30 Bananas a Day!

So I am brand new to this lifestyle and eager to get the ball rolling! If there is anybody that can help me get started or would like to partner up and keep eachother in line then I would greatly appretiate the support.

I live in England and work full time in a pub at completely random hours each day which makes it hard for me to get into a steady routine (can start as early as 7am or finish as late as 2am). We have real lousy food where I work as most of it is prepared in the microwave or fryers but its cheap for me.

Its my goal now to get healthy. I don't care for losing weight I just want to get fit!

So far in my journey I have been slowly introducing the diet by drinking more water and less carbohydrated drinks and including more fruit and veg. For the past week I have had fruit smoothies every morning for breakfast. Like I said, I'm new. Baby steps.

So yeah, I hope there is someone out there who can help me get my butt into gear and keep me on track. Can't wait to catch up on all that I've missed!

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You're doing great, Kirsty-Ann, with your first steps.

If you can figure out what fruits and veggies will constitute most of your diet (what food you like that's plentiful and available for the season) try to organize a weekly or monthly menu.  That way, you can prep your food in one go as often as possible and fridge it until you're ready to grab it and eat.  I do that with salad ingredients like shredded red cabbage and store in a glass jar which will last 3 days in the fridge.

Bananas seem to be everyone's go-to staple.  Can you figure out how to keep a rotating stock of green to ripe? Definitely check out wholesalers.  Can you keep a blender at the pub?  Bring bananas with you and you'll at least have access to banana smoothies. 

Maybe you can find a frozen berry wholesaler, too - I've found a few in Oz who offer them cheaper by the kilo than local stores do. They're also frozen individually so I can free-pour them rather than throwing chunks of something into a blender. The fresh berries I buy in the store are furry the next day sometimes but I rarely can keep them longer than 2 days.  When I find berries on sale locally I throw them in the freezer as soon as I get home.  I've also discovered pick-your-own farms and will be visiting them.

My schedule is a bit more flexible than yours and I was heading into summer with plentiful fruit options when I started. I still gave myself permission to take 3 months to get into a rhythm.  Take as long as you need to find suppliers, recipes you can rely on, anything really that will make this lifestyle easier for you to stick with.

Thank you Eva :)

I know I will be eating plenty of bananas as they are always available to me. So maybe if I keep a diary for what I'm aiming to have the following week? That would make life much easier!

You know, I never thought of taking a blender in to work so I will definitely look in to that, thank you!

I noticed when I was in Australia how easy it is to find fresh fruit without even looking. Even Woolworths had more fruit than I had ever seen before! But I do know one local place that I will definitely go to that specialized in fresh fruits. So is it better to have fewer fruits per one meal as apposed to mixing lots of things?

Thank you so much for your help I really appretiate it, I'm going to start planning my meals!

I'm so glad I could help - I'm full of ... ideas.  *grin*

This is a bad week for lauding fruit for me, lol.  I bought 2 tiger watermelons, 2 dragonfruit and 2 beautiful canteloupe/rockmelon and all were tasteless.  I nearly cried over the watermelon because they're my 2nd favourite fruit after bananas.  The rockmelon had me looking for a tool of revenge because the ones cut in half at the store smelled simply divine and I bought the uncut ones.

As long as you get your calories in (most important and hardest to master!) choose what pleases you.  I've been naturally moving towards simplicity, long before adopting 811.  I played with fruit salads at the beginning but mono-meals are much easier to source and my preference for a while now.  I save fruit salad mixes for when I go to restaurants or pack my own when eating out and about now.

I pretty much have the same salad for dinner (icerberg lettuce, some type of mini tomato (grape, cherry, yellow, etc. to mix up the nutrients), cucumbers (great silica source and super easy to eat) and red cabbage (only because I've loved it since I was a kid which is a rare thing to hear from me, lol). I shred a half head of red cabbage and keep it in a jar in the fridge so I don't have to do it every day. I've discovered red capsicum is sweet so will be throwing that into the mix more often, now.   Just eat as much of it as you can - my first attempt was a FullyRaw sized salad and I ate as much as one gets as a side salad in a restaurant and I was stuffed!  I'm much better at it now, though.  :}

If you can find a raw dressing or 3 you enjoy with common ingredients, keep them close and maybe make a batch of dressing so you save yourself some time.  If leftovers are yummy, I can eat them daily but I understand some find it monotonous.  I posted this recipe and can't believe how delicious it was; I hope you might enjoy it, too.  It only lasted 2 days as the white and red sauce combos because we gobbled it up and licked out the container, but I'm going to make a larger batch next time and see if I can keep it in the coldest part of the fridge for a week.

