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So I've been eating mostly raw (few times a week rawtil4, i don't have a lot of money) for about five months. I have not had my period since August 2012. I want to be able to have kids when I'm older (like 8-12 years) and yeah... i'm concerned. 

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love talking about them and how to minimize to eliminate and rewild, it's healthy, concern thee not.  just eat enough

i dream of one day working as a hygeinogyno

If you have not gotten your period in 20 months I suggest you go to your doctor for advice. That is a long time to be waiting. 

Agreeing with Justyna, there may be a hormonal imbalance or deficiency you're unaware of.  Use a tool like cronometer.com to track your nutrients and see if there's anything you're blatantly missing, and a checkup with your gynecologist couldn't hurt, either. 

i did it. and my iron percent is about 92, is that enough for to get my TOM?

i'm starting to experience some symptoms of it, maybe it's finally showing it's bloody face o__O

Yes, I too would recommend checking up with your doctor. You might be lacking in a certain nutrient, or maybe since the transition your body hasnt been able to assimilate to the new environment...in any regard, make your that your hormone levels are at a responable level,. The body goes through Amenorrhoea when it feels its not ready to birth a child. Stress can also play a role in it..are you stressed out? Or does the lack of a period for a while stress you out? If so, it could be brought upon by that...hope everything works out :)

i've been stressed lately cuz i graduated college a while ago (thank jesus i don't have to pay a loan) and i don't rly want to get caught up in the "job world" D: i'm happy making videos and donating plasma for now, and now my rent is going up and i'm not sure if i can afford it along with the amount of food i eat.. -_o *forever stressed*

Definitely get your female hormones checked.  If you have lost your period due to under eating that isn't healthy and your female hormones will be low.  This would happen no matter what you ate.  Before starting this lifestyle I suffered from anorexia I lost my period and all my female hormones were non existent.  I lost my period for three years an it came back just this past January after being on this lifestyle nearly a year.  Even if you are not anorexic consistently under eating will cause the same result. 

Now if you loose your period due to eating a fully raw lifestyle it is most likely nothing to worry about as long as you are eating enough calories.  Some people claim that periods are not natural and a healthy body would reabsorb the uterine lining. 

Oh I just realized that you lost your period well before starting this lifestyle so there is something definitely wrong.  Again if it disappeared because you were eating all raw for awhile you probably wouldn't have to worry although I am starting to question the theory that a period is unnatural because people's arguments were always that in nature animals don't have periods which is true but with a few exceptions one of the exceptions apparently is the bonobo which is our closest living relative they have a period and the other exception is one other kind of chimpanzee I believe but I can't remember I would have to look it up again. 

Sorry, Im aware the OP posted this last month, but Ive had the same thing!! My cycle stopped May 2012. I've taken Provera a couple times to jumpstart it. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. As an overweight teen I was diagnosed PCOS, but my periods became regular when I lost weight and cut refined sugars/carbs. I was finally tested again April 2013 and rediagnosed Hypothalamic Amenorhea. Basically because I was overweight and sedentary all throughout my teens my body thinks thats the norm for fertility and 22 BMI with running 5 miles per week is like starvation my hypothalamus thinks.

Here's the funny thing: I had ONE spontaneous period back in January. I was craving bananas and dates like crazy and upped my running regimen. When I did start my period I kept googling bananas and dates for female health and kept stumbling upon this site. My female instinct tells me eat lots of really nourishing calories! I don't think you have anything to worry about. I think lots of females have this from soy and wheat! Its the worlds hint to stop reproducing we cant feed everyone we have without poisoning them along the way! But really, we're on the right path dont worry!
My period came back (pain free and regular for the first time in my life) on 801010. There are many contributing factors to why you lose your period. Stress, strenuous exercise are both examples of when you can lose your period.
Perhaps exploring other reasons as to why it's gone. Haven't it gone now doesn't mean your infertile. It does come back. Best to go to your gp of you're that concern x

when I first started eating raw my period went missing for three months. Ofcourse yours seems to be gone fr much longer. But IM just sharing my experience, but it came back and its never been more regular. It only lasts three days and much less painful.

I am so glad you said this!! I am not menstruating and have not been since February 2012. I went vegan around this time with a very whole foods influenced diet. not necessarily HCLF that early, (am now!!) but lots of fruits and vegetables. Very little processed foods. But my period disappeared! I have been to the gyno, and she cannot tell me why i do not have a period. Hormones, glandular function, reproductive structures, body fat %, ALL NORMAL AND WITHIN NORMAL LIMITS. She suggested that i go on birth control to start my period, and i said heck no! ha!



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