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Well.... today was the second peak of terrible allergic-like face swelling, terribly itching/burning/flaking skin day. Every day is the same, same hell....but some days are just ingeniously bad.
Seems like since I went vegan, my health damages more and more every month.
I'm really positive minded person and it starts to freak me out that I see my poor health as "normal"  - "You're just a newbie/It's just a detox/It takes time"- I repeat these 30BAD "slogans" in my head and honestly start to beleive them. It's my two-year anniversary. I've been super-confident about every aspect of my vegan lifestyle. I've been trying to educate my friends about veganism, I've been trying to put out vegan message at various local lifestyle/diet forums. I've been reading books, articles, watching videos, hanging around 30BAD just to gain more and more knowledge. And honestly - going vegan has been the easiest decision I've ever made. Ever. Despite that it is quite restricting, I don't find it restricting at all.

First 6 months were amazing. I felt good, energized, calm and positive. Nothing much changed, but it felt amazing that one can be vegan and remain healthy, positive, active, blah blah blah.. After those 6-7 months from time to time I noticed that I'm experiencing some unknown "struggles" - concerning my health.

First thing was pretty much B12 def. I googled all my concerns and decided to do a blood test. Everything seemed fine except for B12. So I started doing shots. No big deal. In couple months all went back to normal. In terms of B12. But during that time I started to develope some minor eczema-like symptoms, along with swollen lymphnodes, terrible mucus [before veganism I didn't even knew I can manifest so many annoying things in my body!]. Tried to clean-out my diet even more. If I used to eat nuts once or twice per month, I wiped them out completely; occasional cooked-potatoe dinners were gone too, so did every single "grain" food [impossible to do 100% raw despite my income/living area]. Despite that, during couple months my eczema got so worse, it made my daily physical activities impossible. not to mention itching 6 hours per night or my social life. Even going for a bike ride or even high intensity 1 or 2 hour walk meant that I'll experience terrible skin pain, itch, etc.

 During all the time after "first awesome months" I gained 7 kgs. Oh, whatever, who cares. It's prolly nothing. [now I'm about 10-12 kgs heavier than ever; no ED background or anything; it doesn't concern me most of the time, but I see it as a "sign" that my overall health is falling apart, like a symptom or something -- don't get me wrong: I really don't put my mind on it at all, it's just that during some inner thinking about my health I see it as a possible symptom]

At the beginning of my eczema I made myself to think that it IS a detox. Later on I understood that if someone, coming from great health background, thinks that eczema and weird allergies so terrible like mine [and out of nowhere] would be year-long-detox....... Well....it just doesn't make any sense.
Today I had 2 brazil nuts, 1 walnut and 5 small hazelnuts. I don't know if that was the trigger, but a moment later my face doubled in size, my eyes were swollen and puffed terribly + my skin hurt and itched like hell..... No food EVER in my life made me to react on it in ANY disturbing way.
An hour later I took Zyrtec. The pain was terrible, so I took DRUGS. I don't know if couple nuts were the issue, but never in my life nuts were a problem for me.
Today was just a super-bad day in terms of taking drugs. But other days are just like that - with or without nuts, with or without pills......

It's just a long story super super short. I already mentioned in some of my posts my epic health fail during autumn/winter.
The basic thought of today - WHY???? WHY the hell someone with a great health background suddenly would become SO SO SO terribly weak and sick on theoretically *BEST*  lifestyle for humans?
I no longer feel any right to spread the vegan message. I don't even see my friends, 'cuz I don't feel like answering their questions about my *pure* lifestyle, that's abviously damaging my life.
And they know me for many many years - from outside prespective they see my changes so much better than I do, just like my family, and they all are fucking concerned about my health. I really feel ashamed that I make them worry so much. They all have been so caring and loving.

