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I know that one thing that I still find very hard after two years on this diet (and yes, I have been cheating during those 2 years so I am not following the diet to a T) is the idea of not being able to have a good indian curry at a restaurant one night or something else (I mean, I know I can just have a salad... well, maybe not at Indian restaurants, but what if I like the idea of allowing myself one meal out once a month, let say).

I know, I know. I will feel so good I will not want to cheat or I will feel so sick from cheating that I will not want to cheat (actually, I usually do, but I still cheat sometimes...).

So, I am just wondering if most of the long-timers are just never ever eating anything else and sticking with the diet 100 % all the time or if they sometimes have something that is not 80/10/10 once in a blue moon...

I feel like you long-timers are such superhumanes that most times, I feel like I will never measure up...

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There's really not much point in cheating, seeing as it simply derails your progress. Of course I'm speaking generally, but how can one expect to experience great health while eating foods that are less than optimal? 

I've been eating this way for 2 years and though I have eaten salt on occasion, I haven't eaten any cooked dishes since I started. The odd gourmet raw dish, perhaps.

I also tried drinking organic pasteurized juice for a short period of time last year and it completely stopped my digestion. For me, I must stick to 811 100% or I suffer for it. My body immediately reacts negatively to any foods other than fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds.

I find it's much better to simply cease eating out at restaurants. That being said, I went to an Italian restaurant recently and they made me a delicious salad with mixed lettuce, cucumber, tomato, pine nuts, and a dressing of avocado and lemon. There is often and option for 811, but if there is not simply bring along some fruit or make sure to carb up before hand. 

Thanks Tarah. Yes, you are right, it does derails my progress. I just cannot wrap my head around never ever touching cooked food (or a restaurant meal)... God, that attachement to cooked food is intense! I really want to stick to 80/10/10 100%, but I have a really hard time.

That salad sounds divine! I guess I should just ask for something that is OK with 80/10/10... I still see cooked food like a treat and that's the problem... It's not. It's poison.

I was just curious! I really admire you strong will. I guess the cleaner you are, the cleaner you want to stay and the more you notice how non 80/10/10 ingredients throw you off and makes you feel uncomfortable...

Have you tried making any raw versions of your favourite cooked meals? Chris Kendall is coming out with a "Low fat raw craving busters" book featuring many cultural dishes that are transitional to 811. 

When I go to a restaurant I take a look at all the veggies they have available. If it's in a cooked dish, they can serve it raw. I tell them exactly what I want, in exact quantities. That way there's no guess work. Almost every restaurant has tahini, avocado, lemon or lime for a dressing. 

In all honesty, it doesn't come down to strong will. It's all about eating enough calories. If I'm undercarbed I'm just as vulnerable as the next person. We all crave things we likely shouldn't be eating when our bodies are hungry! 

Thanks girls! Actually, it is not about being undercarbed, I eat tons and of course, it is much easier to resist the food I prepare for my girls if I just ate a bunch of bananas, but I am talking about a planed dinner out to a restaurant, as a treat. For me, it is like an encouragement, a reward... I know it is not the way to go, but when I think about all the places we will visit in the next couple of years and not being able to even taste the Thai food (or the Italian one) makes me feel like I can't do this diet because it is too hard for me to forget about eating out (and yes, I know I can order a custom salad or boiled potatoes, but this is not what I want...).

Anyways, as VW says very well, it has everything to do with my relationship to food and to see dining out with my partner as a treat (even if it makes me feel unwell the next day usually...). Yes, I have to make a deal with my body and communicate with it better... My attachement around eating out is really strong... but I have some serious health problems to heal and I am pretty sure I cannot heal them without being 100 % 80/10/10 and that bite here and there and that not-so-low-carb dish once every 10 days is keeping me from being healthy... I am stopping my meds this week and I seriously need to strike a deal with my body so we can work together.

Thanks a lot, guys! You are such an inspiration!

I know what you mean though, Catherine. 

After a good period of 811 eating I would reward myself with a gourmet raw meal, high in salt and fat. I finally realized that rewarding myself for good eating with food that made me feel terrible not only didn't make sense, but also sabotaged any progress I had made during that period of time. 

There are ways to re-create your favourite meals without some of the less optimal ingredients. You can create raw pad thai and curry dishes. There are plenty online that you can alter to fit your food guidelines. 

It comes down to priorities. Do you want to be healthy and vibrant, or unwell? 

I still eat gourmet the odd time, but now I make sure that I create the meal myself so I can control exactly what goes into it. It takes some extra work, but that way you can get the taste you're looking for without the nasty side-effects!

Thanks, Tarah! It feels good to feel understood! Yes, I desperately want to be vibrant and healthy and heal my thyroid and migraines. And I will! Thanks to the amazing support of this group! Thanks again!

You've got to see the raw food as the treat. Look up some recipes that get you excited. I started 2 years ago as well and used to slip a lot or see vegetarian sushi as a treat but it's never "just this time", it's a matter of making the right decision over and over and getting AMPED about your raw food! It IS the real treat.

After I started making food for myself besides just smoothies I was excited to share them. It opens up a whole new world.  Case in point this sunday I'm making dinner for myself and my mother as a celebration and to wow her tastebuds with raw goodness. An almost side-benefit is knowing through and through I'm doing right in more ways than one.

Change the way you think and realize what it is you're eating, what is the real treat. Also rewards can come in the form of biking together in a scenic area, or some other activity that is a treat. That way you make good memories as well.

Those are tips that worked for me.


This is so true, Ana, seeing the raw food as the treat... I love my raw food, but diner out at a fine restaurant is soooo ingrained as a treat. I really have to work hard at repatterning my brain. It will come, I know. Thanks for your reply!

why do you want to know if "long timers cheat" as you say 

does someone elses journey have any influence to yours & your bodies ?

801010 is not a 100% raw diet anyway - it has been said by harley that if you have to do a non raw food opposed to a high fat raw food then "maybe" some steam rice or potato.


words like "cheating" invokes that one is doing something against what their bodies are happy with


this struggle of cheating you have is a emotional one dealing with your social needs - this is a totally seperate issue to the needs, nutritional happiness & peace of your physical body.


your body has talked to you and it clearly says it thrives on 801010 but your emotional & social self drags it unwillingly to that one dinner at the local indian.


801010 is between you and your body - so your nutritional guilts or confirmations have to come from the answers your body tells you.


communicate with your body - negotiage with it and come to an agreement with it, on weather your both prepared for the consequences of what ever it is you do together.


Well said VW!

I like that advice very much:)

VW, like the others said, this is a really excellent way to look at it! Nicely put! :)



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