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Hello 30BaD people, I recently noticed a few links and comments related to my book on this site so thought I would join and respond to any relavent questions/comments etc. Will drop in on a regular basis and see what evolves.

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Hi Julie, Thanks. Well so much could be done and hopefully in time… basically I think Doug Graham’s low fat high fruit philosophy is close to the archaic/evolutionary optimum I have proposed though the plant species and biochemistry would likely be significantly distinct. However I am generally cautious re advocating high % fruit as an immediate and universal solution, aside from the well-known transition issues both psychological and physiological I’m of the opinion that our neuro-assimilation system is seriously compromised. Our gut is a highly advanced neural system in its own right (enteric nervous system) and as it is connected to our currently compromised cerebral system via the vagus nerves etc it is no longer in anything like fully synchronised function.
So expecting the re introduction of high octane fuel (perfect for one time highly advanced consciousness system) to work as it once did when the system required for its full assimilation, digestion and utilisation is compromised is potentially premature. It does of course vary with individuals and paradoxically the introduction of greater % of fruit can illicit some improvement in the neuro-assimilation system. To err on the side or caution I generally suggest a significant period of rebuilding with a nutrient dense greener diet rich in EFAs etc then combined with ‘techniques’ to improve access to latent neural/consciousness function including enhanced assimilation/digestion begin upping the fruit % and see how it goes.
What techniques are those?
Hi Andrew, really anything that shifts the current hemispheric balance. This process is hugely potentiated by a rebuild from materials that are at least biological (raw diet) and can effect some degree of shift on its own. Combining approaches the inhibit the left and simultaneously engage the right seemed to be the basis of most ‘spiritual’ practice, framing these approaches in neurological terminology merely makes them easier to understand and apply in our ‘rationally’ dominated state. So meditation, quietening the endless chatter (left brain speech) vipassna etc. I also experimented with reduced sleep, an ancient technique (vision quest etc) that makes little sense to modern sleep researchers. However once you get the basic idea that the dominant self is very inefficient, and needs a lot of sleep to maintain its limited functions and its ability to stay in control. With appropriate preparation, stay awake long enough and sure it becomes dysfunctional, irritable, clumsy, slurred speech etc and…it starts to lose control and access to something profoundly different (and not even slightly tired!) can begin to emerge. Not an approach that is easy or recommended without caution, but long practised and when combined with other approaches very effective.

Music, dance, particularly complex ie beyond the rational minds ability to follow simple beat etc. (Trance dance, long periods/days of dance and therefore 'awake', reduced sleep often a un-noticed component))

Neuro-chemical supplementation, one of the conclusions re my basic proposal is that we are chronically/clinically neuro-chemically deficient. Think of the loss of many highly chemically unique plant species between them pumping a cocktail of unimaginable complexity into the developmental and operating environment of the most chemically sensitive chemically fuelled/driven piece of kit we know. So complex background chemistry (diet) plus judicious supplementation of key neurochemical analogues. Carries some cultural baggage yet in complete accord with restoring evolutionary biochemistry and part of most pre conceptual spiritual traditions.
Interesting thanks.
What are the percentages that you advise? You cite a report on your website about RV diets and low bone density, the subjects in the study are eating a diet of over 40% fat. Are those numbers closer to your recommendations?
Hi Lucas, in a rush today (just for a change) the study I think you refer to was merely to highlight the inability of current nutritional thinking to predict what will happen on a diet so bio-chemically different to what is now considered normal. Or the very fact that almost no studies exist on humans eating a long term diet in accord with the accepted data on our evolutionary past would in a sane world be cause for serious and urgent concern.
Recommendations, as alluded to elsewhere on this thread, I have fairly clear ideas on what was once optimal, near unique level of specialisation/high % fruit though from many more species (bio-chemical complexity) than are generally available. Currently with most of us have a lifetime of non ideal nutrition plus the proposal of a compromised neuro assimilation system it would be a case of moving towards a sustainable optimum as safely possible. That would likely vary somewhat and might include periods of high fruit with windows of more dense nutrition. So no fixed recommendation.
Hi Jasmin, Thanks, your comments are most appreciated. Really pleased your finding the book of interest. I hope it helps initiate a culture of questioning everything (and everyone) we have been led to accept, particularly in regard to our collective state of mind. If the problem really is in the piece of kit we use for absolutly everything and it can be ‘understood’ by most, even in our current state then it brings the overwhelming symptoms we (our mind) have created back to a human and manageable scale with the prospect of a fix for less than the price of a Trident missile.
Wow, after reading this thread, i am seriously intrigued by your book - it sounds fascinating! :D Im definitely gunna start saving up for it :D
Hello Dan, pleased you have enjoyed it so far, let me know what you make of rest of it.

Current diet around 50% leaves 10% nuts/seeds rest fruit, would reverse the fruit leaves ratio were it not for the abysmal quality and extortionate price of so called fruit available locally. When I spend time in places with quality fruit the % rises to around 70/80 or more.

Have only read through the book and discussed some of the basic ideas with author, as mentioned elsewhere in this discussion I think the basic 811 concept is pretty close to our ancestral optimum/ideal. However I’m cautious about whether our system in its current state is still up to the job of efficiently assimilating, digesting and generally managing what is in effect a high-octane rocket fuel mix. Basically think that optimum diet is of course crucial though within the context of other variables that relate to its efficient utilisation.
Hi Jasmin, I have no doubt that fasting can be helpful if used carefully, particularly during initial period of transition from a unnatural diet to a more natural one, also as an occasional cleanse and during some forms of illness. I’m less convinced by repeated and extended fasting, it may benefit some but there seems to be a risk of cleansing obsession. Also I have noticed and would expect an enhanced elimination system by engaging more neural function. I doubt we would have accumulated much toxicity due to much greater efficiency and what there was would have been removed as part of normal physiology rather than having to fast.
Welcome Tony
Hello Tony,

I think your book pretty much covers it for this layman, for now, but on behalf of other members of 30BAD, many of which lead athletic lifestyles, I wonder, what is your view on exercise in relation to the sought-after 'consciousness restoration'?

You see, one of our cult leaders here, Harley a.k.a. Durianrider, eats up to and around 6,000 calories of sweet fruit a day, so he should really getting somewhere with this consciousness thing, but all he has amounted to so far is a raw vegan high-sugar freak-out! Maybe it's all that biking he does, and the fact that he makes sure to get up to 12 hours of sleep a day. I reckon some sedentary meditation and sleep deprivation is in order. (Might even want to do some bikram yoga - J/K Harles ;)

Seriously though, any view on exercise in the context of your research? (I also second Jasmin re: fasting - temporarily ceasing adherence to the "prescribed" diet to fast might seem counterintuitive, but so might sleep deprivation. Some people here have the belief and/or understanding that fasting can allow the body to repair itself much faster than usual, and the longer the fast goes on, the more thorough the healing can be, assuming that the body has been supplied with enough quality nutrients. Unless I'm mistaken, fasting is also amongst one of the tools religious inclinations might've driven into use to facilitate transcendental experiences - i.e. right hemisphere activation?)

Nice to see you here!



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