Non-veganism breaks my heart. So does my health. I don't know if I will EVER go back to non-veganism, but........ on a days like this...... If someone said that *some*  animal food would give me back my health 100%...it's a no brainer for me :{{{{{. Yup, I said it..... :{ It's not a normal life I'm living. LOL I'm positive and cheerful even while writing this, but rationally I understand that it is a terrible way of living - I mean a grown woman skipping university, falling out of school, avoiding friends and family, and social life just because of skin falling apart, itching all the efffffffffffffffffffffffffin time, along with flaking, + puffed,swollen, red eyes/eyelids/cheeks , even zits, weird lymphnodes, mucus............ I fell out of University - I started studying for Magister degree, but my health made it impossible last year. My mind is sharp, it is my body/flesh that fails me. So a bit later I got into another university - but now I see that the scenario is so similar to my previous experience. And I'm pretty worried.
Before i went vegan I thought that kind of things were possible only in fictional anatomy books - healthy individual becomes the Opposite-self, damned Alter-being . . . . . Lol. Here I am - the best vegan of the year!
Veganism - possibly the most beautiful thing a man can do: pure love towards the least protected. But I see that inner hypocrisy in my mind when I'm living pure hell some days. Well, most of the days. It's just a pure physicall hell.

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SO - my question is:

- is there any ANY vitamin/mineral deficiency that leads to terrible eczema? Idk zinc? Selenium? I'm just guessing here;

-maybe some GI track related problem? Some probiotics?

-anything else?

Eczema really sounds like a mysterious condition... sounds like you just have to try things. 

The thing that changes the most physiologically when becoming vegan is hormones.  Significant changes in growth hormone, testosterone, progesterone happen and I'm sure other hormones.  If its the avoidance of animal products this could be why.

A high zinc to low copper ratio is also only found in animal foods.

Vegans seem to be at risk of not getting enough iodine something else to look up. 

Oh, sorry,  forgot that at all..

I'm mostly raw, BUT not always though. It's more like 'raw til 4', but I don't  eat cooked every day, it's more like a exceptional dish on weekends [when I'm out of cash, lol]. But I don't eat starchy vegs or grains, if I eat cooked.
For the last almost three months my main caloric source has been dates. I can get fresh dates only from late Dec til March, so I just munch on them - usually at least 1500 cals of dates per day [+proper hydration]. Along with dates most of the time I eat bananas, apples and pears. There is really nothing much left to eat where I live, but with dates I easily get through winter/spring.
since I already have some skin issues, I said "no" to all citrus fruits, all nightshades, starchy veggies, all grains. And for cooked dinner I make myself steamed non-starchy veggies [no oil, no salt] or some lettuce with dill and cucumber. Total calories per day - usually around 3000, up to 3500.
I eat mono meals, except for steamed veggies and salad. During summer I did some only-banana/only-watermelon weeks, but my skin didn't get better. Now I do some "bananas only" days as well [fruit doesn't taste so good - couldn't make a banana island for a month though], but there's no difference, if I eat various mono-meals during the day or I eat one fruit for longer period of time.

I drink normal amounts, I pee clear mostly 12 times. My sleep is mostly good, it's just that this terrible itch I have which can be sooo unbearable, I could itch for 2-5 hours per night, meaning that I will skip school and wake up in the middle of the day. If the itch is bearable, I sleep goog, if not - I just keep on scratching :/

Nuts is not a common food for me, but I do eat some of them from time to time; usually once or twice per month; sometimes no nuts for whole month though.. Never had an issue with them, never! I don't know if they caused that flair up on Sunday...., but it got worse later that day. I had like 7-8 nuts on Saturday - no reaction; and again 8 nuts on Sunday. I also went to tanning bed on Saturday. 

I really don't know about those nuts.... I mean - I had them before, rarely, but I had. Never had *that* dramatic reaction. But even if I didn't had that huuuuge flaire up, I still have awful eczema for almost a year - about 10 months or so. I eat clean, I don't make weird food combos or anything. So I'm pretty desperate on this one.

The first 6-7 months were good - I just lived like I always had, except that I was vegan now. But later on slowly these health issues started to appear more and more, and more.

