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I am pretty new to 80-10-10, but I have noticed that since I started I have been sleeping less (about 8 hours a night, before I was sleeping 10 hours a night). I have been feeling just as rested and have more energy than I did before, but in the past when I get less than 10 hours is always creeps up on me. Has anyone else noticed that they need less sleep? I'd be very interested in others thoughts and opinions.

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Welcome Alexandria Jaye! 


Have you decreased your exercise/movement?

Have you eaten anything besides fruits and veggies that could affect your sleep?


There is a story Doug had about sleep. He was helping a woman that wanted to grow more muscles but had reached a plateau where she couldn't grow anymore. She said that she didn't need anymore than 6-7 hours of sleep, she felt good and wasn't tired during the day. 

So Doug told her to increase her sleep with 3 hours and BAM: She started to grow muscles again.


So what did we learn from this? Even if you feel rested, you might need more to live and get the results you want in life. 



I haven't decreased my physical activity at all (if anything I've been more active) and my diet hasn't included anything besides fruits and greens. So I'm not really sure what the deal is, I might just have to amp up my activity. Thanks for the input!
I wake up earlier than I did on high fat raw, regardless of exercise.  I was lfrv in the past and woke up bolt upright anywhere from 6.30-8am, never later.  High fat and candida stuff went on and I lost that, and missed it.  Now I wake up at that time again with no alarm and its so precious to me!  But then again I have to make an extra effort to go to sleep earlier to compensate, otherwise I'm zombie-eyed because I physically can't sleep in!  About 8-9 hours is right for me, but for me it is always about getting to bed early.  So, I don't go for sleeping in, rather just force myself to turn out the lights early and snooze before 11pm, ideally earlier.
Thanks for the input! Glad to see I'm not the only one whose sleeping patterns changed :)

I don't think there is any benefit to sleeping less. When you sleep less than your body needs, your body will actually pump adrenaline to get you through the day. 


What time do you normally go to bed? Many people naturally wake up within two hours of sunrise, regardless of what time they go to sleep. For instance, someone who normally wakes up at 7 will continue to wake up at 7 even if they go to bed at 2 in the morning. 


It could also be seasonal. I tend to sleep more during winter when it is dark all the time. 


What's most important is that you feel energized, happy, and healthy (which it sounds like you do).

Yeah I agree with there not being a benefit, I'm hoping that its just a phase. I work the evening shift right now so I don't get to sleep until 2 or 3 am and lately I have been waking up between 10-11:30 ( I used to sleep until 12 or 1 pm (a full 10 hours). Thanks for your input :)

I need less sleep on 811 BUT I expend more energy during the day cos you feel so good that you need MORE sleep. ;)



I usually hit between 2500-3000 calories a day, depending on my activity level. I'd say that I'm fairly active, but I'm thinking I need to amp it up a little.

Great advice and questions from everyone.

Do you fall asleep right away and stay asleep until morning?

Most people find they sleep more on 811, especially starting out as the body heals.

I would wonder if you are under eating, I'd try uping the calories for a few days and see what happens sleep wise.

Thanks for the advice :)

I fall asleep about 15 minutes after I go to bed, and I stay asleep all night, except for going to the bathroom, but I have no problem falling back asleep. I try and increase my calories and see what happens!

Hi Jem, as you know its early days for me too, but what works for me is....

Fueling on big smoothies (liquid golds ;)) or high calorie meals early on in the day: big brekkie 1500+ cal and a big lunch too, then salad type dinner (sometimes with bit of fruit beforehand), eating last meal ideally before sunset then I have a restful night sleep.  I don't feel it necessary to eat too much after dark.  Get your calories in earlier in the day, your meal diaries show around 700 cal brekkies and bigger dins because you haven't had enough during the day, so perhaps try the other way around.  

I also find when I exercise first thing in the AM before brekkie and going off to work I have the most productive days and sleep easy.  

If you're well hydrated you will be hopping up for the loo during the night, I think its normal, I mean I do it, it must be ! :P 

Eat more eat more :) 



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