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I have very restricted jaw movement and am on a soft food diet.

But good and bad news, I have just been approved for jaw surgery, which because of the need for medication and botox and antibiotics I am very worried about the response my body will have with these toxins. And to top it off I will be on a all liquide diets, foods I can eat in a syringes. I am very worried about losing too much weight and not getting enough calories so my body can heal. They usually recommend things like milk shakes and other fatty products that usually contain animal products.

So I would like to reach out to all of you beautiful people for advice and possibly recipes of high calorie juice and smoothies that are watery enough that they can go into a syringes and be dropped down the back of my throat. 

Thank you all for any help or support that you are able to give.

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What comes to mind instantly is the new video posted by Freelee the other day where she makes the most delicious vanilla-banana-smoothie. It´s real liquid, creamy and nutricious.

I have made it a few times already and can highly recommend it for our purpose.

I just made it and am drinking it right now :P that should be a good one.

If you need medical assistance, surgery, and or medications, by all means take them.  If you are having surgery and going to be cut up and or adjusted made, you probably will need antibiotics sometimes before, during, and after.  Then to reduce inflammation post surgery, sometimes meds like ibuprofen are used and meds like percocet or morphine used for neuropains.  

I am not quite sure why botox will be needed in this surgery.  If it is essential, look at it like a necessary evil.  If it is just for cosmetic purposes, perhaps your doctor might be willing to take a wait and see approach.  

Before surgery, you can play around with different options.  I am not sure why they promote fatty foods, but if it is to help your healing process and or digestion post surgery, do not fear or avoid them short term.  You might be able to use a product like (Silk) soy milk along with a liquid vitamin supplement that will mimic a product like Ensure.  Ensure is used in many medical establishments, but not considered to be vegan because it has milk by products like casein.  

Apple juice, grape juice, orange juice might be helpful the first 2-3 days.  

Then you can move on to more smoothie type of nutrition.  

I recommend visiting the baby food isle at your local grocery store and see what what you like.  There are many vegan baby foods available.  

I am assuming the syringe they will be using for feeding is more like an OTC syringe used to dispense children's medication that has a wider point verses a narrow needlepoint syringe.  If this is the case, I think you will find a lot of options from smoothies to baby foods to simply mashing bananas will be available.  

edit here is mashed ripe avocado might fulfill the fatty food requirement as well as calorice and nutritional.  

Good luck and Peace, PK

Thank you for being so thorough. Unfortunately the botox is necessary due to the spasms my muscles do that cause my jaw to stay locked in an open position so this is to theoretically calm them down and to assist in other aspects of the surgery. It is a very low amount, so its just a necessary evil.

The reason they promote fatty foods is because most lose between 10-25 pounds and its necessary to keep you weight on so you body can heal. And although they dont recommend dairy products until day 3, because of mucus, they do recommend a milk shake every day since more people have a hard time keeping their calorie intake high enough to heal properly. 

I'm also assuming its like an OTC syringe, I have yet to see it. I was worried smoothies would be too thick. 

Thank you again for the new perspective and for being so thorough. 

Another high carb smoothie that comes to mind is the one Durianrider recently posted on his youtube channel. He basically poured half a pound of cane sugar into a banana smoothie and drank it.

I gave it a try.. a more moderate version, admittedly :-)... and it was totally fine! No chance of losing even a gram if you went for that one ;-)

This is the one:  http://youtu.be/TmDRmr_KFu4

Thanks that looks great c: Though I'm not sure about the cane sugar in a banana smoothie :p 



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