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Hello, all..

I was wondering if you can drink fresh orange juice and your main staple? 

I tried bananas for a while and really am not a fan of bananas or even dates.  I'm a mango person, but the mangoes where I lived before and even where I live now are very lacking. (black in the middle, even the organic taste very bitter when ripe, etc.)

I find the OJ convenient, too, because truth be know, I am still a newbie and it's just easier to drink juice.  Having major gut issues, being a busy mom to a 4 and a 2 yr old, and being a newbie (and plus loving oranges) make this kind of an easy decision for me.

The problem I am worried about is further gut issues.  I've read on here too much citrus can gut problems, which I already have.  So far, my fatigue has diminished, skin is clearing, pain in feet and back is gone, however I have, at times, experienced a good amt of bleeding when going to the bathroom. :/

I suspect I may be diabetic and am pretty sure I have pulmonary hypertension.  (I believe I may have a range of autoimmune issues due to metal toxicity from already removed metal post in mouth)  Will probably request a consult w/ Dr. Doug shortly here.


I saw a vid posted on here by Ann, who did OJ for around 55 days, I believe.

I'm afraid this is my only ticket to health right now, but I want to make sure you can just do 80/10/10 mostly on OJ, or if that's just crazy talk. :)

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I have not been 80/10/10 completely.  I've just been spotty w/ the diet, for many reasons. - have struggled w/ not eating enough on it, or not eating enough in general, then will binge.  (I have troubles w/ not eating all day as if I'm anorexic because I feel sick from toxic metal.)  then will feel better from the fast, but famished, and that's when I'll binge. 

We also just relocated.

If anyone has any tips also on how to stay 80/10/10 while travelling, I would be forever indebted..  I heard of one nutritionist who brought a little jucier w/ them and would juice oranges.


Any experience/or thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks!




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If you suspect your are diabetic, I wouldn't be doing just juice,  you need the fiber so your insulin isn't spiking all over the place.I saw an interesting smoothie recipe the other day, Fresh OJ, bananas and frozen raspberries, I'm trying it this weekend ;)

Very good point, dude.. 

Thank you!  And I am a fan of raspberry smoothies..  I like org. red mangos and frozen raspberry smoothies.. :) 


Since you seem to have some problems you are struggling with, a fruit island might be in order, and some of our members have good results within about 10 days.  If you like mangos check out your local ethnic shops such as korean shops such as GrandMart or Lotte, mexican shops, Indian, Pakistani, Arab, and possibly jewish shops.  You may find other good deals on fruits and leafy greens here too.  

Now regarding juicing, we do not recommend it, and many of our members have had health problems as a result. Many people do get good results eating mono meals of oranges and or doing an orange island for a while.  Do not be scared of citrus.  In the body, oranges are very alkalizing, good for digestion, vitamin c is good for skin and tissue growth, antiinflammatory, natural painrelievers, and  natural antihistamines, and high in calcium and good for bone growth.  

However, do not juice them and here is why:

Do not Juice:  Eat foods in their natural whole form:

Some of our members have had troubles with juicing such as indigestion, sour and or acidic stomach, acid reflux,  blood sugar spikes, dizziness and brain fog, diarrhea, constipation, and inability to absorb and assimilate calories, vitamins and minerals in spite of high calorie count. The high sugar and acid content of some juices may give some people teeth pain and issues. 

Juicing removes the fiber from the fruits n veggies. Fiber, especially the soluble fiber found in fruit, is much needed in the intestines to regulate hydration and water absorption, to slow down digestion so that the body can slowly and properly assimilate vitamins and minerals, prevents blood sugar hikes, and prevents diarrhea and constipation. 

Without this fiber, nutrients, calories, and carbohydrates can pass right through the system without being digested and assimilated and possibly lead to unwanted weight loss and or malnutrition. 

It is better to train the digestive system right from the beginning to properly chew, digest, and assimilate fruits and leafy greens.  If you are having a difficult time with calories, then smoothies might be a compromise.  With smoothies, the whole fruits and greens are blended and some of the fiber is still intact.

For more information on how to thrive on this diet, please (re)read our banana wagon tour:


Many of the problems you have mentioned many of our members have controlled and or cured via  a low fat raw fruit and leafy lettuce green based diet.  Give yourself time to heal.  

Also, some of your symptoms are indicative of grain/wheat/gluten sensitivities such as Celiac disease and or positive for gluten sensitivity.  For best results, even if you cannot afford raw fruit exclusively, try to focus your shopping and diet from the produce section of your grocery store, and avoid the meat section and inner isles that are full of grain products.

Good luck and Peace, PK

Edit here...These references might help you figure out if you are having grain reactions and or reactions to dairy products




Thank you so much for this response!

Firstly, yes, yes and yes to many of the symptoms others have experienced with juicing.

And the banana wagon tour is extremely helpful.  I'm not sure how I missed it. :/ 

I know I need time to heal, but I am so very mad at myself because I did start to heal and then ..  went back home to where all the goodies are in NYC and then we moved..


