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Hello 30BaD people, I recently noticed a few links and comments related to my book on this site so thought I would join and respond to any relavent questions/comments etc. Will drop in on a regular basis and see what evolves.

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Wow welcome along Tony! How great to have you here :-)

For those who don't know your book maybe you can provide a brief summary? Or a link to one?

I haven't read it yet but have heard many rave reviews and am keen to take a look.

All the best
excellent thanks Nicolas, I can't wait to get me a copy :)
Hi Nicolas, thanks for posting the links and hooking up on chooserightnow.com
Hi Freelee, Thank you for your warm welcome and the friendly welcome from everyone else, most appreciated.
The book outlines an account or ‘diagnosis’ of humanity’s regression to a less functional state of mind that has in turn left us subjectively blind to the effects. Becoming lost in all encompassing delusion is alluded to in most pre historic accounts of humanity. ‘Delusion’ is a concept most of us understand but it does not change the nature of our subjective experience if that experience is not all that it seems. Interestingly and somewhat challengingly the orthodox scientific data supports the prehistoric accounts, there is it turns out a mountain of evidence that we are all severely deluded including of course those scientists studying and interpreting the data. The degree of delusion is absurd, the ‘data’ explains the simple mechanism by which we have lost our connection with reality and actually predicts that the most obvious conclusion 'we are all in serious trouble' will be missed at its causal level. A brief summary with some graphics and video clips on this page highlights the condition and how even those studying it do exactly as the condition dictates.

More generally

Cut to the chase summary http://www.brainwaving.com/2009/11/17/377/ bit hardcore but I figure we are in very deep trouble, deeper than we could have recognised and now is not the time to pull punches. An accurate diagnosis no matter how challenging opens the door to effective treatment and prevention.
Left in the Dark web site, various introductions, synopsis, summaries, downloads and interviews.
Beyond Belief web site further summaries with a focus on delusion and why it is very easy to understand yet almost impossible to spot, basically the whole theory in a slightly different format.
That is super nice .
Mine is on it's way .( recently ordered)
Hi Jaakko, thanks for your comments and the questions, will have to be brief as time is always a factor these days and I have been working on this for more than 15 years so too much history to explain in detail here. Very minimal academic background, did a thesis on genetic engineering in late 80s as part of plant sciences at Edinburgh Botanics, that gave me enough basic theory to apply when looking at human evolution. That combined with an intense curiosity and willingness to experiment led via long-term raw diet and combination of ancient ‘spiritual’ techniques to what are generally considered non-ordinary experiences. Those experiences in turn brought a different kind of ability to recognise patterns in information etc and pull together the key elements related to our neural and perceptual evolution and function.

Cetaceans yes very interesting though completely different route to acquiring a large complex brain and associated ‘intelligence’ Have no doubt that some of the cetaceans at least are much more ‘conscious’ than is generally recognised.

Chimps/Bonobos, yes very poignant they can be seen to represent in a very simplistic way the separation between our more psychologically/behaviourally functional past and our current state. Genetically almost identical yet behaviourally very distinct. Bonobos appear to have remained in a more stable ecological region than chimps, if that is the case then it would bring with it a whole raft of detrimental bio-chemical changes borne out of a need to survive, parallels with out more recent history. The presumption by many that tool using/hunting chimps represents an advance is a reflection of our own state of mind. Bonobos isolated from their natural environment appear to display higher cognitive function than chimps despite living in a relatively benign environment. And somewhat obviously their behaviour, generally peaceful, co-operative, empathic, highly social and intimate etc is not valued anything like their ‘intelligence’ another reflection of our currently limited mind.
Hey Tony

So great to have you on this forum!

Are you currently looking for any participants for research that you are doing? Im in France at the moment and would love to help out in any way I can.

Hi Nick, Thanks for the welcome, currently my focus is to bring the academically evidenced and supported ‘concept’ of a compromised neurological/perceptual system as fundamental causality to the mainstream. While not a solution in its self it is such an emotive idea that it will need to be addressed/dismissed based on the evidence or lack there of. If it stands further scrutiny (for a proposal of this magnitude there must be mountains of solid evidence across the scientific disciplines and in archaic traditions or it is simply incorrect) then I’m hopeful that while we are currently somewhat limited to ‘concepts’ it will compelling even to the rational, egotistical, left brain dominated mind and require urgent action. Or more specifically the restoration of the unique molecular configuration and sub cellular architecture that once facilitated access to reality and some form of empathetically dominated sanity. So getting the rational mind on board being that it is generally in charge particularly further up the patriarchal hierarchy in such a way that it initiates the structural changes that in turn result in experiential perceptual behavioural change.

So in short not at the moment, the ‘concept’ is designed to draw in the required resources to effect the necessary changes, when that starts to happen give me a call…
wow! cool!! that is such a great book!

my question would be: have you done any testing on different raw diets in relation to fat content? because obviously an avocado is a fruit, and yet perhaps it does not yield the same results eating many of those than eating primarily sweet, low-fat fruit?!
The book does go into detail about the benefits resulting from a lfrv diet as opposed to a high fat one. He discusses how higher fruit intake results in lowered steroid formation, increased levels of melatonin and the abnormalities of the female menstrual cycle, resulting from a diet high in fat as opposed to one low in fat.
Hi Ki, Thanks for commenting, Yes that covers some of the basic plot quite a focus on the hormonally and neuro-chemically active compounds in fruit, the effects are known and well evidenced but seem to have been missed in an evolutionary context.



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