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Hello, all..

I was wondering if you can drink fresh orange juice and your main staple? 

I tried bananas for a while and really am not a fan of bananas or even dates.  I'm a mango person, but the mangoes where I lived before and even where I live now are very lacking. (black in the middle, even the organic taste very bitter when ripe, etc.)

I find the OJ convenient, too, because truth be know, I am still a newbie and it's just easier to drink juice.  Having major gut issues, being a busy mom to a 4 and a 2 yr old, and being a newbie (and plus loving oranges) make this kind of an easy decision for me.

The problem I am worried about is further gut issues.  I've read on here too much citrus can gut problems, which I already have.  So far, my fatigue has diminished, skin is clearing, pain in feet and back is gone, however I have, at times, experienced a good amt of bleeding when going to the bathroom. :/

I suspect I may be diabetic and am pretty sure I have pulmonary hypertension.  (I believe I may have a range of autoimmune issues due to metal toxicity from already removed metal post in mouth)  Will probably request a consult w/ Dr. Doug shortly here.


I saw a vid posted on here by Ann, who did OJ for around 55 days, I believe.

I'm afraid this is my only ticket to health right now, but I want to make sure you can just do 80/10/10 mostly on OJ, or if that's just crazy talk. :)

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I have not been 80/10/10 completely.  I've just been spotty w/ the diet, for many reasons. - have struggled w/ not eating enough on it, or not eating enough in general, then will binge.  (I have troubles w/ not eating all day as if I'm anorexic because I feel sick from toxic metal.)  then will feel better from the fast, but famished, and that's when I'll binge. 

We also just relocated.

If anyone has any tips also on how to stay 80/10/10 while travelling, I would be forever indebted..  I heard of one nutritionist who brought a little jucier w/ them and would juice oranges.


Any experience/or thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks!




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I am assuming that ASD means Autism spectrum Disorder.  

There is some good news here, especially if your kids have mild autism.  If your kids are beyond the breastfeeding stage and or the age of two, and can eat good, a low fat raw fruit and leafy green diet may improve their symptoms if not heal them long term.  Diets high in fat sludge up the blood stream preventing the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and oxygen.  This translates into sick cells and poor tissue development including the brain.  

A low fat raw fruit and leafy green based diet will provide the nutrients they need to rebuild healthy tissues.  We have had many people here with different brain disorders improve, control, and even heal their symptoms.  Unfortunately, many of them when they cheat, have flare ups.  I am not going to say they are completely cured, but they can live as if cured on this diet.  

Now, it seems that you are Celiac, and Celiac tends to be genetic and run in families.  On top of that, many children with Autism test positive for gluten sensitivities and dairy sensitivities, and even if the tests are negative, they react negatively to these products.  

The best thing you can do for your family is to remove all grain, wheat, and gluten containing products.  Think of it as an allergy.  For some people, even sniffing the dust can cause reactions.  

At school, make sure that teachers feed them gluten and dairy free snacks, better yet, send them fruit.  I work with special needs kids for our local school system as part of the support staff.  Many of them, even if they have severe autism and cannot speak, naturally and instinctively go for fruits!  I have seen some of the lunches their guardians prepare, and they will prefer to snack on the fruit.  Hopefully, you will have similar luck with your children too.  

Now I know you are probably overwhelmed at this point with my reading suggestions, but in your case, with the celiac and autism history, you may benefit from reading the following books that you might find at your local library and or @amazon.com (disclaimer on some meat eating recommendations)

Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD

Going Against the Grain by Melissa Diane Smith

Dangerous Grains by James Braly and Ron Hoggan, author of these articles too:

http://gluten-free.org/hoggan/  these do not necessarily speak of autism, but other brain disorders caused of exasperated by gluten.  

Also from www.notmilk.com  

Autism & ADD   http://www.notmilk.com/aa.html

Dr. Mercola has also written about the mind and gluten.  Disclaimer that he also promotes eating meat and low carb I believe.  



Now I know some of the references I used promote eating meat, but keep in mind we are not just looking for a cure of one issue or problem, but over all health.  Avoiding animal products will prevent cardiovascular disease, cancers, and diabetes when high fat diets and high carb or fruit diets are mixed together.  The China Study by T. Colin Campbell



The evils of milk


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine may promote eating vegan and or low fat vegan:

http://www.pcrm.org/  and they also have some anti dairy data.

OK, enough homework for now! :D)))  Your final exam is coming...so study hard...

Peace, PK


It isn't physically possible to get all of your calories from fruit. Aside from the fact that fibre is one of the most important nutrients in fruits, you will also not get enough vitamins, minerals or amino acids, as many are removed in the process of removing the fibre. Good gut health won't be possible on a juice diet.

