30 Bananas a Day!

Hello all! I am writing this as I listen to the peaceful sound of the Pacific Ocean. I am currently in the beautiful, small fishing village of Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. Here the people are friendly and welcoming. The food in plentiful and cheap! I'm talking $1 for 25-30 bananas. No joke. You can get a whole bunch of bananas for $2 here. I have heard that fruit is even cheaper when you go towards to Andes where it is even more plentiful with even greater variety. This is my third time in Ecuador. I absolutely love it here, and pretty much loath where I am from. (Central USA, sorry USA lovers) I will be staying here until April 5th. Hopefully my next and 4th visit will be my last meaning I will never leave. The first two times I was here I stuck strictly to the coast of Ecuador. This time I have plans to venture out and scope out a nice location for a farm/fruit forest. On Saturday I will be making a 2 week trip to scope out Cuenca (fruit market galore), Santa Isabel (In the Yunguilla Valley 1 hour from Cuenca with year-round spring-like weather with and East-West orientation [Perfect for growing things] and cheap land compared to Vilcabamba), and my final destination will be Vilcabamba. I am very interested in finding a beautiful and affordable location here to start my finca/farm. I believe Vilcabamba will be absolutely beautiful but fear it will be over priced and a little bit out of the way. I am expecting to love Santa Isabel just about as much as Vilcabamba. The main factors that I believe will draw me to Santa Isabel over Vilcabamba will be that it is more low profile, an hour away from what international living magazine has rated as the number one retirement location in the world for idk how many years in a row now, Cuenca, it will be more affordable that Vilcabamba, and I believe the weather is almost identical, and the scenery just as beautiful. I will be sure to take lots of pictures of the wonderful fruits I encounter along my journey. Please feel free to ask me anything. I would be more than happy to help answer anybody's questions on Ecuador or my travels. Until then, Peace, Love, and Fresh Fruit for all!

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i stayed in ecuador for  months. i lived in a little pueblita with a family. for 150 a month i could eat as many organic oranges they had, picked fresh from the farm. heaven. have a great trip

Thank you! What part of Ecuador did you stay at?

I stayed in pichinichi I believe. Not sure if that's the correct spelling. It was great!

Jake, great to hear about your adventure! Keep us posted, I know a lot of us are curious about living in Ecuador.


Hi Jake,

Happy to hear you've found your paradise.

What kind of costs are you facing with housing on a monthly basis?

Can you give an approximate value of the land for sale?

Enjoy Ecuador


Is it a place that would be suitable to relocate to as a family of 5 with small children? Is it safe?

Absolutely! I would just recommend not projecting the image that you are full of money when you travel abroad anywhere. Just as you wouldn't walk through your local ghetto with a rolex, and Ipad, and a Mercedes, I recommend keeping high end electronics and the like at your hotel while here, you can bring your laptop and what not I just wouldn't walk around with it. Taking a nice camera with you won't endanger your life or anything but it pry wouldn't be a good idea to have your Nikon around your neck with a Rolex on your wrist, a laptop in your arm, while talking on your Iphone. Locals might try to charge you $.50 or more for a beer or necklace if they saw you like that. Remain low key and try to not look so touristy and flashy. People see gringos and think money but it is still safe as long as you don't project that you have TONS of money. Leave the Jordans at home and just bring some flip flops or basic tennis shoes. My parents business partners are a family of 4 from Georgia who have lived here for 4 years now. Their next door neighbors are also a family of 4 from Georgia who have lived here for 3 years I believe. (they didn't know each other until the met here) They didn't know any Spanish other than basic colors and numbers before moving here and now are completely fluent. My parents business partner is an ex-contractor from high scale homes in Georgia and now has a team of Ecuadorians he has work for him building anything from walls/drainage canals/septic tanks/to completely rehabbing a home or building from the ground up. He is now fluent enough to direct them flawlessly and achieve exactly what he wants. When Ecuadorians talk to him on the phone they believe his native language is Spanish. Hope this helps Patricia!

Over 100 bananas, for $3.50 us. Thank you Ecuador, banana capitol of the world.

Hi, I would love to move to another country one day.. I have a small dog and two cats.. How do you think it is to move to Ecuador or other countries with them? Are they allowed? Thanks for your help. :-)

Hey Rawgirl, dogs and cats are most certainly allowed here. As long as your dog/cat + cage weighs less than 75, the airlines that fly here will allow you to bring them as checked luggage I believe. If you don't feel like going through the trouble, there are plenty of dogs here without a home, I saw a cute little puppy running around town just yesterday. One of our neighbors actually recently took one in that looked just like the one I saw yesterday, could be from the same litter. If you have a Pitbull I think they make you RFID them, otherwise you are good. Check out gringosabroad.com I believe they talk about how to get your pets to Ecuador. Ecuador is a wonderful place, I encourage you to visit sometime! If you visit the coast, let me know, I can hook you up with a deal on a place to stay! Thanks for your reply!

i would so love to live in Ecuador, vilcabamba looks like paradise ...

Vilcabamba was very cool but it didn't feel like the rest of Ecuador that I am used to. There are lots and lots of gringos there. Don't get me wrong it was beautiful! Just very expensive and very gringofied. Malacatos is only 15km north of Vilcabama, has a bigger valley, you can still see the Mandango mountain, and it is a little warmer than Vilcabamba. Plus cheaper land. That's where I think I would like to have a farm. Far enough away from all the bustle, while still close enough to the action when I want to be. I would recommend to anyone to visit Ecuador, it is a very beautiful and geographically diverse country. Truly unique. Thanks for the reply Perry.



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