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I know that one thing that I still find very hard after two years on this diet (and yes, I have been cheating during those 2 years so I am not following the diet to a T) is the idea of not being able to have a good indian curry at a restaurant one night or something else (I mean, I know I can just have a salad... well, maybe not at Indian restaurants, but what if I like the idea of allowing myself one meal out once a month, let say).

I know, I know. I will feel so good I will not want to cheat or I will feel so sick from cheating that I will not want to cheat (actually, I usually do, but I still cheat sometimes...).

So, I am just wondering if most of the long-timers are just never ever eating anything else and sticking with the diet 100 % all the time or if they sometimes have something that is not 80/10/10 once in a blue moon...

I feel like you long-timers are such superhumanes that most times, I feel like I will never measure up...

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Chris... ummmm, I love your reply!!!! Amen! I agree, the Bible is there to try and warn us/save us from making mistakes! It shows us we are not perfect..and we neva will be...that's why we need a savior!!! ;) Oops now have a said too much?!!? haha

 But I see what ya mean.. It is trial and error I guess, our own choices in life... Sin is not worth it... cooked food is not worth it...but why do we want it sooo bad?!?!?  Free will, I guess?? Sometimes our vices get the better of us... Gonna try and ditch the guilt..lol  :)

Wow, Chris! You are AMAZING! Such a loving and compassionnate and authentic answer!

Great discussion! Loving the posts.

In the past 3.5 years of being a raw vegan I haven't had any cooked foods or non-vegan foods, but as far as 80/10/10 goes I have had some days where my fat intake was a little over 10%, but I wouldn't consider that "cheating" if the goal is to average 10% fat or less over the course of the year which I definitely do.


As long as I'm eating lots of fruit, a good amount of greens, and some avocado I have absolutely zero cravings for anything from the cooked food world, but if I go a long period of time with just fruit I will start to think about savory cooked foods as well as salty dried foods (like potato chips) and those cravings disappear as soon as I re-introduce greens and avocado to my diet.

Everybody cheats. Just get back on track straight away and try harder. In the long run the urge to cheat will disappear. 

Here is a lovely video of Tim v.O., in which he talks about that point, when cheating on one's diet, or regimen becomes pointless. I enjoyed learning from him.


Great, I'll look this up. Love this guy!

Well, it is hard to be on this diet, unless you are in tropics with plenty fresh fruits and don't have big social needs (or live in a like-minded community).

It is not about cheating, but about progress. It does not matter if you do something, what puts you back one step, but what if you are going forward and following your goal. I have seen many people go all the way back or completely stop at some time and only few can continue to go forward to meet their goal. As long you can see your goal and you keep following it, then well done, congratulations.

There is no way of how completely erradicate cravings than to understand them correctly.  The best way of correct understanding might be the one as told by Buddha, but if you don't feel like following the path laid by him, there is only one thing you actually need to do. You need to understand yourself and live in conscious awareness of what you experience in the present. I don't say it is easy or that everybody can achieve it in a short time. I just know, that this is the ultimate way how to say goodbye to all cravings, no matter what they are and what the reason is. As with anything, you grow better and stronger with a proper training and in time you might be able to run an ultra marathon or get ultra resistance against cravings.

It doesn't help to feel bad or ashame, if you have done something what was not good to your body, mind or some other person. Instead be like a caring mother to a child, who just did something stupid. Give your endless love to yourself and try to understand why it happened and what you can do, so it doesn't happen again. There are many many strategies and I cannot tell about them all here, but it also is not what you need, because you need to find your own way how to understand what is hapening inside of you and then make a choices, which will work for you, instead of giving your ego a satisfaction, which doesn't make you feel better in the long term.

I don't know if this is your real name, but anyway, it is beautiful and you can use it for your own good. Let the big lovely pure forest care for you when there is a need. Let the pure forest be like a mother encompassing all your desires with love and understanding. Dwell inside until your desires no longer seem to be bothering you anymore.

I know, it is always easy to say :)

And believe me it was not easy to do for me. There are always cravings whenever we are in need of something, hurt and broken. But if we can understand what is going on and maybe have something to help us (a beautiful name perhaps), then it is not that hard anymore.

I have been eating for almost a decade only fresh fruits and greens, without eating anything cooked and usually only eating fruits and some greens. But at the start of raw journey, as long as I did not understand the nature of my cravings, it was difficult to be completely free of it. I would go for a week or month without bread, potato, salt or fermented things, only to get back to it when my will was not that strong ;) A strong will can achieve a lot, but it won't give you understanding of yourself and if you use it to fight against a growing current in your mind, it is only a question of time, how long you can keep swimming, before you will be swept into deep water of troubles.

You can do it, if you really want. And whatever you choose to do, remember, that understanding yourself is much more valuable than what you are eating now and then. At least it was for me :o)


Wow, Petr, I am deeply touched by your wonderful answer. This is so very true.

Your words (and this entire post) are so helpful. I will print it out and carry it with me, I think. I will need them in the next couple of months as I am weaning my anxiety and thyroid meds and I sure will need to work on understanding myself even better... and trusting my body and working with it and not against it.

I sure can relate with the mother's analogy (I have 3 little girls!) and I will need to remember this quite a bit for the next step of my journey.

I love what you say about my name (and yes, this is my real name!).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I've met alot of people on this forum, and most are like you they follow an 811 lifestyle but if they want a cooked meal or gourmet meal once in a blue moon they don't deny themselves and realize it's all a journey.  There are many long-termers on here that follow an 811 lifestyle but with cooked food.  It's generally discouraged on 30bad to promote cooked so most don't speak up and I won't name names but I know of many who eat a good bit of rice or pasta etc to get in all of their carbs.  I know my body can't handle gluten and I've cut out grains now for over a year, but there are many who consider themselves long term and are a big presence on the site who still incorporate cooked but in an 811 fashion or gourmet occasionally.  I may get crucified for saying this but you see a very big difference when you meet 30badders and what people will actually admit to on the forum ;)  sounds like you are on the journey and listening to your body etc :) 

best wishes jes

-off to eat some more papaya here in costa rica!

Thanks, Jes. It is reassuring to feel like others 811ers are humane and struggling sometimes too. It is a journey indeed. Thank you for this!

Hey, I just had papayas in Costa Rica too! Where are you? We are down south in Ojochal (between Dominical and Cortes, along the coast).

haha nice! I know there's some fruities over that way-billa etc... I'm in San Jose today head back to the states in just a bit :)



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