Yes to the Celiac.  It's awful. 

On a personal note, I'm .. as they say "freaked"..  because I have swelling in my arms and legs, a huge, sore gut (symptomatic of pulm. hypertension, chest pain, fatigue and trouble breathing when I eat garbage.


I've definitely jumped back in the banana band wagon with vigor..  I just feel like I'm making my way through an unknown forest here.  It really helped to see a vid by Megan Elizabeth today talking about travelling and what to eat.  I don't know why this daunts me.  -the question of..  'If I travel or go out to eat, what do I do?'  But the video helped that quite a bit.


I am currently experiencing a fair amount of stomach pain after jumping back on today and starting a round of chelation therapy, as well. 

I have been chelating (detoxing) the heavy metals through the Andy Cutler chelation protocol.  (Using ALA- alpha lipoic acid.)  I think I've discovered that fruits are way effective in detoxing the body - even of heavy metals.  I'm not 100% sure of this, but I know when I combine (alpha lipoic chelation) and 80/10/10, my stomach hurts pretty bad and I detox much much more rapidly.  I've pretty much resolved I can't chelate anymore, but will research more.

If you or anyone has any info on fruit and it's effectiveness at detoxing the body of heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and bromide, I would love to know just how effective fruit is at this or if we need additional, "medical", or other therapy to deal w/ it.


Anyhow, you've been such a help.  Thanks so much for the links, too.  I will comb them.. 


Wow, I didn't know that. 

I know a lot of parents like me are chelating their ASD kids (autism) with only ALA, as it's not as hard on the liver and is more 'natural' than DMSA. 

Interesting about the fruits and detoxing! 

And yes, HM does suck!  haha..

Hopefully we'll get clear of this, at some point..


Thanks for the link you posted.  What's your opinion on DMPS?  I've heard it's dangerous and not even being used anymore, but then someone I know who recovered her daughter from autism used it for her and still uses it occasionally. 

Hey Morgan

How do you know you have heavy metal toxicity? Have you done blood and urine analyses?

Take care

Adam x

Hi Adam,

Here's the thing..  I need to get tested, as do the rest of my family, but ..

To make a long story short, I had a dental implant (tooth replacement) screwed into my jaw in 2007.  I had a preeclamptic pregnancy that same year, with no known past health problems.  then had another preeclamptic pregnancy in 2009.  So, basically had two toxic (very toxic) pregnanacies. 

My older son how is autistic, but we are healing him through Andy Cutler's chelation protocol.  Second son had signs/symptoms, but they're gone w/ the exception of some food intolerances.

I figured out through much research that the implant must be causing severe autoimmune probs.  Had it removed (cut out of my jaw), and exactly a week later, my severe reactions to gluten were decreased by about 90%.  Night and day difference.


Btw - I really enjoy reading your posts.  There was one I found particularly interesting about stimulants, not too long ago and found it really fascinating.  (I even saved it to my favorites.)

Was actually sort of hoping you'd see this and post.   


You are welcome.  No worries on missing the banana wagon.  There is a lot of information and discussion on the site:D

About traveling:

If you are in the USA, that is quite easy nowadays.  You can buy dates, oranges, apples, and even greens ahead of time.  They travel well and or store well in hotel rooms.  Just do not leave them for more than a few hours in a locked car on a hot day with temps above 90.  Many gas stations nowadays have mini marts with some produce.  I was traveling about a week ago, and could fill up on bananas after filling the tank:D)))

Restaurant situations were also easy with family for me because we went to places that had buffets and I hit the fruit and salad bar.  I know that might be difficult for you having Celiac though as some products may be cross contaminated with gluten and grain dust. 


If you have full blown and a medical diagnosis of Celiac, then you have to be very very careful to cheating or even where glutens are hidden such as pills and lotions.  Celiac is genetic in many cases, and there is no cure if one cheats with grains. 

The good news is, that many Celiac people can cure their symptoms provided they stay away from grains and gluten. 

You have come to the right place here @BaD to do so.  For more information on the causes and management of Celiac symptoms, you might be interested in reading the book:

Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD (you can find it at Amazon.com and or possibly your local library)

This is a copyright 2011 book on the harm grains and gluten do people, and not just celiacs.  It is written by a cardiologist doctor and has up to date science.  However, a little disclaimer here is that he promotes eating animal products and we do not because of ethics and the other heart and cancer problems they can cause. 

This free ebook might also be off interest to you regarding the harm that grains can cause including digestive problems, autoimmune disorders, arteriosclerosis (calcification of arteries and hardening), heart disease, and cancer. 


Dairy Tidbit:

Sometimes, people who are sensitive to grains have dairy sensitivities too.  The reasoning behind this is that the sensitivity might actually be to proteins on the molecular level. So again, you cannot cheat with dairy. This site might be of interest:



Regarding Metals and or Detoxing and or chemicals used to assist detox:

I highly recommend that you stop all drugs, medications, vitamins, and other chemical concoctions.  When we add chemicals to the body in unnatural forms, we risk having side effects from the chemicals themselves and we really do no have a full understanding of how things work together in the body. 