If you can find a copy 80/10/10, Dr Graham includes a 7 day sample menu for every season which gives a great indication of the quantities and types of food to aim for.  I'm just doing banana smoothies for breakfast with varieties of melons thrown into the mix plus the occasional pineapple/orange combo.  If you crave fat, throw in a handful of nuts or an avocado into your meals.  The beauty of this diet is that if you think you may have exceeded the 10% fat ratio over a few days, just take in a few banana smoothies to drop the fat percentage.  What a life!  *grin* 

That sounds terrible, I love my melon too! Honeydew is my favourite :) I feel so inexperienced, I rarely went outside of my comfort zone with fruit and veg before so its going to be a good experience just to try everything there is!

Unfortunately I am quite fussy when it comes to salad, I really don't like tomatoes and capsicum but I'm hope that if I can use them in a dressing I won't get so much of the taste. I will look up that recipe right away! When you say you keep cabbage in a jar, does this make a big difference to something like a plastic tub?

I was skeptical about the portion sizes at first but then I thought if there are people living like this and its working for them then it must be worth trying! I normally find myself trying to ignore the cravings for more food and keep my meals smaller but sometimes my stomach get the better of me and I absolutely pig out on bad foods like chocolate and crisps, especially if I have a day with no work or other plans.

That is on my list of things to do, and the "Go Fruit Yourself" e-book too. I am also finding it really helpful just looking through other peoples posts on this website. I literally only found out about it last week and I'm already in love!

I'm a picky eater on any kind of diet and on this one, as well.  I'm over the big tomatoes and would only use them for dehydrating; they add a nice tang when I've used them in a mango/tomato dressing.  The small tomatoes tend to be sweeter when they're ripe and I enjoy the different varieties available.  They're also easy to grow on a balcony if one has a green thumb.

All you can do is experiment glass vs plastic.  I just happened to read about "salads in a jar" somewhere the first time I shredded the cabbage and had a glass jar handy.

Just remember that fruits & veggies are a lot of bulk but low in calories.  Keep carbed up, especially if you're prone to monthly binges.

I love that you're an immediate convert, too.  I started a 30 day juice feast, found out about 811 on day 3 and adopted 811 the next day.

I have tried cherry tomatoes too but there is just something, I think its the seeds I don't like. But I always like sauces that are made with tomato. The mango and tomato dressing is one that I am keen to try!

Well today I'm going for my first weekly food shop so I will be sure to stock up!

Also, do you know any sort of alternative to gravy to have with cooked veges? Thats one thing I am going to miss a lot from dinner! I have vegetarian gravy but nothing vegan I can think of that will work with it.

I can't thank you enough Eva, you are so kind and helpful!

Dates are a great to snack on but remember to up your water intake a LOT when you eat them.  They can gum up some people.  :}

Firstly thank you for taking the time to reply, I feel so much more motivated with all this feedback!

I'm hoping that it will be quite an easy transition as I'm always looking for something that doesn't take much time to prepare. And I live quite far out of town so on my days when I'm at home at start craving the bad stuff I can't go anywhere nearby to get it!

Haha, I'll be sure not to make that mistake. I do have one query about banana smoothies, they normally turn out quite frothy but I don't know if this is how it should be?

I did look for dates in the supermarket but couldn't find out so I will definitely check them out! As for Innocent I just looked them up and it doesn't say they are organic which is a shame because they so taste so good!

Dinner time it what I'm most excited about! Things like sweet potato, swede, parsnips and cabbage are my absolute favourites!!

Thank you so much again this has been very helpful :)

I think the frothy factor in banana smoothies is controlled by the amount of water you add?  I like them thin enough to slide out the blender smoothly but not watered down.  Don't add too much water unless you have a few extra to thicken them up, just in case.  I learned the hard way and it was difficult to drink.  *grin* 

Okay, will try with less water and see how it goes :)

I would love too!!

Hi! I just started about a week and a half ago, and I've experimented with raw in the past and failed miserably from not increasing my calories. What I've learned is to stick to atleast 2500 calories per day (usually alot more for me), mono meals (I like to freeze my bananas and make a "milkshake" in my food processor with a little bit of water), definitely drinking 1 liter in the morning once I wake up, and waiting 30 minutes to eat anything after drinking water. Also, there are alot of food combining charts online that you can find that will help you figure out what's okay to combine and what isn't. I know that alot of those are the basic things people recommend on this site, but they've definitely helped me! Like the others have said, dates are a really good idea to take to work too!! And, I have to add, I've noticed a huge difference in my energy levels when including greens in my diet, and when I forget to eat them. If I remember, I have so much energy the next day! I hope that helps!! :)



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