I don't know - maybe it's the poor fruit quality, which maybe has lead to my poor health, 'cuz I think I'm doing everything like from the book or smthng. During those 2 years I haven't had a "cheat" day or anything - no high-fat foods, no animal foods, no vegan junk, nothing... I really need some help, some guidance. I *know* there are "forbidden" things on this lifestyle, but I'm totally ready to start using some vitamins or minerals, or probiotics, or ANY supplement, that could help me.

I just saw this!  That sounds really tough!  I think it is your body cleaning things out.  I would look into water fasting if I was in your position.  

A good book on the topic and he may do phone consults or be able to refer you to a local M.D. to supervise a fast.

Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor's Program for Conqu...
by Joel Fuhrman

Do tanning beds or does sun exposure help?

Sorry for bringing up the same post, I just wanted to mention some *things* going oon right now.

I still striggle with the most terrible eczema. I look like a crocodile, going to school is a struggle -not only the aesthetic aspect of it, but physical too: it hurts, especially when I get some sweat on my skin from walking, etc. It hurts and itches badly.

When at home, a apply apple cider vinegar to releif the pain - it helps a bit, but it sometimes dries out the skin thoug, which is not a good thing w/eczema.

ANYWAY, my family is really worried about me - I've heard them talking the other day, that maybe I need a shrink. They fear that I don't actually understand my terrible condition [eczema w/infection from time to time, which is pure hell]. SO they think that a normal person at my state of non-healht would ditch my high values of ethical diet and start to incorporate some animal products. I've said them many times that even a thought of eating animals makes me sick and gives me shivers. I've showed them cronometer - all the vitamins, minerals I "theoretically" get form my diet. But well....I know how bad is the quality of my fruits and vegs [except the local ones at summer, which is like 2 months lol]. Then they started to talk about goat milk, that has cured many eczema sufferers [I know 3 people, who actually cured eczema by drinking goat milk]. Well....... the thought of drinking PUS makes me sick! They don't get it. But now................It's so so so terrible I've said to myself - if I *knew*, that doing some crazy $**t would cure me, I'M IN! If cow's pee would cure me, I'd drank it! If licking bricks would cure me, I'd lick them!

I'm mean - I'm totally desperate here.

I'm hoping that there is a person who maybe has done some crazy, lunatic things to cure eczema. I don't care how crazy it'd be - I want to know every possibility, vegan possibility.

Thanks in advance!
And sorry for interrupting You guys..... I kind of understand that there haven't been any replies before, but I've been wanting to past this stuff again for a while, so.... SORRY

Have you considered a water fast, long term supervised or short term 3 days?

Have you done banana or mango island?  This really speeds the healing!

What is your water output. do you pee 10+ times daily?  Hydration can make all the difference!

Calorie intake?  Eating enough is a must to heal!

Sleep, what time do you get to bed and do you sleep as much as you want?  Sleep makes all the difference!

Activity?  Trampoline, running, jumping jacks, jump rope, all these really help the lymph move!

Animal products, goat milk, this will increase your fat intake to a level that will cause other problems, you don't want to trade one problem for another.

What have you tried so far that has helped?  How long have you had eczema?  How long have you been 100% High Carb Low Fat Vegan and/or Raw?

If the exzema is your biggest concern  - I had a "normal" non vegan friend with eczema and nothing on earth controled it. He just suffered, and it was the planets or who knows what that caused it to flair up. That's one mysterious ailment and veganism sure didn't cause it. He wasn't vegan. Wow how my friend suffered. And it would just come and go. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I'm super duper skeptical it's the veganism though. How on earth could milk cheese and meat fix that??

As a life long sufferer, this sounds like a straight up allergic reaction to something.  I dealt with skin problems for years.  I finally went to the doctor and got a patch test done and found out I have a long list of allergies, including nylon, latex and some ingredients in most soaps, detergents, perfumes and household cleaners.  Now that I know what to look out for, I know what to avoid.  Maybe you are allergic to something you never ate before you switched diets. Maybe you are allergic to dates.  http://www.rightdiagnosis.com/f/food_allergy_date_palm/symptoms.htm

Get a patch test

I think there is something going on, but I think it is probably something specific....not veganism.



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