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I am curious if there is any research or information on the life expectancy of vegans and causes of death.  Current cancer rates in our society of vegans vs SADs? Which diseases vegans are more likely to experience or die from? etc, etc.. Just out of curiosity.  Does anyone know?

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it DOESNT say he eats fish or lamb - where does it say he eats animals ?

watched my video of his BD party?  

thanks sunshine - as much as id like to find out where it says he has animal products, i cant listen to this guy mumble on & on & on for 28 mins, its too painful - on a different note, good to see you around the place, hope you are well and fruiting yourself.

the oldest lived recorded person was a french woman, who was not vegan and, in addition to that, smoked till a very advanced age, and ate a piece of dark chocolate every week! odd!

it depends what type of vegan you are - if your a high fat, high refined foods then your only slightly better than a SAD dieter - if your a low fat, high carb, raw vegan 801010er than your going to die by wearing out or getting hit by a bus.


this guy is a doctor and loves stats and offical figures about vegans, you might find something from him.

I think the one of the best studies is the Adventist Health Study: Mortality studies of Seventh-day Adventists

The strength of the study is the large number of participants and that follows ups were carried out over a long period of time.

Here is the link;


This is a complicated answer and I cannot give you a definitive answer.  Prelim data out of Japan might show that diets low in animal products lead to an average lifespan of about 85.    

There is not a lot of data regarding fruitarians, raw fruitarians, and or raw vegans unfortunately.

You can google this question and the preliminary answer points towards vegetarians living slightly longer than SAD high animal product eaters.  However, it is only a matter of a few percentage points and or about 5-7 years, and they still suffer and die from the same degenerative diseases.  

If Japan is any example, people who eat high veg and or vegetarian and or sad vegetarian have cerebral-vascular accidents and or strokes as a leading cause of death followed by cardiovascular disease and then stomach cancers, lung cancers, and other cancers. The cardiovascular problems usually stem from arteriosclerosis, that is hardening or calcification of the arteries and blood vessels, and even body tissues like brain tissue and the development of Alzheimer's Disease, (not to be confused with atherosclerosis caused by fatty deposits that line blood vessels usually resulting from diets high in fat and cholesterol)

What will happen is that the arteries will have hardened plaques or trouble spots.  Sometimes the whole artery will become hard like a clay pot and with calcification as a main cause( think of petrified wood).  The arteries can then burst open and cause internal bleeding.  If this happens in the brain, this is a stroke. These broken arteries around the heart can cause heart attacks, arrhythmia  and or clots can cause death of heart tissue.  

One of the most common causes of calcified blood vessels is a diet high in oxalates.  High oxalate foods include almost everything that does not include fruit and lettuce greens and include animal products, dairy , grains which are a vegan staple, tubers and potatoes, legumes and beans, most nuts and seeds and some cruciferous veggies like  kale and spinach.  

BTW, other problems caused by these foods may be breathing, asthma and lung cancer, osteopenia and osteoporosis followed by loss of teeth and or arthritis, and kidney stones, disease, and ultimately failure.  

I have further written documented these ideas with some science here:
30BaD FADs: Oxalate Health Impact - 30 Bananas a Day!

30BaD FADs: Diet and Health in Japan and USA - 30 Bananas a Day!

I am currently doing research on hyperinsulinism as well.  Diets high in starchy foods (not fructose based fruits) which are chronically eaten trigger a chronic release of insulin into the blood stream.  High insulin levels can cause premature aging and a host of other long term health problems even in sensitive slim people.  

This blog may have some of that preliminary research:

30BaD FADs: Starchy Foods vs Fruit n Lettuce - 30 Bananas a Day!

These free ebooks may provide some additional data that may answer some of your questions as well:




Peace, PK

I'm sure you'll get some good responses on this. I haven't read the other ones yet, but what I've talked to people about is that to me, the real gain from a vegan diet isn't as much about how much longer I might live, but the quality of life while living.

My guess is that vegans would suffer from deficiency related mortality if they are calorie restricting and/or not paying attention to blood work, etc. whereas non-vegans probably largely will die from cancer, heart disease and other obesity related conditions.

But in the end, how do we feel while we are still alive? Are we living life to the fullest? I could have the best diet and get hit by a car tomorrow. I could eat a crappy diet and live to be 90. Having done both, I like the life I have while eating a better diet for sure!



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