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Hello friends,

I was wondering, if you need to be 100% LFRV to get full benefit. I am about 99% raw. Only non-raw thing I eat is Liquid Aminos on my salad every night, I just can't let go of the salt, my body craves it, and I only use a little bit. Typical daily diet for me:


1-2 Canteloupes


10 Dates, 5 banannas


1-2 Pinapples


10 dates, maybe later a pear, some watermelon, or mango


Huge salad with cukes, celery etc with a few squirts of aminos


Don't know how may calories...I'm not counting. I eat until I'm not hungry anymore. I'm 5-7 and maybe 129 lbs (I don't weigh myself, at least not recently)


I exercise about 5 hours a week, mostly running. Get about 6 hours of sleep a night (I know not good). I feel pretty great, but feel like I could feel better.  


Any ideas you guys have about getting rid of the salt? I know liquid aminos isn't raw....but I crave it an it's so good!

Thanks all!




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I actually have no idea what aminos are/is, but I only recently cut out table salt (a few weeks ago) & was still eating some nori up until last week. What helps me when I get salt cravings is munching on celery, tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes, & spinach, (or even avocado if you're just looking for an alternative to sweet.)

This link may interest you.  I can't vouch for every opinion on the article or replies, but there's plenty of food for thought. 

You may be especially interested in the "recipe" included part way down of dehydrated celery and lemon to replace salt use. 

If you're looking to keep things fresh and juicy, Adi has good suggestions.  You can also squeeze some lemon over the top of your salad for a nice kick. 

You're headed in the right direction, Rachel; Good for you! :)



Thanks Windlord!



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