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Curious enough, my girlfriend jumped on me with one more question: Does skipping breakfast on the long run cause undesirable brain deterioration? 

My point: getting up and starting the day, hopefully using the brain :D, without brain fuel (glucose) could stress the body to produce the glucose from any storage therefor the brain will eventually lack some abilities.

This makes sense to me in the long run. 

(We have been 80% raw for a year) 

Thank you!

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I don't think so. If you reach your calorie target for the day, without breakfast, there is no problem. The body stores energy for days, you won't lack of brain fuel because you don't eat for more than 12 hours ;-)

Yes, I agree there. It would be interesting to know a study about it. 
Im sure there is something interesting to see when metabolising between fats and carbs. 



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