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To Get Out of the The Mind:

notice 10 things happening/being, that are near you, right now- feel the aliveness and beauty where you are. It's more significant than your thoughts.

1. a cute dog with crossed-legs
2. big bright red, comfy couch
3. the sound of my sister typing/clicking
4. the sound of my mom moping the kitchen
5. the tension in my neck
6. the hair slightly in my eyes
7. soft lighting from the lamp
8. dog toys laying around
9. slightly tight feet
10. cool feeling in my body

Share 10 things around you!

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Awe thank you <3
1) A computer
2) A bottle of pure water
3) An old radio playing a local radio station
4) A bag of Medjool dates
5) One person walking towards their office
6) Healthy looking plant with a single flower
7) Lots of blue doors leading to various places (offices, bathroom, fire stairs etc)
8) Someone waiting for the lift (slightly impatiently)
9) Leaves blowing against the window
10) My backpack overflowing onto the floor beside my chair.
1 Psychic Warriors book by David Morehouse
2 Ikea bed
3 A down comforter I know that makes me not a vegan
4 A duvet cover
5 Some magenta sheets
6 Some pillow cases in the shape of a heart
7 Deck of cards I was remote viewing
8 Smoothie glass all empty
9 2 silver Hair clips
10 Bra size 32 F magenta color
A pile of ten books to my right
a herbal tea to my left
a letter from the hospital giving me my time of birth (so i can get a decent astro reading now, yay!)
my iphone
my cute pink laptop
the indian print pillow under my bum
my legs
the view infront of me of trees and rain
my fingers tapping away, i think they look great in this light, how cool are hands! i always stare at them feeling like an fantastic alien from another planet (well i am i guess) everything looks great at this time of the evening! skin glows
1.) a plate of orange slices
2.) my school books
3.) my warm blanket wrapped around my legs
4.) sound of my neighbor walking down the hall in her heels
5.) a big square pillow
6.) heavy towel wrapped around my wet hair
7.) police sirens on the street
8.) artificial light filling up the room
9.) glass of water with some lemon in it
10.) a gigantic bar of chocolate i bought for my brother in paris
I love the image on #4
I love these little details we often ignore
<3 thanks peach
1. My husband on the treadmill
2. My hands typing
3. 80/10/10 book
4. amethyst cluster
5. The sound of the fan circulating the cool air
6. My favorite tea cup, empty
7. The trash truck outside
8. Big red comfy bed, freshly made
9. The clock on the wall, passing time a little too quickly this morning
10. The sun shining gloriously through partially open shutters

Wonderful post, Sabrina! Thank you for sharing. <3
ohhhh care you share you're drawing?!
1. My new desk from IKEA
2. My lovely bookshelf
3. A copy of Wuthering Heights
4. A pencil sharpener
4. A dysfunctional desk lamp with no lightbulb
5. A catalog
6. A green pencil
7. My telephone
8. The book Wicked
9. An old encyclopedia
10. My old desk that I should be cleaning out right now
Me too Ikea the best did you assemble it yourself?? I got the MIKAEL desk for 49 bucks
1. A National Geographic calendar with November's photo of Shipwreck Bay, Zakinthos, Greek Islands
2. Darkness falling outside the window in front of my desk, street lights coming on, a few runners go by.
3. Two gold sequin clip-on earrings from my 6 yr. old's Halloween costume. She went as "Carmen Miranda" and wore a big hat of stacked fruit on her head.
4. "The Complete Stories" of Flannery O'Connor
5. A low brown shelf with bowls of pink lady apples, oranges, pomagranites and one lone persimmon.
6. The phone number for The Date People.
7. Artwork by Anne Osborne!... Actually, just the mailing envelope in which she sent me my copy of her book on fruit, gorgeously decorated in colored pencil.
8. An original Aboriginal painting by artist Maggie Johns.
9. A stck of Netflix mailing envelopes.
10. At my feet, Teddy, our jack russell terrier with a black patch eye.
1. Muddy hiking boots by the door
2. Balls of yarn & 1/2 finished green & white scarf I'm working on.
3. Harry Potter DVD playing in the background.
4. Pink bungee rebounder/mini-tram leaning on the wall
5. Toy plush skeleton, still not put away since Halloween!
6. Magic 8 Ball
7. Greeting card from a man I loved/love
8. Succulent plants, jade & sedum-burrito, sitting on the window sills
9. Crimson candles lit and flickering near another window
10. Empty dish that held my dinner of chopped collards & sundried tomatoes



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