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Hi there.  I'm the Vegetable Police on YouTube ;)

I've been lucky so far to not get many haters, just really supportful people.  As I start to grow, and make a little more controversial videos explaining why low carb and paleo diets are not good, I get doubters from that world who want me to back up my claims with evidence as if there is a lack of it or something.

I've read almost every diet book out there, and looked through the studies, researched the internet for years!  I even took a course on detoxification.  That's why I went vegan to begin with, and have overcome most of my health challenges eating like this.  The evidence is out there, impossible to ignore.  But... the science side of this stuff doesn't interest me anymore.  I've been down that road, researched to the point of burning myself out, and looking for studies to fuel my debates with stubborn people who wouldn't believe me anyways is really draining to me now.  My channel is more humour based anyways, keeping things light.  There are plenty of amazing science based channels out there.  I'm different and strange ;)

What I'm looking to do, is put together a little copy and paste statement with some links to some of the best studies available showing the benefits of plant based diets.  So when I get a hater asking me for proof, I can just copy and paste this statement with the links, and not have to think about it too much and just focus on the good things in life and continue to put out health information and entertain people cause that's what I love to do ;)

So if you have any links to your favourite studies, or websites that could contribute to my cookie cutter statement, that would be amazing lol.  Please post them down below and I will start working on it.  I love to respond to all my comments, but arguing back and forth with paleo freaks brings me down.  Haters are gonna hate regardless, so this is more just for people who are interested in going vegan that might be reading these comments later.  At least I will have a well written and backed up by science statement that will give them confidence in following my advice to eat plant based!  And I won't have to spend all my time arguing with people, and just focus on putting out high quality content.

I'll still be responding to comments as usual, this is just for the odd comment I get from avid low carb fans who demand studies.  So, thanks for your support, this message is done, and below is just an example of a comment I received, and my response if you are interested.  It's just an example of how much effort it takes to respond to just one hater comment.  This took me over half an hour to write, and it brought my mood from happy to irritated.  I want to avoid this in the future as much as possible.

This is the video being commented on "11 years on Ketogenic diet. Jimmy Moore's shocking blood test results!"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6guZimQSi9s  You don't have to read this, it's just an example.

Comment from Robin Harvey

"Herewith my requests on twitter which have remained unanswered. I will re-state my objective, that I am requesting you to qualify various statements you’ve made as a commentary on Jimmy Moore’s health results. As you advocate veganism and view ketogenic LCHF eating as dangerous/unhealthy, I am interested to understand the validity of your claims, and the literature/reference (you are no doubt familiar with) which substantiate these claims made. Please understand that if you make claims and cannot back them up, I will safely assume they are baseless and untrue.  Yes, there are issues with Kimmy’s bloodwork as Chris Kelly points out in his analysis (see link below) but he reaches very different conclusions to you and I’m keen to understand how you arrived at yours. 

1) A few q's in response to your vid: 1) Claim re:constipation? Not a thing Jimmy suffers from? He states this in his podcast where he chats to John McDougall.

2) Claim that ketogenic diet harming him? References please? Not blog posts – scientific trials conducted on humans please.

3) Adrenals are fatigued? Care to show where in his results you substantiate this? I acknowledge this cortisol levels are low, but where is the adrenal fatigue?

4) Claims that Jimmy suffers from "inflammation" where in his results do you conclude this? CRP levels? His CRP levels look very healthy to me.

5) Claim that fatty foods make sugar linger in the blood longer - reference?

6) Provide reference/evidence that animal proteins "break down" kidney function?

7) Claim that "muscles breaking down" to create sugar... ever heard of gluconeogenesis? I bet not..... A key benefit of ketogenic eating is the retention of muscle mass, and the body creates all the sugar it needs from protein from gluconeogenesis so I’m not sure how you arrive at this claim? Link to Chris Kelly’s analysis of Jimmy health results: http://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/the-llvlc-show-episode-961-chris...

And my response:

Here's my opinions on your questions.

