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Living the 80/10/10 lifestyle.. how do you do it, when leading a conventional life?

Hey guys. Just wondering how some of you do it in your day to day lives?

I myself am a receptionist working in a laser eye surgery clinic. The pay is good for a student like me. I work full time, from 10h30 am to 7h00 pm. I only get a half an hour lunch and 2 fifteen minute breaks. When eating 100% lfrv I eat at least 2500-3000 calories a day. My breaks are short so i dont have time to finish a big fruit salad, therefore, I can only quickly gulp down smoothies on my breaks. Im allowed a smoothie to drink at my desk but im very busy with patients and often dont have time to drink that much during the day. I manage, but its definitely challenging! I purchased an expensive bag that is sturdy so I can bring my heavy load of liters of smoothie with me everyday since I have to eat lunch and dinner at work. I usually try to get 1000 calories for breakfast before work. Anyway its a special lifestyle thats for sure, but I dont have any other choice. I usually have just a green salad with some fat when I get home. If I didnt get enuogh calories ill eat some cooked grains (dont have a stove so i cant cook potatoes). The weekend is the only time I have to prepare some low fat ''cakes'' and other recipes for me and my bf. So im curious to see what you guys do. Do you bring your pounds of fruits with you wherever you go?

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I bring a backpack full of fruits that can be peeled by hand (oranges and bananas), a head of celery or romaine, and about 1lb of dates, everywhere I go. (^_^) They all make for pretty quick eating, and I don't often have a problem with smushed nanners (unless I sit on the backpack by mistake). The pack doesn't end up being too heavy, and of course it gets progressively lighter throughout the day as I eat it's contents! I always calculate the calories before I pack it so I know I won't be caught short.

Can you keep a bag of dates under your desk, and sneak a bite when you are hungry?

THats another problem- I cant stand eating dry dates and the only fruit I can snack on is low calorie and never really good quality in montreal. I have to go out of my way and shop everywhere to find good quality stuff, and it takes too much time. The best I found is making smoothies. Thank god summer is on its way, so the fruit will taste much better. I manage though, when i drink my smoothies i feel like I drank an extra large coffee, so I value the energy more than the taste. I try to eat to live and not the other way around. I always calculate all my calories too for the day.

maybe you could add your 15 minute breaks onto your half an hour lunch break and just have a long lunch?  then you could have enough time to drink a big smoothie and be carbed up :)  also having a blender at work is extremely helpful!  :)

Im not allowed to do either of those:(

I have to adjust my eating to my schedule at school (I teach high school), and so I often end up finishing lunch during a break in the afternoon, and eating an after-school snack too if I don't have time to finish during the actual lunch period.  Bananas are ideal for lunch.  I can eat them at my desk with no mess and help students at the same time.  I usually have several bunches ripening up for the various days of the week.

Since I walk to work, so I come in early to eat breakfast after my exercise.  I actually love being the first one to arrive in the morning.  I eat and get all ready for the day while it's quiet with no distractions.

I often stop by school on Sunday to drop off a box of fruit for the week.  I can carry stuff in my backpack too, but right now I'm over bananas and into eating melons and they get really heavy.  I had four already today!  This works great especially during the winter when I love to eat very ripe hachiya persimmons for lunch instead of bananas.  They are just too delicate to pack into a backpack.  With bananas I can bring in several bunches in my pack as long as they aren't ripe yet, and then I let them ripen at work.  I set boxes of fruit on my bookshelf behind my desk, and everyone is used to me and my fruity display, lol.  We also have a mini fridge in our office that is pretty much mostly mine, so I can bring in celery and cucumbers and greens too.

Bananas bubblewrapped.
Dates, keep a bag in your pocket.
Melon + knife and spoon.
Punnets of berries.
Tinned pineapple.

This is what I ate with the same break times, mainly snacked on dates during work and ate ~10 bananas at lunch; apples, a honeydew melon or tinned pineapple with berries at breaks.

Typical day:
Breakfast: 10 bananas
1st break: Honeydew melon
Lunch: 10 bananas
2nd break: 2 tins pineapple with blueberries.
Snacking on dates all the time whilst walking around and on the journey.
Dinner: 10 bananas
Late snack / 2nd dinner: Head of celery with dates smeared into the groove.

Walking round a warehouse, cycling 26 miles round trip. Rotating weekly shifts 6am-2pm, 2pm-10pm.
Possible but helps to use the train, found out after a month... (I am not an athelete)


I have a big breakfast every morning, no matter what the day is going to be scheduled like, usually 1000 calories.

Depending on what assignments I have and juggling the kids school schedule I try to plan the night before and if I need to hit the road for a bit, I'll take along my emergency first aid kit - a large container of sliced fruit, and another container of dates and cut veggies.

My big salad is for wind down time.

Just plan ahead a bit and you'll find yourself ahead of the game without having to always think about "how to do it"........you can do it.




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