Consuming juices is also a sure fire way to get blood sugar issues because fibre is important to slow down the release of sugars.

If people are going to consume juices I normally suggest they consume them with another whole fruit, like mango or papaya, to slow down the release of sugars.

Your diet HAS to be nutritionally sufficient in order for it to be healthy. If your diet is nutritionally deficient, you can almost guarantee you will not get the results you are looking for on this diet. And possibly even worse than that - health compromise.

Take care

Adam x


Oops, sorry I was rushing when I typed this. The first line should read it isn't physically posisble to get all of your calories from fruit juice whilst getting sufficient nutrients. You can get enough calories from juice easily...but not enough nutrients. A few days isn't a problem. But as a sustainable dietary intake, it is just a form of malnutrition.

Take care

Adam x

Hey Adam,

Thanks so much.  Yea, I figured you meant juice.. 

Very well said.  Makes sense.

I am just taking a shot here, and I don't know if you know much about HM toxicty and ASD (autism),  but I thought I would ask you..

Do you have any insights as to kids with vaccine/metal-induced autism - any clues as to which chelators are most effective/ least harming? 

I can tell you we've had incredible success changing my son's diet, but the HM's are still prevalent in his brain, leading to little to no speech, attention deficit, at times, and stimming.  (age 4 1/2)  Also, the HM-induced anorexia makes him not want to eat fruit.  I'm workin on it and I think what I'll do is cut out all 'chips/ peanut-fried fries' (some 'treats' he likes/ is allowed because he's super picky) and even cut out juicing, so he'll miss sweet stuff and not have the neg effects of any junk.  Hopefully then he'll take a bite of a banana or something..  Unfortunately, we've gone through a couple of experiences of weeks on end without him eating AT ALL because we cut out any 'junk/processed' food.

Working w/ a child w/ a disability such as this is a whole different thing.  I thought diet would heal him.  Trust me when I tell you, vaccine-injuries caused by vaccines loaded w/ mercury, cadmium and lead that cause brain damage, trump diet by a long shot.  The healing needs to take place, however, brain development and speech, specifically, occurs early, and usually not after.

Anyway, I just thought I would take a shot and put it out there.

Right now he's coming off of some 'junk' and I'm chelating him and I'm thinking of just stopping chelating at some point, because I do know he goes through detoxes on his own, as well, without the chelation.


Anyway, I know this is not a forum specified towards this topic, but was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this on here.  I'm linked in w/ a kid chelation forum, but they are adamantly 'chelation-focused' and I've taken a good many 'beatings' for talking about diet on there.  They say, don't bother changing your child's diet, because he/she won't end up staying on it anyway..  .. yikes..  hope this doesn't light people's fire.  I disagree w/ them completely, of course..  But I can definitely tell you that both diet change and chelation have helped our son tremendously.


I just realized this post is probably prohibited on here because it discusses medication and supplements, but this is in reference to my autistic son.  So, I'm a little confused as to what to do.  Just trying to get any information.  If anyone has any info. or knows any cases of ASD kids recovered from just diet, I would love get any info I could.  Thanks. 


You can totally go to orange... I just did oranges only for 4 days....roughly 72 oranges a day juiced...5 quarts worth of juice....on the 4th day it was so weird because i drank 2 litres worth at like 11am...and then at maybe 2pm that day drank 2 more and I guess the last 2 litres was still in my gut and the calories had not been used up? N was water not processed? Felt totally fine....just drank another 2 litres so soon to safeguard myself against any cooked food temptations while watching my dad eat at down to earth...anyway its like I pooped out the first 2 litres water and all to make room for the next 2...although the first 3 days I could hold a gallon no problem...also the las tlitre was so hard to down because my apestat was so totally shut off and satisfied at 2 let alone 3 let alone the fourth litre...the next day was so weird cus my apestat was like still shut off...maybe cus its a high protein fruit?...I tried to jump right back in to the easily downed 2 vitamix fulls a day of banana smoothie I had been consuming before the island..and all I could get down was one! And it felt comparable to the loss in vitality when falling back to cooked food from lfrv.I believe oranges are just a higher vibrating higher quality fruit than bananas and dates...I mean I've heard of l.e.d's being powered by oranges but not bananas...Mike Arnsteins fastest race times are on just oranges...hes got a thread here where he started a 14 day or so orange island...good luck with your orange mono and hold on tight cus theres no g(as in g force) in any amount of bananas but theres one in each orange!

very interesting! 

I may just do a (whole) orange island.  I have trouble w/ 'islands' sometimes b/c I get tired of eating just one thing.  But this is very good to know about the energy.  I love oranges. 

I'm just such a garbage gut right now, because I just re-started and's hard to get used to eating so much fruit. 

