30 Bananas a Day!

Living the 80/10/10 lifestyle.. how do you do it, when leading a conventional life?

Hey guys. Just wondering how some of you do it in your day to day lives?

I myself am a receptionist working in a laser eye surgery clinic. The pay is good for a student like me. I work full time, from 10h30 am to 7h00 pm. I only get a half an hour lunch and 2 fifteen minute breaks. When eating 100% lfrv I eat at least 2500-3000 calories a day. My breaks are short so i dont have time to finish a big fruit salad, therefore, I can only quickly gulp down smoothies on my breaks. Im allowed a smoothie to drink at my desk but im very busy with patients and often dont have time to drink that much during the day. I manage, but its definitely challenging! I purchased an expensive bag that is sturdy so I can bring my heavy load of liters of smoothie with me everyday since I have to eat lunch and dinner at work. I usually try to get 1000 calories for breakfast before work. Anyway its a special lifestyle thats for sure, but I dont have any other choice. I usually have just a green salad with some fat when I get home. If I didnt get enuogh calories ill eat some cooked grains (dont have a stove so i cant cook potatoes). The weekend is the only time I have to prepare some low fat ''cakes'' and other recipes for me and my bf. So im curious to see what you guys do. Do you bring your pounds of fruits with you wherever you go?

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I have a pretty similar schedule and breaks at my job. :)
I eat a big breakfast, like you I aim for 1000 calories before work. Recently I've started waking up earlier, that way I've already eaten twice before work. I mostly keep/bring things like apples, oranges, bananas to work, I always have a few apples in my purse lol. Dates are an excellent option since they're small and calorie dense. Also I was thinking about making fresh orange juice (with pulp please!) before work and having that in the fridge - super easy! Except I always end up drinking it before work haha. :)
Bringing smoothies to work tend to not work out, since they sit in the fridge and get all gross. Unless you have a blender at work, but it does take a while to drink anyway as you said.
But yeah. Keep random fruits at work. A big bowl of dates with a lid. Orange juice. :)

This was definitely something I had a hard time with at first! I would stay up late>wake up for work without enough time to have breakfast>not eat at work or only have a few pieces of fruit>come home and binge.
Always always have fruit on hand! Dates! Get them! :)
7hotdates.com  datepeople.net  shieldsdategarden.com

Hope this helped a bit. :)

ill check out those websites to see if they sell fresh dates. The ones I get are dry and not very palatable to eat as they are. Orange juice is a good idea, but it takes time to cut all the peels off. What I do is I mix banana and mango- its so delicious, doesnt really oxidate like just banana.

With a citrus juicer, you can just slice the oranges in half and get a fair amount of juice without too much effort.  They were out of vogue for awhile, but last I checked, Target was selling them for $30.  I recently bought one at Sur La Table that was a little more expensive, but way cooler.  It has settings so you can get more or less pulp.  Of course, more is better.  I'm planning a mono orange juice day soon.  Yum!

I'll try it and see if it gets enough juice out of the oranges

I do bring pounds of fruit with me wherever I go.  It's so easy to just peel 12 bananas and chow them down.  Fastest prep and eating ever.  I wish I liked bananas more.  LOL!   One of my go-to work meals is orange juice, and another is a salad of chopped dates, celery and apples.  I chop the apples really quick at my desk so they aren't oxidized and brown.   I have learned over time how much food I need to bring not to get ravenous, which will trigger a binge on non-optimal foods.  I often eat breakfast in my car during my commute, and start my dinner in the car on the way home.

I cant bring whole bananas with me though they always get black and soggy during the travel time. Unless I put it in a tupperware and that takes up a lot of space :/ You dont have trouble digesting celery with fruit?

I drive, so there's minimal damage to my 'nanas.  Celery is fine with fruit according to food combining rules. My digestion is never perfect due to still consuming cooked food, but don't notice any additional problems with the celery and fruits.

Sounds like eating is a challenge at your job regardless of what diet you might attempt.  Seems like you're doing quiet well.  I also work in a challenging environment sometimes, where I get very limited food breaks, and I find that being 811 is actually a benefit!  It's so helpful to just open up a jar and gulp down a smoothie in a few minutes, and not have that groggy after lunch feeling, while other people are dealing with messy plates, ordering take out, and running for  the coffee machine after lunch and dinner just to stay awake.


Yeah you're right. Its just the carrying 30 pounds of fruit and being pregnant at thee same time but i guess its good exercise lol

One suggestion is to, before work, slice mangoes galore, stick them in a container in a cooler with a fork - lots of luscious quick calories.  I think you're very committed to making this work with your schedule.  I don't have a job outside of caring for 3 kids but I don't go anywhere without dates which are small and easily transported and/or a basket of bananas.  My car smells like a winery because of the compost bag I have in there.  I can drive and peel a banana at the same time no problemo.  I always eat when I drive, because every time I go anywhere it's at least 1/2 hour ride.  It's probably not optimal but you have to make the lifestlye work in your own life. 

I work 6-8 hr shifts with a 30 min break and am always on my feet, so I can relate to you...but I dont let my work get into the way of my lifestyle, you need to put your diet ahead of everything else because that's what will make you feel good and give you energy and a clear head. I prep a smoothie before work and drink it on the way to work or while im working i sip on it, if im up early I make a salad the night before and pack it into a huge container with a fork. I also bring bananas, apples, and dates/mulberries in a zip-lock bag....I'm sure if you let your co-workers and managers know about your lifestyle choices they will understand and support you. When I used to work in an advertising agency I was at my desk a lot, and thankfully the office had a fridge and a small kitchen so I was able to keep my smoothie there and prep fruit, all my co-workers in the begining thought I was weird and every day someone would look at my salad like its something from another planet meanwhile eating a burger or some pizza, like fruit and veggies were some kind of new invention...it was really annoying in the beginning, especially when people would ask me all the time whats that and comment things, but then they got used to it and even tried to support me by getting me a vegan chocolate cake for my birthday....which i was too embarrassed to tell them that I don't eat that either lol



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