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Some people say that lentils and grains are mentioned through out the Bible as a staple. I do understand that  grains are bird foods and lentils cause gas and indigestion... But how is that they are mentioned in the Bible... any thoughts?

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Sorry your religion got attacked Marina, it was a good question. Funny that people are so intolerant........

Dovima, it is not really my religion... I believe in the power of God / Godess / Krishna / Jahve - whatever the name, it is the power that moves us all. 

I also see some truth in the Bible and testimonies of other cultures, so I am just curious...

Thanks for your concerns. :)  

It seems that this thread has become a debate about the merits of religion, and not really answering your question.  I have read the bible many times, and also studied it's historical context, and the events that happened after.  The new testament now contains four gospels, written by people who studied with Jesus, but were written down long after he was dead, and a collection of letters written to small isolated groups of disciples in an attempt to support them in their faith, and books of prophecy regarding future events.  This is not really a 2000 year old book, as some say, by any means.  The first bible was put together in 322 AD, and then latter edited and recompiled by King James.  The old testament is a chronicle of oral traditions and  stories going back to the "beginning".  When that is, nobody knows.  The Hebrews estimate it at just under 6000 years.  Modern scientists estimate Homo Erectus at 2.3 million years ago.  When did humans first have written language? I don't know.  What I do know is that every culture has it's origin story, and the old testament is the West's version.  These works are open to a million different interpretations.  What is true, is what everyone has to feel out for themselves.  Here's my take on it; I think the old testament is an allegory of man's beginning, and what happened next.  I don't believe that there was literally one man and one women in the garden of Eden.  But that this is a story about man's beginning in the tropics (Northern Africa probably) where it was warm, we ran around naked, and ate nothing but fruit and leaves, and lived for a very, very long time span.  Genesis 1:29 states that fruit was man's predominate food.  Then, for some reason we left, or some of us did (war, overpopulation, lack of food?) and migrated to Asia (left the garden of Eden).  I think that humans still ate basically the same diet.  Then there was some sort of large natural disaster for these people (flood?) that caused their normal food to be significantly less available.  So humans started eating animals, and once they started, they never stopped (hunter/gatherers).  Even still, I don't think it was the majority of their diet, but a portion of it, unlike what some paleo dieters would claim.  Back to the bible; Adam lived about 900 years, as did the next 12 patriarchs in the bible, up until the time of Noah.  God told Noah that because there was no vegetation available, due to the flood, it was now okay to eat meat.  but only during this time.  but they kept eating it up until modern times.  there are several verses later in the bible that condemn unnecessary killing, and every modern prophet had said so (Jesus, taught against animal sacrifice, which was the earlier custom, Mohammed, Buddha, etc.)  Starting with Noah, every generation's lifespan was cut in half, until Abraham who lived only until 120.  At some point in there we get the agricultural revolution (about 10,000 years ago, depending on what region you're talking about).  They starting domesticating grass seeds and legumes, which humans had never eaten on a large scale before. at that point, life spans got shorter, people where shorter, their skulls got smaller, they had less muscle mass, and they experienced a whole host of diseases that we never had before.  So yes, the bible mentions lentils and grains because that is what all societies, and most people ate at that time.  Every change is the course of history in the bible, many doctrines, rules, customs taught there, revolve around food.  I think that's significant.  I think one of the points is that man's experience changes when it's food choices change.  By the way, Adam and Eve didn't get kicked out of the Garden of Eden for eating an apple.  That was just an artist's interpretation.   They partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  I'm not sure what that means, but I'll tell you this, the prophets taught of taking care of your body, taking take of your spirit, and taking care of the body and spirit of others.  All of the teachers, their message is essentially this same message; love.  It's only some institutions, and some people, that have turned it into something else.  I don't think that war and killing was/is what God or God's messengers had in mind at all.

That was nice Erik. You put a lot into that post.

Thank you!  It's something that I have thought about, trying to see the big picture.

Thank you Erick!!!! This is really in depth. 

You're welcome!  :)

Adam and Eve were created in a garden of fruit. 

After they messed up, they THEN were eating other things....

Thus, by messing up they started poisoning the human race with the wrong foods.

Wow, Marina! wait to go for all these responses. However, you would have been better served to join the "Jesus Lover's Group" and ask this question to them.

I don't think that many Atheists and non Christians would appreciate your pursuit. Now, obviously there are a lot on this fruit loving website. 

In addition to that, The Bible is not a dietary book. Who ever would have you believe that is ridiculous.

However, to help you out. >>> The longer time period we get away from Adam and Eve and the fall the earlier that everyone starts to die off. If you read in Genesis everyone lives well over 100. Perhaps, it's because of a diet of solely of raw fruits and vegetables (or predominantly). 

Now, based on a lot of other people's raw food experiences... eating this way supports that.




Thanks. Yap, I learnt that. People used to live up to 1000 years! Oh, well... Thanks for the videos. 

I am not sure if someone else referenced this, but this was another interesting excellent 30BaD discussion regarding Jesus...


Peace, PK



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