I believe w/ HM (heavy metal) toxicity, it makes you not want fruit, or more specifically, makes you much more addicted to junk/stimulants, so then you don't want fruit.  It's a combo: addiction-anorexia think that's vamped up to quite a high level.


Doing good so far now that I'm fully back on.  Keeping track of my cals on cronometer.  I know from before that I can try and cram as many cals in as I can (so far around 1300 or so), but it takes time to stretch the old stomach..

My tum is so damaged, that .. so far I feel I'm doing pretty well, considering..  I know I'll be able to get in another 1100 or so, at least.

Tx for the orange info!!

i don't have an answer about your question to the oranges. I read you had mercury removed and thought you'd like this info on what appears to be a very safe protocol to remove from your body by Dr Andrew Cutler ... http://curezone.com/faq/q.asp?a=3,76&q=102

Hey James,

Yea, I was doing chelation with ALA (the AC protocol), but find my gut just can't handle it right now, in combination with eating 80/10/10.  Just too much stomach pain.  (I had to stop yesterday.)

However, I am chelating my kids (both autistic symptoms) - one more than the other, and they are recovering.  My younger son is actually fine, but has some allergies and food intolerances.  My older son, imo, has lost most of an autism dx, but we are still working on speech and a couple other things.

Thank you so much, and keep spreading the word!  It's crazy how many are affected by amalgam fillings.  (for those that don't know, that's basically any and all metal fillings.)  Mine were fillings, as well as a metal tooth implant.  (Horrid.) 

I would not wish what I went through on my worst enemy. :/

Thanks again!


Hi Morgan,

Sorry to hear you are still having digestive problems - hopefully I can help :)

Firstly, as others have said I would avoid juicing your oranges. However, blending them into a smoothie would be fine. I find blending oranges with ripe pears makes a delicious meal, as the pears add sweetness to the more acidic oranges - so this could be an option for you as well as just monoing.

Secondly, your question about whether oranges will make your digestion worse. I had very poor digestion when I started this diet from years of undiagnosed celiac disease. I found at this time that eating citrus or other acidic fruits did irritate my stomach a lot and caused a lot of pain. So I waited to reintroduce citrus until my stomach had entirely healed. Everyone is different though so you might get on ok with them.

How do you do with grapes? These make a great choice for mono island and can really do a lot to help heal the digestive system. I am eternally indebted to organic grapes for restoring my digestion and healing my stomach when I thought I would never be able to get well again! They might be worth a try for you? (Feel free to message me if you want more info on this :) )

As for traveling on a raw diet, I actually have a guide on my website about this that might be of interest to you. Here's a link if you want to check that out: http://www.therawmonkey.com/books/

Take care and wishing you all the best,

Esperanza xxx

Hi Esperanza,

That's interesting about the grapes.  Hmh.  I think I heard cabbage helps heal it too, but I think it's because of the fermenting capacity. (as in sauerkraut, etc.)  Not sure if cabbage is really eaten much on 8/1/1.

Thanks for the link!! 

yum, pear/orange smoothie sounds great.

Yea, my gut's really messed up but I think I'm fine as long as I don't chelate.  (ALA)  As long as I stick to 80/10/10.   AS far as the celiac, yes, I'm sure I'm celiac, along w/ having plenty of other AI issues (which, as you know, they seem to all go together).. 

Good thinking about the dates, too.  I'm sure I should be careful about those.  Also, I've learned my lesson through one of our kids with getting cross-contaminated seeds from Whole Foods.  All their stuff is cross-contaminated, sad to say.  I asked someone working there and, apparently, their seeds, nuts, grains, quinoa, you name it, all shares equipement with gluten foods.  (Agh!)  So unbelievably frustrating.  Not to mention, impossible to feed to young children who are gluten intolerant, casein intolerant and have other allergies. 

I will say, though, they do really well on their diets and I'm thankful to have (for the most part) chilled out kids who don't ever get sick now.  And when I say chilled out, I'm using that term loosely.  Lol.


Thank you so much.



Yep, anything in a packet really is cross-contaminated! Before I went raw I bought some organic lentils labelled 'suitable for celiacs' and after eating them got real sick. I looked through the bag more carefully and found pieces of barley were mixed in with the lentils - when I rang the company to ask what was going on with that they just said 'oh yeah, they're packed alongside barley and wheat'. Not so suitable for celiacs then! I learnt my lesson with that and am super careful now :)

Take care and just ask if you need any help with anything :) xxx

I got an ulcer from trying that and now anything cooked (I was cooked vegan) and I get massive stomach pains. So now I had to go fully 811rv to try to heal this. I'm struggling a lot because I'm going broke eating this way but I have no other option here. It's stupid. I wanna go back to cooked but now I'm stuck.



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