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I became Vegan this year I was getting tired of the way my life was going i cut my ties to the meat and dairy industry, and honestly I am proud of it I am proud to say I no longer eat animals or anything to do with animals...but being the only Vegan in my small town Is hard to deal with the people around me even my family. I am 23 years old rooming with my brother in a neighborhood.....I have so far lost 5 friends with my change in life style because they couldn't fathom why I suddenly cut my ties to everything I quote Need. but In truth the only thing I need is my fruit and my health.....our festivals here that are so called "fruit festivals" there are like hardly any fruit their mostly just stands selling junk I don't know of any vegans like me or Raw til 4 I should say...it is very hard and my boyfriend does not understand it either he claims I am brainwashed and should stop doing it.....I don't want to loose him too but honestly everyone is pushing away from me like I am a disease but its all the more reason to stay and prove the point that We As People do not need to eat other animals to survive....I am so lost here in my small town but I will continue to kick through it and find my special Vegan friend somewhere....I have not had any health problems like I had last year since going on this diet it literally has made the most sense my life has gotten so much better in less than a Month since changing I even finally got a job but sadly no one around here understands why I am only eating fruit but more reason to bring them to This lifestyle. If anyone lives in the USA near the state of NC please I just want to know Im not the only one around here.....I feel like it. I love you Freelee and Durian you both saved my life......in a way!

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I feel the same way. You're not alone. Those people who left your life because they didn't appreciate your decisions didn't deserve to be in your life anyway. Sometimes people leave us. It's not necessarily a bad thing. It is life making room for new people.

I wish I could meet new people around me with my kind of thoughts but I don't really have much choice I can't just up and leave like I want to to go find a better place with more vegan people around only thing I can do is try to get some people to see that this works but until I can leave im stuck here with people trying to pull me out of vegan life only way I can be on this site is when im alone in my room even though im 23 years old i feel like everyones treating me like im 3 because of my sudden change! and my sudden need for more fruits and veggies in a day than I ever have they think im taking pills and stuff behind their backs...-sigh-im glad im not alone in the world but i feel like im alone in my small town! thank you for the comment it really helped me feel a bit better! sorry for late reply!!

You're definitely not alone. I've been vegan for 20 years and have more fingers on my two hands than vegans I have met in real life.

this made me smile thank you :D today was the hardest day yet....but the more im into this the more im beginning to see the truth in everything...

One of the best things that ever happened to me was losing friends who didn't agree with my lifestyle choices.

I'm so glad that those people are no longer in my life anymore.

I have never been so happy, and I have never felt more focused and on the right path, as I do now. I had always dreamed of my life being the way it is now (doing ultra marathons, being productive, doing work I love, living a life full of passion and joy not worried about money or the little things).

For a few years while I was transitioning it was tough, and I was very lonely, but that made me a stronger person. And the relationships I have now are much deeper, much richer, and much more meaningful than any relationships I could have had before, before I went through that process. 

That was the "old me". Those were my "old friends". I am very different than I was then, I have changed a great deal as a person since then. It was a very painful process, but I love my new life. I am exactly where I want to be. Doing exactly what I want to do. And I wouldn't change my life for anyone's.

I have changed a great deal in just the month of doing this I dont evengo near meat products or any animal products anymore I go straight for the produce and fill up the cart....moms like you need protein you need protein your gonna get to skinny and die....Only relationship I care about right now are my pets my dog and my rabbit! I threw out their old food and now romeo gets four times as much veg a day an sophie gets her fill of nutrients she needs and they have never felt better Thank you for showing me that there is a brighter future in continuing this I just feel so lost here in my town....I am the only produce buyer who buys in bulk in one of the stores I go to they love me enough and give me a discount when I go there I buy them out almost everytime! I feel happier I dont try to let them bother me when they laugh at me and pick on me for being vegan or even eat a dang burgur infront of my face and try to taunt me with it I am just like nope enjoy the dead carcus yourself and one girl slapped me for saying that...im kind of glad im not friends with them anymore but now even the few people i thought would be on my side have left my side...even my mother is beginning to leave my side...but no matter they will see one day!and when that day comes ill welcome them in my heart again but right now i need to try and focus on me and find support somewhere im seriously tempted to stop talking to my boyfriend im tired of his name calling and always picking on me never calling my name right always calling me twit or bitch or even idiot sometimes -sigh- the more im into this lifestyle the more im beginning to see the truths thank you for making me feel a bit better about my choices because today was a very very hard day for me :/ much love from a small town in nc! maybe i could visit you one day who knows lol :D i could use a vegan sis right now!

