30 Bananas a Day!

yes i m serious.... maybe i m asking too much ? but back in the chat-days i ve seen worse topics... so i hope i dont overwhelm you with this :)

how does ur poop look like ? do u even have a closer look ? does it have chunks of what u eat ? like could u tell...OH thats been the mango...thats been the tomatoe? Is it HUGE or small....do u poop 1 time per day or 5 times?

fibre consumption per day  : approx. poop amount (plus some water) ? 

a lot of poop : undigested stuff ???? 

i find it funny how some ppl here can POOP up to 5 times per day... i only poop once... (but a lot) 

do those ppl who poop a lot just poop little bits and therefor more often ?

i mean u cant poop like 5x500 g per day right ? that would mean u poop out undigested stuff wouldnt it ? (or its not that easy? ) 

the only thing i could spot out in my poop would be CORN ... coz it seems it goes out as it got in the system......

but usually its just brown... sometimes a red undertone when i ate a lot of tomatoes and red pepper... sometimes greenish undertone (BUT NEVER just green or JUST RED) if i ate a lot of spinach or so.....

i heard ppl talking about yellow poop here :O (caused by papaya, banana or mango).....

i ve never had that :O

isnt even a mango, banana or papaya supposed to turn out brown or at least brownish? due to the digestin.... bile...etc ???? (i dunno)....

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HAHHA finally someone brings up this issue. Its been big issue for me. Prior to this diet i had well formed foul smelling nasty stuff about once or twice a day on average. Then I started this diet. I now go 5-8 times a day and its HUGE quantities! Luckily all comes flyen out in a jiffy has little smell and cleansup fast. Its never well formed tho. I look at how mucht hat goes in and how much that goes out and wonder how much my body really ever absorbs. It has me concerned but i havent really lost any weight so I guess theres nothing to worry about. and i feel fine otherwise.

finally someone replied :P 

LOL i almost felt like closing ... i guess some might be offended...BUT who cares

may i ask how many calories u consume ? .........and how much u drink ?

i m having this theory if one drinks a lot he maybe also poops out a lot unabsorbed ... or if one eats huge quantities its like the tummy is overwhelmed..BUT well for sure thats just my little theory :P


if one drinks a lot of water ..... due to the dilution of enzymes in the tummy etc...this person might not be able to absorb or even digest everything and just poop it out undigested / untouched.  

I used to drink tons of water till i started this diet I suppose allt he fruit leaves me less thirsty. I never really measured how much water i drink i'd say gallon to 2 gallons of water a day easily. I know water keeps the pipes worken well for me generally a nice tall glass in the morning gets the engine fired up as well!.

Pink grapefruit is a nice one all pink! WHen i first started this diet i guess it was the intial cleanout things where rough very foul and the outcome was like the horrors one mind find in a pubic restroom that should have been flushed!. ITs luckly improved since then but things are not what i always considered normal anyhow since starting this diet.

what gets me too is while i go 5-8 times you'd think ok maybe 5-8 small sessions. No its 5-8 monstrous amounts i've pondered weighing it because its just such an obnoxisou amount. I eat 3500-4500 calories a day.

a gallon or even 2 is already a lot (at least compared to me)

1 gallon : 3,7 liter if i m not wrong....

i dont even drink 500 ml water per day ...the rest comes from fruits, juices and veggies....

my poop looks usually like number 3 .... sometimes like 4 ...


yeah i'm pretty much a 5 or 6 these days. back when i ate meat and other animal products i had  1 to 2 healthy movements a day like #2 or #3.

why it concerns me as I always thought how it was before was healthy now they say this is?

The only times when mine is brown is when I eat cooked foods. When I eat only fruits it has the same color as the fruit, as if it hadn't been digested. 

Noticed rice seems to be binding things up things come out more formed if you will when i eat some white rice. Brown rice doesnt do this tho. only white. I'd rather eat brown tho.

ya know someone was bound to do this sooner or later LOL.

this is really old otherwise id say what was in it also. It's MINE though :D

I'm trying to behave but i'm tempted to jump in on the fun and snap off a few photos as well hahaha. even take it a step further and identify various aspects.



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