I buy in bulk from the wholesalers and I can only do that on Saturdays because the price difference and quality at the local shops is mind-boggling. You've heard about my melon disappointment - they were from the local shops - and I had nothing else in the house, I was even out of bananas.  So, I had $40+ worth of inedible (to me) food in the house and my chickens had $6 rockmelons to feast on with watermelons next on their menu.  Trust me, it made me feel worse than ending up with a bag of oregano in the old days.  *grin*

I'm here for ya girl, for whatever you need!  Feel free to add me and I'm on facebook as well.  I'm able to be around my computer all through the week so I can be a good partner.  This goes for anyone else reading this as well ! ;)

Thank you Klairee, I will do!

How long have you been on this lifestyle for? What were your biggest struggles?

Hey! I actually just wrote a similar post. I've been doing the HCRV lifestyle for about two months now and it's going great for me, but I can't help feeling alone. Anyway, I would love to keep in touch to keep each other in line. I'm pretty strong willed, so falling off the wagon is unlikely for me, but It's great talking to other people who are going through the same thing.

Hello there! I just started about a month ago (but cheated two times and have been fully back in track for about 1-2 weeks now). And I wouldn't know how to help you, but I'd love to hear how it's going etc. Good luck on your journey!  



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