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LFRV who still have weight to lose after a year or even two.

I am wondering if there are many out there who have been at this for a while and are not seeing results.  Is it possible to eat two much fat or not drink enough water or not sleep enough to hold on to pounds of body fat.  These small factors in a logical mind could not possibly cause someone to hold on to ten plus pounds of unwanted fat.  I know it feels great, but continuing to gain weight, adding cellulite and not being able to shake it seems to be the trend for many women and some men.  Can longterm ers please comment on what point in time if ever did they start to lose and become as thin as the poster children of this diet.  I am not trying to stir anything up, would really appreciate some truth, as I see many struggling.

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have you joined the groups about disordered eating and watched the videos freelee has posted about it? have you look onto her other sites. She touches on that stuff a bit more there (rawfitbitch.com).I read her whole thread on her transition and it was all about her disordered eating background. Also, I spend a lot of time talking about that stuff and back when it was still an issue for me, I posted threads asking for help and for questions specifically about THAT. You asked for help losing weight, not with a disordered outlook on eating and weight. Also, Freelee mentions many many times that if you come from a disordered eating background, your body will naturally want to hold onto calories because it is trying to survive.

I second that you need to adopt ever aspect of this lifestyle to achieve the benefits. You know who shows unrealistic expectations without the reality of the work and changes needed for that type of body? Diet pill ads, pro-ana sites, fitness gurus, crazy diet gurus, not 30BAD. There are tons of moderators and peacekeepers telling it like it is. You need to change your life completely, if you want the results. If you haven't been getting early nights and exercising and doing 8/1/1 100%, then don't get mad when it doesn't work the same way it works for Freelee and DR and the other long-termers.

No one WANTS to talk about this. I started a post about it, and had a few nice responses, but not many. It's uncomfortable to talk about with strangers.

I found a post a long time ago by DR that mentioned Angela Stokes' "Raw Emotions" book. That has been one of the best things I've found.

I think full-on 80-10-10 works best for athletes. It may be too many calories for non-athletes, and you may need more veg, less fruit.  In which case I think it's impossible to do raw without being under-caloried, I really do. If you aren't going to eat a lot of fruit, then you need some quinoa or brown rice (a little bit) to make up for it, and even some beans. Everything else should be as much fruit & veg as you can eat.

Wendy I'm sorry, but what are you talking about? There are countless threads about eating disorders and we run into the same problems over and over.

It is NOT too many calories for non athletes. When we speak of calories we should only be making sure we are getting enough.

But yes.. being active goes hand in hand with this lifestyle. If you want to feel good and be healthy you have to get those endorphins pumping.

Not working out with HCRV is like going to a movie theatre with ear plugs and complaining how the movie wasn't that good cause you can't hear anything. Of course it wasn't good, you are missing out on an essential part of it.

Look at freelee. She is healthy and fit. She is not a professional athlete.

You CAN do decently without a lot of exercise, but IMO exercise is what builds the body and makes it strong.


What I see over & over are threads about "OMG! I gained four ounces from eating a banana!" that are clearly written by people with EDs... but when it comes to the emotional/spiritual aspects of overcoming these problems... {{crickets}}

That is what I meant.

I disagree that Freelea isn't an athlete - she admits herself that she runs 15-20 km per week (she says 5k every other day). That is pretty athletic IMO!

The closer I am to 100% hcrv, the more active I *feel* like being. It is a self-perpetuating cycle. I am starting to wonder if some of these posters are not really hcrv, then claiming it doesn't work, etc. I really don't know.

What I *DO* know is that they are not really interested in fixing the problem, only in complaining & giving up.

but when it comes to the emotional/spiritual aspects of overcoming these problems... {{crickets}}

This is why I frequently discuss my participation with my 12 step group, and how I have been helped by shifting focus from the superficial to being of service.  

As far as only being interested in complaining and giving up... entrenched patterns are sometimes difficult to change.  We get used to a way of thinking and acting and we feel safe in it, even if it is clearly causing us pain.  Thinking of my cooked dinners now.  LOL!

ohhh I like the workout analogy!

like i said, did you join the groups signified for eating disorders and such? did you go on freelee's other sites? maybe try messaging her personally and she can point you in the right direction. What is it that you want to talk about? I come from an eating disordered background and healed it with LFRV. can I help you? why don't you message me if I can. I wish you luck. :)

I never eat beans or quinoa or rice. I do, on occasion eat potato if I need to supliment carbs. I agree that you should stay carbed up, but if you are not losing weight, it is because of the cooked food. You need to prepare better. Go to a wholesaler and but a 40 lbs. box of bananas and then buy another and let them ripen and eat. In the meantime, buy as much ripe fruit as you can and eat it. If you can't get carbed enough, then add som potatoes or rice to your dinner until the bananas are ready. then go on Banana Island until the two boxes are gone. In the meantime, go buy another 40ls box. That's my best advice to give you an easy strategy to accomplish 100% raw. If you are eating 100% you will lose the weight for sure. you have to be prepared. it IS possible. You aren't stocking up enough to let it be possible.

I never experienced this to be true until I came to this site!  Perhaps I was running with an older crowd before who was more worried about healing health problems.

But then again, eating disorders are extremely common in our culture.  I think the single-minded focus on body image shows that we are disconnected from meaningful community.  It would be awesome if adolescents had coming of age rituals that helped them find their place in the world and especially a connection to meaning and purpose in their life.

How wild is it that so many people think that the way their body looks is the MOST IMPORTANT thing about them?  This is the only message they could find in our culture about growing up as a woman...

You make a great point, Greenmama.  I am older than the older crowd.  I have been on the planet long enough to remember when women were valued only as wives and mothers.  Now, many young women believe that their only value is a perfect body and sex appeal.  This is very sad to me.

First off, "older than the older crowd"... LOL!  Is that you in your profile pic, cuz you can't be that old! 


And yeah, wouldn't it be nice if people believed their value was INHERENT and not based on their prescribed role or their appearance?  That's a world I'd love to live in.  :) 



Hahaha.  Yes, that's me, just a few months ago.  It's the long hair and soft focus that's fooling you.



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