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Hi guys. I am 21 years old and I have been vegan for 4.5 years, raw for 2.5, and HCRV 80-10-10 (2500-3500 cals per day since June 2011) for 15 months.  I want to tell you my (very long, sorry) back-story so that anyone who can understand what I'm going through can offer me some insight:

I am 5'5'' tall, and as of June 2011 weighed 125 lbs and, while at a nice, well-proportioned weight for my frame/body type, still had big pockets of 'baby fat' in certain places thanks to suffering from childhood obesity when I was between 9-11 years old (I weighed 135 pounds and was barely 5 feet tall at age 9... I have a very narrow, compact frame so needless to say I was a very large, almost toppling over and bursting at the seams at the time).  My dad is a doctor and he and my mom both played college sports + are interested in health/fitness, yet they played no part in my recovery and have turned a blind eye for more than a decade.

From the time I was 11 years old (when I realized I was on my own in my quest for health and weight loss) until I turned 20 years old (when I became HCRV) I severely restricted my calories and had sporadic bouts of bulimia to control my weight.   When I was 12 my weight dropped down to around 100 lbs, but as I grew taller and became a teenager my proportions evened out thanks to 'growing up' a little--and yo-yo'ing-- between 115 and 140 lbs.  I retained some softness/baby fat everywhere thanks to killing my metabolism, and although I looked OK, I knew I wasn't eating enough, maximum 1500 cals a day.

As most anorexics do, sometimes I would binge and sometimes I wouldn't eat for days at a time.  I exercised constantly and worked out rigorously for YEARS and wondered why I couldn't get rid of my baby fat.  My parents saw me eating/not eating, working out, killing myself over all of this, and they still wouldn't help me get healthy.  I tried many different diets, work outs, gyms, etc, but to no avail.  Thankfully, I discovered animal activism...

4.5 years ago (age 17) I discovered Skinny Bitch and The Kind Diet and became vegan, but I still couldn't figure out why I was still chubby even after eliminating animal products and highly processed foods. Even when I ate healthily, I could see a huge weight gain the next day simply because my body was so desperate for calories.  Any food would make me balloon so I still refused to eat 'enough'.   2 years ago (age 19) I went raw and gradually discovered Doug Graham, and 16 months ago (age 20) I took the plunge and 100% whole-heart-edly became HCRV, I have never doubted this lifestyle SINCE.  I have NEVER cheated, never eaten cooked food, and never skipped a day of nearing or exceeding 3000 cals.  The only bad things I've done is drank alot of pasteurized juice when I was on a road trip and accidentally had dried dates when no other food was available.   I've since eliminated dates and juice from my diet because they have turned my teeth from beautiful, white and healthy into brown, yellow, moldy-looking, rotting, gum-receding unhealthy nastiness.

Teeth aside, my present concern is about my weight gain.  I knew that with a long history of calorie-restriction that I would gain weight in my detox period, and I know that sometimes it takes a year or more for the body to regulate itself.  But my experience has been very extreme:  I immediately saw a huge change when I started cramming in the cals... I was 125 lbs when I started HCRV (and I don't mean a gaunt 120-125 lbs, I truly looked proportional and healthy, I just wasn't healthy on the inside), and now I am 170 lbs.  The most amazing things of all about HCRV is that it cured my eating disorders, and my dis-morphia... my brain and my point of view became rational and normal almost immediately, which is now why I am wondering if I am having an abnormal weight issue.  I average about 9 hours of sleep per night, I get a decent amount of sunlight, I am as active as I can be at this immobilizing size, and I am relatively stress-free thanks to my calm, peaceful environment I've created for myself.  I am not sure what else to do ... I am at the end of my rope, so to speak... I am discouraged, depressed about my weight, and every facet of my being seems to be affected by it.  I have trouble working out and being active, I cannot fit into any of my clothes, literally.  I am constantly exhausted even though I eat a consistent, huge diet of bananas, mangoes  watermelon, grapes, tomatoes, and a minimum of 2 lbs of greens per day.  I don't eat ANY salt, and VERY rarely will I have an avocado, and otherwise I eat no overts.

I am so enormous that NO ONE even recognizes me, I am extremely over-heated, constantly out of breath, and have a total loss of coordination.  It's just super-hard for me to move in general, thanks to feeling like I'm in a fat suit 24/7.  Before this, even though I was technically anorexic, I was still a very active person thanks to my dogs and my love for dance.  I also LOVED running, lifting weights, and/or doing aerobics almost daily.

