30 Bananas a Day!

This is an actual nightmare I had last night. 100% serious. 

So I dreamt that DR and Freelee came to the US and held a 30Bad "Fruitluck." I was really excited about the idea so drove 6 hours to go participate. When I got there, there was virtually no fruit but a couple squares of watermelon and 3 bowls of what looked like mashed bananas.

Then Freelee started adding junk to the mushed bananas. Like Bacon. and marshmellows. I asked Freelee, "this is a joke right? you guys are vegan, and you're adding bacon to bananas? What gives?" She explained to me (whilst adding Twinkies, cupcakes, and lard to the 2nd bowl of bananas) that 30 Bananas a Day is a satirical website, and they were actually advocating meat and high fat foods... And "what? You're actually one of those wackos that took it seriously?"

I thought for sure they were joking around. Walked over to the fridge to see where theyre hiding all of the fruit and it was FILLED with candy bars and Soda. I turned around to see Harley spread butter on a Twinkie, wrap it in bacon, and pop it into his mouth. I woke up terrified, ahaha.

Who even has NIGHTMARES about 30bad? Really now. That is just ridiculous. Maybe I need to spend a little less time on this site! LOL

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thats so cute!

hahaha, that is too funny.. Never had a dream about 30bad, but sometimes I dream about eating something meaty or cooked and freak out cause I'm supposed to be vegan.. lol .. it's such a relief to wake up and know you didn't fall off the wagon.. rofl


hope you are okay :)

feel bit scared and sceptical?

i dont know how your attachment to this community is but i would recommend spending more time in nature and connecting to YOUR own truth. Others can help you remember and stay on track but they cannot replace your own "work" :)

I wonder how you experienced the 6 hours driving in your dream...

'I wonder how you experienced the 6 hours driving in your dream...' Haha that cracked me up XD

I didnt actually feel like I was driving, I got in the car, drove for a minute, arrived and was like wow I drove 6 hours. Dont you love how dreams are logical?

And I do connect with nature quite often :) Im a very socially oriented person however and thrive on connection to others, so its important to me to meet people on the same wavelength. :)

@Erin,  Shake it off, shake it off:-D

HA!  This has happened to a few of our members including myself once.  If there is one food that tempts me to cheat, that would be potato chips.  I had a dream once that I was binging on chips, and Freelee and DR showed up at my house.  They were doing random audits of people's diets!  :-D

This photo from facebook cracks me up as DR looks like a Navy Seal on a top secret covert mission to spy on us:

Peace, PK

ever see the pantry clean out with Rip on Forks Over Knives 2? haha sim.


Horrible junk food. It's like the least healthy thing out there. Almost worse then McDonald's, these things never decompose...

I certainly believe that that it is very healthy. I think the problem is that Im really yearning to connect with other fruit-eaters in real life. I feel like -alone- it might not be possible for me. I have a lot of faith in the lifestyle, much less in my self. :/

I once had a dream that I was forced to eat not one but TWO fried-chicken sandwiches. In my dream, I thought to myself, "this can't be real meat..." but then the person who was watching me eat it said, "that's a chicken, you know.." and I literally woke up crying... for good reason! I would NEVER consider eating dead animal flesh! 

Wow... bet you need intense therapy after that. Pretty good nightmare though :P

I had a dream where there were eggs, and it was all hazy and in super slow motion, I was like "NOOOOOOO" and turned away.  I never liked eggs either.  That's about it so far.



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