1. A common side effect of ketogenic diets is constipation. Go check marksdailyapple.com for the hundreds of posts from people complaining about constipation. I suffered the same thing on a high fat diet, and Jimmy has as well. Maybe he has resolved it now, good for him. If he eats 2 meals a day though, and only has 1 bowel movement or less a day, he is in my opinion still constipated. I come from a background of overcoming ulcerative colitis, so proper bowel habits is something I have been researching for over 8 years. 1 bowel movement a day is not healthy when eating 2 or 3 meals a day. Transit time for meals should be less than 24 hours at the most. Neither of us knows for sure what's going on in Jimmy's bowels. Show me the scientific study that proves Jimmy is not constipated. Something you would probably say I'm sure lol... Mr. Science ;)

2. References? I posted the link to his blood tests that he posted himself on his website!!!

3. Adrenals produce cortisol and his cortisol is low. Look at his functional adrenal stress profile. His numbers are low indicating adrenal fatigue. Also his testosterone is low indicating adrenal fatigue. Also his creatinine is high, indicating kidney failure, which is connected with his adrenal fatigue. His sodium/potassium is out of balance, something the adrenals are strongly involved in. I mean, I could keep going, so many of his test scores indicate adrenal weakness, that's how important the adrenal glands are in health. If someone is not healthy, they almost always suffer with some level of adrenal fatigue.

4. Acids inflame cells. Meat is acidic, as is dairy. All that ammonia, urea and unbalanced mineral complex. The guy hardly eats any fruits or vegetables. Where are his antioxidants, phytonutrients, and cancer fighting components coming from? Adrenals are the firefighters of the body, putting out inflammation when our diet is insufficient and causing harm like his is. His adrenals are fatigued, showing the toll that his diet is taking on him after 11 years of eating that way. Plus he is still fat, and people stay fat when they are acidic and sick.

5. Read Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for reversing diabetes.

6 and 7. Gluconeogensis produces toxic byproducts like ammonia and uric acid. Protein is the absolute least efficient form of fuel, and the most toxic. You are seriously relying on gluconeogenisis for your sugar? Good luck with your kidneys... That's the most toxic way of getting sugar, and the least beneficial.

I know you have a different opinion than me. I'm fine with that. I'll try to include more science backing up my claims, but it doesn't interest me anymore to be honest. I've read almost every diet book ever written, I've looked at the studies, I've experimented with my own body, and I'm convinced that a plant based diet is the way to go to reverse chronic illness. I present my info in a funny and enjoyable way, as opposed to citing bland studies that put people to sleep. I put far more stock in to anecdotal evidence. I love hearing about how people overcome their cancers, and brain tumours by eating plant based. I'm sure there are cases of people doing that on paleo, and good for them. That's not what my channel is about, and I care about animals too much to recommend people kill as many of them as possible for the small chance that they might get better, when we know for SURE that people can get better by eating plants and not killing anyone. If you want to argue back and forth about this stuff, I'm not the guy to do it with. My channel is about helping people get healthy, making them laugh, spreading a positive message, and expressing my creativity. I don't get into study wars, because I can go waste an hour of my day finding studies, and then you will still nitpick them and believe what you want anyways. That's not how I spread my message. The science is out there for you to find or ignore. That choice is yours.

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Dr Michael Greger has compiled a lot of good info, and continues to do so.

Thanks, I'll probably include this site.

Interesting.  The more the merrier ;)

Well said.  I have the same problem with a friend who gets her info from womans hour on the BBC!  I can't be bothered either any more with all the time it takes to answer all her nitpicking.  So thanks for posting this it helps my problem too.

Glad you can relate.  Awhile ago, someone from marksdailyapple.com was asking me for studies and I was thinking... I don't want to get into this.  He's just going to find something to complain about anyways.  Then someone vegan guy posted like 10 good studies, and the guy still wasn't satisfied lol. 

So, I don't want to waste my time arguing with these guys who are close minded anyways.  I'm just working on gathering some good info for a nice copy and paste message, so I can avoid the long drawn out arguments ;)

I am very impressed by your reply to this person. Good show.

I've spend many hours as well going through loads and loads of research. There is so much plant based research out there it is mind-boggling. You would have to be very specific on what studies exactly that you are looking for if you want some help from me in finding them.

I have a particular interest in type 2 diabetes so I do have on hand some of those studies I've referenced before to people when they have asked me about the vegan diet and type 2 diabetes.

Another argument that ketogenic diets are illogic is that liver cells that are converting fats to ketone bodies cannot use them as energy. Liver is exclusively powered by glicogen. Just google for "thiophorase liver".



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