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LFRV who still have weight to lose after a year or even two.

I am wondering if there are many out there who have been at this for a while and are not seeing results.  Is it possible to eat two much fat or not drink enough water or not sleep enough to hold on to pounds of body fat.  These small factors in a logical mind could not possibly cause someone to hold on to ten plus pounds of unwanted fat.  I know it feels great, but continuing to gain weight, adding cellulite and not being able to shake it seems to be the trend for many women and some men.  Can longterm ers please comment on what point in time if ever did they start to lose and become as thin as the poster children of this diet.  I am not trying to stir anything up, would really appreciate some truth, as I see many struggling.

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I  often  gain 22lbs from sunrise to sunset. Just eating fruit and water.

Crew need to change their lifestyles and understand basic human physiology. Spending time in front of the mirror thinking we are 'fat' when most people would say we are 'too thin' anyways is a waste of time.

I worked in the bicycle industry. I had PLENTY of customers that would pay a few k to upgrade a frame that was 50g lighter than last years model. They got suckered in by the marketing hype. All my rational talk could'nt sway em. One customer in particular is about 30kg heavier than he was back in 2004. One cycling friend is 65kg heavier. He was as lean as me back in 2003 and riding at 65kg. Now he gotta be 130kg.

Bottom line: When people have unrealistic expectations, they will crack 1000% of the time. Women need to look at Freelee if they wan't inspiration vs thinspiration. 

Anorexia is a mental disease. Its impossible to convince an anorexic they are not fat. ONLY they can convince themselves.

Then you have 600lb people that think they will have my fitness level cos they eat fruit for 2 years. I mean its great to have goals but we gotta be realistic at the same time. A 20 year old 600lb male, I could have em as fit as me in at least 8  years.

I get it, I've felt it. Vibrance that is.  I know its how we should all be eating, but wtf is with the weight gain?  And why is it such a struggle to lose it? 

Is that you in the profile pic? Is it a reasonably recent picture?

What are you going for, exactly? This?

I'm asking this in all sincerity and out of concern for you. You post things that make you sound like you must weigh 300 pounds - but I can see you right there, and it isn't true. You are well within a healthy weight, and appear quite thin. Are you seeking affirmation? Or do you have a terribly distorted body image?

))Hugs(( hon. :-(


Honestly, you look beautiful.

The pic is before fruit. Add twenty pounds. I am not looking for affirmation or this pic, that is gross and you know it.  I am talking about those of us who are fit in the first place then blimp out with what seems like no hope to find our figures until years out.  I will remove the pic as it has gotten me nothing but negative opinions about a resonable response to weight gain.  Carrying an extra twenty pounds around for two years doesn't match the greatness that you feel on the inside when you eat fruit.  There has to be an answer, or a better way to transition.

No one is judging you for being thin once. We're looking at that photo & thinking that is you NOW.

Have you been full-on 811 for two years, then?

How do I change my profile pic?

At the top of your picture on your page, it says "Change Photo."  You might have to hover the mouse.

Re: weight gain - no comment. Re cellulite - if anybody is 100% HCRV and has cellulite after six months, I would not believe it.

Yay now I won't be overly judged for having been thin once! super great!

Yeah I noticed you said "there has to be a better way to transition," are you not eating 100% HCRV?  Because if you're not, then that's your answer right there.

I am not.  I am off the wagon as of now.  I am looking to find a better way to transition.  Add muscle mass first excetera.

With all due respect to the whole site and everyone in it, I don't think its fair to newcommers to see health at its peak presented by world class athletes, while most women come from disordered eating backgrounds with high hopes and no real warning about the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that come from it.  These things are rarely touched on and as they may be quite personal, there seems to be little discussion about them.  Love you guys seriously, but there are holes that could be filled.



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