that person you call a "boyfriend" is a grade-a a**hole. That is not how a decent person treats *anyone*.

yeah i know i need to dump him but everytime i try to dump him he gets clingy and whiney not wanting me to leave then things are fine and dandy every day for a week and hes back to being an a hole :/ but if i didnt have him i would have no one right now and until im deeper into this i cant be flat out alone :/ right now i need some form of comfort outside of the site im so glad i found freelee and durains site this is really helping me out an everyone being so nice during my hard times everytime i feel like vegan is hurting me i watch their videos for a pick me up because i know its not my life choices right now its everyone around me being mean and cruel about it.

well the ones who dont support the choices that is but the ones who do are nice to have around just that the only ones who do support are online and my doggy.

thank you for this its helping me a lot im beginning to get out of boohoo ness i know i sound like im whining over it it really is hard though but i wont give up and im proud to be the only vegan in my town right now but i might not be so going to try hunting again for groups or bikers r something there may be one around here somewhere i just gotta be patient :D above all else never give up thanks again for this boost of confidence it has helped a lot and yes i sleep a Lot and my moms like im sleeping so much bc im not eating enough lol but whatevs she thinks what she thinks thats what i said today lol

Hey I live in Tennessee but I'm in the middle of the state about a half hr south of Nashville so I'm kinda close hehe. An up and coming youtuber named Tanny Raw lives in South Carolina I believe.

Don't worry too much about no one else in your town being a raw vegan. Try using meetup.com to search for a group already established, and if there isn't one maybe start your own and see if anyone shows up hehe.

If people stopped being your friends solely because of your food choices then they weren't very good friends to begin with. It might help you to show your boyfriend the science of the diet. Ask him why he believes it's brain washing and definitely get to know your facts. Has he asked "where are you going to get your protein" from yet?

You might start the raw food revolution in your town, who knows. (=

:D i know today while i was shopping at supply line a lady who works there followed me around asking me what i eat and how i go through so much sugary foods in a day and not gain weight i was telling her about the raw til 4 vegan diet and she was like wow really so carbs and calories dont make you gain weight? i was like no and explained to her how they help you lose weight and stuff and she said she will give it a try tomorrow :D and yes everyone asks me how am i getting protein and b12 and all those things! i say exactly what freelee says in the videos lol they look at me weird the nwalk off and i tried showing him the science and the earthlings and those other documentaries and he still finds it all fake i think its a sign to ust dump him and move on with my life or stick around and try to get him into understanding it better but whats funny is he cant back up anything he says about eating meat lol because i always throw something right at him when he thinks he found a flaw in being vgan lol i recently found tanny raw too she sort of popped up and now i watch her but still try to stick to a good routine and raw til four has helped me out so much in the long run i love it! nice to meet you friend! maybe one day in my art travels you will find me im Rosebud Art Studios an will soon be traveling to art shows across the country hopefully! but I have switched to only vegan art supplies now but i did use up the old crap i had didnt want to fully waste it lol but i made good use of it and painted a full animal series dedicated to helping animals! and will donate half the proceeds if not all of it to helping our beloved gentle creatures! but now i only buy from companies that do not use animal products or animal hair or anything or bones or what have you lol



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