I feel handicapped, and I look disfigured, literally. I look like I am in another person's body... people think I am a gross, fat slob who eats cheeseburgers all day even though it's common knowledge that I am vegan/raw.  I am spreading a negative image about what it is to be 80-10-10 thanks to my appearance, which is another reason I have stayed relatively quiet on this board.. I don't want to discourage any newbies.  I haven't posted any photos since my extreme weight gain either, so as to avoid scaring new people who want to take the plunge.  What I am doing wrong?? Can anyone help me???? I would love to hear some constructive criticism so that I can feel human, function as a human, and look human as opposed to the literal sumo wrestler/ogre I look+feel like presently....not to mention I want to be a great example to others who need this lifestyle :/

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if you switch to all or mostly greens you will be severely under eating and cause all kinds of problems.  10 times your body weight in kilos times 4 is how many calories you need minimum.  Add more for any activity.  If I were you I'd make sure to get in 4500+ calories a day.  This will keep you feeling high energy, clear thinking, on the wagon with lots of energy to move.

DR's video explains things nicely:

Thank you, Sir!!  This is very convincing!!!

bananas are fine for anyone even in the beginning.  high blood sugar is related to fat intake:


Very convincing!  Thank you, sir!

Sure you could just put up
Some clothed pictures and those who suggested it would be able to get an idea. Sometimes even seeing vaguely where th extra weight is being carried and whether it is puffy or whatever can lead to a sense of what is going on (whether its hormonal/ water based or toxins...
Anyway I'm pretty sure if you keep
Going it should just come down. Or yoU could try posting on foodnsport forum and see if you get an answer from

Thanks for your words of advice RT Katie :)

And Lee, Sorry it's taken me a couple days to respond... I think you got better advice from others than I could've given.... hope things are looking a little brighter for you now that people have offered some suggestions :)

Hi Babylon,

iv been reading the pages of your thread over the last week and first i want to say thank you for sharing your story. i am very new to this lifestyle and your story has almost made me run for the hills! ive been doing this for about two weeks now and have been steadily gaining weight. now the reason i wasnt terrr\ibly alarmed by this was because i did a 2 & 1/2 week juice fast before hand to transition from cooked to raw vegan. i lost a significant amount of weight in that time so i expected to gain some back. the funny thing is i dont look like im gaining as much weight as the scale says i am which leads my to believe its mostly if not all water weight. (maybe i really shot myself in the foot with the whole juice fast idea...)

anyhow...im curious to see when the scale will level out which i expect to be soon. and if not i am terrified to be at 50lbs heavier by next year! i hope the post by PC is right...any and all weight gain on this lifestyle is temporary....only time will tell.

i would like to say that ive seen a lot of talk about posting pictures. i have to ask everyone what the hell would that prove? why would anyone make this thread up? its obviously taking a lot of time out of their personal lives to keep up with everyones comments and what not. secondly, lets say she does look overweight. we still dont know what she's eating. we'd have to follow her around every day and analyze her food intake and exercise levels for a considerable amount of time before we could come close to any definitive conclusions. so i say stick to your guns about the pics babylon.

Wow vegan Chameleon, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!
I didn't post my story for over a year on here because I didn't want to give 811 a bad name via my results/weight gain/teeth issues, but I felt like maybe now was the time since I (1) needed help and (2) have seen alot of people on here develop similar 'detox' symptoms.  So I really hope you are not discouraged, there are alot of upsides and hopefully soon we will both be leveled out as far as any extreme weight fluctuation :)  Glad to see you are looking better than you expected!  

Thank you especially for your thoughts on the photos ;)  I'm not making this thread for fun and am certainly doing everything in my power to be the best example of HCRV out there, flaws and all.  You're right, even if I post photos and you all see how large I look, someone could undoubtedly still accuse me of eating salt or not sleeping enough or mixing food incorrectly even though I've already presented the opposite of those habits in the original post.  Can't please 'em all right?  :)
Thank you for taking me at my word VC! xoxo


Peter very well said, couldn't agree more. 

Totally agreed Peter  :]

You live in Los Angeles?

Come to my Fruitluck in Santa Monica THIS weekend...




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