I am personally suspect of naturopaths and salepersons that sell them.  What these people do is by using fear and scare tactics, convince us that we have a problem we may or may not have, and then try to sell us the solution.  So I recommend setting heavy metal fears and or remedies on the side for now.

In your condition, it might be better to focus healing the symptoms of the Celiac disease by not cheating with grains and gluten and allowing your body to heal.  For optimum results, keep eating a low fat produce based diet peferrably based on raw fruits and 1-2 pounds of leafy greens a day. 

Allow your body to slowly detox on its own timing and do not try to rush things.  The body has innate wisdom, and given the right environment and nutrient building blocks, just like an unborn baby, it will do the right thing by detoxing bad things, and rebuilding and reparing damaged tissues and organs. 

This website takes a few days or even weeks to read and digest, but may help you along your journey:


In the meantime, a banana island might help you heal digestive problems and get a slow detox started. 

If not, then mono meals of oranges are great for detox.  Oranges are alkalizing in the body (don't be scared by citrus), are high in calcium for bone growth, high in VC for immunity and healthy tissues, are anti inflammatory, and have natural pain relievers.

1-2 pounds of leafy greens a day are alkalizing, may provide a higher mineral content, are great for oral and dental health, and may assist in detox as well.

Good luck, and if you have more questions, feel free to ask.

Peace, PK

Just wanted to add to PK's comments on celiac disease - if you are eating dates (and other 'unwrapped' foods) make sure to check that they are certified gluten-free, as they are often contaminated with gluten. Watch out for toothpaste, cleaning products, some kitchen paper, soaps, makeup, and dentists' polish etc. as these all often contain gluten.

Oh, and yes, good information on the personal products. 

Any recommendations on shampoo?  I'm kind of in a quandry there.  Tried using baking soda and apple cider vinegar and ....   weird experience.  I guess I have to get used to 'no lather'.  It didn't really get my hair clean.


I am actually much less sensitive to gluten than when I had my dental implant in.  When I ate it w/ the implant in, about 24 hours later, like clockwork, I felt like I was having an attack of some sort.  - pretty much like a heart attack.  Once I had it removed, this severe reaction seemed to dissipate almost immediately.

I was one of those who was reactant to EVVerything.  Any little tiny bit of gluten.  I would get something at a restaurant, and if they didn't change their gloves after they touched something w/ gluten, I would have a reaction.  My reaction is feeling like something is sucking the life out of me.  Trouble breathing, chest pain, no energy..  difficult to even just stand in one place.  Reactions to virtually every supplement and even any oils or foods with oil or fat.  Cooked food, you name it.  I was wondering if I would be able to watch my kids grow up, at that point...

Anyway, sorry again for the rant.  Thank you so very much for the wonderful resources and support.

Thanks to everyone!

Well I'm 'poo-free' as I found that most shampoos are either made from loads of awful chemicals, or they're natural and instead contain gluten or dairy or something else I can't have. Not using shampoo can be awkward, but it's really improved my health which is what counts in the end :)

Don't worry about the rant! Us celiacs have to let of steam somehow - it's a most frustrating condition! I'm really glad that having your dental implants out has improved things for you anyway :)

Take care,

Esperanza xxx

Great tips on travelling, thank you..

As far as chelation, I agree completely and I'm going to just do 80/10/10 and not chelate.  I'll probably get tested now and then later for HM's to see my levels and how much they change.


I'm chelating my kids, as one is autistic and they other had autistic symptoms.  Problem is, the toxicity in autistic children is so pervasive, it causes brain damage.  I believe it also prevents the brain from developing properly and so it's necessary to the metal out as safely, but also as quickly, as possible, so the brain can develop and the child can have a chance at taling, tying their shoes, etc. 

We do the chelation in 'rounds' and do 3.5 days on, 3.5 days off.  So at least there's a break and their bodies have time to heal.  I'm just going to do about one wk per month for my little guy and then take more frequent breaks for my 4 yr old.  Problem is, if I completely take him off supplements (Now Brand vit C, D, Biotin, Zinc and TMG - no cross-contam. w/ gluten) or stop chelating, he regresses.  And THAT is depressing.  :/  He does better and better though, it's two steps forward and then if we stop chelating, it's one step back - that sort of thing.


Any thoughts on kids w/ ASD?  I'd be interested in anybody's opinion.. 

It's a pretty convoluted topic, I know. 

I belong to a Yahoo discussion group, Autism_Mercury, and what's frustrating is....  They see it purely from a chelation standpoint, while those in the nutrition community see it mainly from a nutritional standpoint..  and never the two shall meet.  :)  It's kind of a quandry for me that I am always researching..

Thanks for the greens reminder..


And thanks for the links!!




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