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I have only been at it for a short time, but i notice after my work outs i am in EXTREME pain due to muscle soreness the next day. Then as quickly as it came, the pain will be gone.  Say my recovery time is about 1-2 days now.  But the amount of muscle pain I'm experiencing has easily tripled.  Is this due to the diet?  Has anyone else experienced this? 

I noticed i have more energy for my work outs as well, and have been getting a lot more time in, so i am thinking this is a potential factor for the increased pain level? 

I was also under the impression that the decrease in my protein/fat intake would inhibit my recovery time, at least for a couple of months, but it seems to have the done the exact opposite.  

Also, have any of you experience muscle loss during the transition? I haven't seem to have experience any yet but i'm still transitioning into a mostly raw diet. 

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I have noticed that my recovery time is MUCH faster- this weekend I lifted lower body on Friday which is usually killer, ran 7 miles on Saturday morning effortlessly and then on Sunday, which should have been my "recovery" run, I felt like doing 4 miles at a faster tempo pace and a quick plyo workout afterwards.  I have so much more energy, its almost like I can feel the muscle glycogen working for me!  I did notice my legs were very sore after my run on Saturday, I was hobbling a bit and I had to clean the entire house for 2 hours- but on Sunday morning they felt fresh again.


As for muscle loss, I have seen the opposite.  I only work upper and lower body once per week at the gym and have a tendancy to skip it in favor of running some weeks (oops) but I haven't lost any muscle at all.  My arms are nothing to write home about and never have been, but the lower body muscle I worked so hard to build actually seems firmer even though I lift less often!  I feel like I don't have to work nearly as hard, I'm maintaining the body I want and still leaning out without putting in as much effort as it took on a cooked vegan diet.  This is especially since drastically lowering the amounts of sweet potatoes/cooked carbs I eat and including more raw veggies and greens with my evening meal.


That's good to know.  Do you lift heavy?

I have been using muscle growth to maintain a healthy weight...so its pretty important to me.

Wow...hobbling sounds intense.  Sounds like you recovered quickly though.

Really?! I always heard sweet potatoes were good for muscle growth.  I personally dont eat them a lot cause i love my veggies n legumes. But its a nice treat. C:

i havent "just begun lifting".  I've been doing it for consistently for nearly 6 months.  I've never been as sore as i was this past week.

extreme pain sounds serious -- is it in your arms, upper back ? Have you been unable to work, drive or lift normal objects? i would see a good sports medicine doctor if I was in  that kind of extreme pain for sure. There may be an underlying problem .

by extreme i mean an unusual amount of pain. mainly in my legs/shoulder/back. which is what i worked out that day. as i mentioned i recovered quickly though. just worried about muscle loss/gain. 

id say, fruits for energy vegibles for recovery, skip the nuts Good luck!

Well from what I've noticed for myself in terms of weight lifting now compared to before when I ate meat and high fats was that I appeared much more muscular looking, which I believe is mostly from muscle inflammation. 
Switching diets, improved recovery was noticeable, and although I became slimmer looking and less "muscular" (since I wasn't having so many calories from the animal protein and fat I was eating before), the functionality of my muscles improved, and I did not lose any strength. 
As for soreness, there are so many factors to take into consideration, if I workout 2 times a week, compared to 4 I notice my body will be much more sore etc. 
If your looking for some muscle release from the pain try using a  foam roller and stretching in a hot room, it does wonders. 

That's interesting to hear Sky, not sure what the reason for the increase in pain could be. On a low fat, high raw, high carb (etc!lol) diet I've found my muscles are FAR less sore and recover WAY more quickly than on a SAD diet. They also seem to be looser (maybe due to more magnesium with all the greens n fruit n veg) - on a SAD diet they get much tighter post-weights and I have to stretch them out a lot more. I have found green smoothies to be awesome after weights sessions (big 2 litre ones;) if I don't eat enough I notice I'm a little sorer). Haven't lost any muscle or strength, just body fat. Glad you're energy levels have increased, one of the best things about eating/living this way hey!

This post is a month old now, so hopefully you've worked it out, but what does your programming look like?  I posted a video here where I give some advice on programs I recommend.  You're a man, so these programs should see you through until you are squatting 300+, deadlifting 400+, and bench pressing 200+ for at least a few reps. 

Here is the link to the video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVP4v4eGJOs



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